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from cdghost :
stumbled across your words and enjoyed them very much
from autumnal :
i joined your audrey ring and id love for you to check out my breakfast at tiffanys ring and my diary done up in tiffany blue and holly golightly
from th3dhorseman :
we have hooters here.
from mercuryrain :
Danke for signing my survey :) Haven't seen you around for awhile, lifes been chaotic. Diaryland took a backseat :(... thanks for continuing to follow my diary. I've been reading yours too :)
from cheebi33 :
Hey! I'm brand new to Diaryland, but I saw your profile, and we live in the same town and like a lot of the same music, so I thought I'd say Hi. so Hi.
from alex-orange :
It's ok if an israeli is sewing your under-garments together, all men are equal so they are as ignorant as the rest of us so you see it works out in the end.
from headinthesky :
Thank you. SO much. :D
from dumb-john :
dear, dear you: you seem to be doing well these days. I note this phrase in your profile: "only joy, pain, and blissful rapture at all of the seemingly wrong moments.... " I like that. Usually I avoid pithy summations of life or a life (isn't that what a diary's for? or many diaries?), but... ah well, I share your mood, at least right now.
from dumb-john :
Dear you: re your note(s), first I was confused. Now I feel guilty and confused. Maybe your 3rd note would make me feel guilty and confused and something else, but that seems unlikely, seeing that only one person on earth can do the ultimate of feeling three things at once, and that person is AL GORE. Anyway. I did like your writing, the bits I read: like I wrote originally, it reminded me of Pascal's "Pens�es." What this has to do with your self-esteem is beyond me.
from alex-orange :
In life there are worse thigs to be than rational. But I suppose I will work on it and get back to you.
from angelshauna :
Aye! Me, who considers herself to have impeccable grammar and spelling! *runs off ashamed*
from alex-orange :
I have no other but a woman's reason: I think him so, because I think him so. William Shakespeare
from red1019 :
Thank you... really. I was expecting to get reamed for the last two entries. That doesn't mean that it won't still happen, but C'est la vie! (Is that spelled right? Oh well!) TTFN Me
from red1019 :
Oh my gosh... your entry about the little boy made me want to cry. I ache for the part of you heart that will always belong to him. HUGS!!!
from red1019 :
How'd I make you smile?? Have a happy day!
from th3dhorseman :
Amelia.. I like that. I just said it aloud. He just became a She. Thanks Amy.. You're the Queen.
from troilus :
Thank you for the praise, undeserved as it is. As for your recommendations - I wholeheartedly agree, the two movies you mention would be a pleasure - but I live on an island in which the video selection is comprised of pfiff, pfaff, tripe and similar conscripts. But perhaps the next time I travel I'll bring a film back to my hotel room (if I cannot find, animate contraptions :) Au revoir
from troilus :
I was just wondering...'we have no bananas today'...did you borrow that from the English Patient? Was it intentional? Unintentional?
from ophelia :
Oooh... i think i'd have sold a kidney to hear Kevin Smith say I was as cute as a care bear on crack. ;) And Batman's cool, because he didn't have any special powers (well... apart from his batmobile and a bit of charisma)
from alex-orange :
You're both wrong. The greatest superhero ever is.....Radioactive man so hah.
from terabrat :
Thanks for the note! I like your diary because it is an enjoyable read. Plus, we have a lot of favorite things in common, of course Audrey being number one. Now I have to go write my thank you notes to my aunts because I just read your day-after-Christmas entry, and my conscience is telling me to write before I forget. Have a nice day!
from mooby :
No matter what you say abt the Spider-man, I will get the last laugh.
from alex-orange :
Still smiling :)
from mooby :
Spidey rocks:p
from themiranda :
well you see, you're writing's so neat i couldn't actually pick a quote. so instead i clicked on an entry at random and chose a sentence from it. it's really funny! take care, dear.
from alex-orange :
Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect. Steven Wright do you think he knew your conclusion? *smiles* :)
from themiranda :
"isn't it marvelous?" "what?" "tiffany's!" and so are you. hehe
from alex-orange :
Ok I must say I was a little suprised thanks for the suggestions. I may just pick up the phantom tollbooth I haven't read that in years. You can never go wrong with the classics right.
from hears13bears :
"Letting yourself grow is an act of courage."
from hears13bears :
I had to lock it temporarily, but now it's back! I hope you enjoy mine as much as I enjoy yours! ~Sarah
from alex-orange :
OK Douglas Adams is the best thing to ever happen to humor and the written word. When you get back from italy we should talk on aim sometime I think it would make for an interesting conversation lol. In the mean time got anything good to recomemed to read I've run out of things...
from mooby :
a contortionist and beauty what more could one ask for.
from mooby :
Like I said you're very unique.
from mooby :
Tell me how does one cross there heart and kiss there elbow? See I'm doing my homework. Just like I said I'd do. One down and two to go. Hope you're feeling better.
from alex-orange :
ok the hospital thing sucks but hey at least they gave you the pictures. Now when you're older you can show little children the fun time you had in the Italian hospital. And I'll bet that's a great way too start a conversation...."hey want to see my kidneys"
from alex-orange :
Feel free to contact me sometime.
from alex-orange :
�Extremes mean borders beyond which life ends, and a passion for the extremes, in art and in politics, is a veiled longing for death. -Milan Kundera I don't think this means that passions are a craving for death. I think it means passions for things that are risky and dangerous are the longings for death.
from imonacid :
yes you are correct, i am a pretty new to diaryland. what do you mean i've already been quoted? did you quote me? on what?
from genkeats :
Yay for Amy and her Limbic Wonder of Manatee Powers!
from themiranda :
hehehe ame. the other miranda and i are one and the same. i have two diaries now. :) i heart you! hope you like the pic i's a whole Funny Face motif. have a nice night! xoxo
from tay-parker :
You adore Audrey Hepburn, and so do I, so naturally you're one of my bitches! ;) Yes, I do indeed feel crazy...but, then again, I always do...Love your diary, keep on writing...i'm digging the new layout too!
from mellybelly :
Of course we all adore the new layout! I had a dream that I found a kitty, and I brought it home with me ... guess what I named it? ... CAT.
from xjuliana-78x :
you know what's the matter with you? nothing. ;)
from amelindasue :
does this work?

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