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from rocketsauce :
same here. they have magic that is gingerly spread out in snippets of convo, doodled in the margins of notebooks. i keep trying to tap into it.
from tarynheart :
i posted it on my diaryrings page, actually, but diaryland is being retarded and taking forever to actually process the edit. it's doing it to all the other pages i editted, too.
from candoor :
I laugh in spite of myself (but wish you well and send good thoughts, especially for the typos :)
from meganwaits :
"biting, homegrown nails..." Now thats a talent.
from platypatron :
yeah, I meant the score. there isn't a soundtrack but it's fairly easy to collect the songs and mix them into the score. jeff buckley only has a couple of official albums out; "Grace" is really good, but the one I love the most is the recently released Live at Sin-e double disc package. It's a little spendy, but it's really the best way to hear his incredible voice. and the monologues are pretty funny too. thanks for the complement. my love for music is great.
from fuckmyname :
yeah... i heart pinback. i live in los osos tho, its like a stone throw away from san luis obispo. people never know where los osos is so i thought id explain. :) ive only seen pinback once, they came to san luis a while ago and they were all sick and one of their microphones wasnt working, but it was still sooo great. i wish to see them again soon!
from groban83 :
You seem like a cool person from your diary rock on.
from anticrew :
because of gin, i got home at 1.25 am on new year's day. it was the most inebriated night of my feckin' life. cheers!
from maralisa :
username=passport, password=control xx
from rocketsauce :
no you can't submit your diary. it's my column, i write it. it's like, my job n stuff. i dont really know much about synth pop. you want 80's or current? if you like depeche mode listen to bauhaus or joy division or new order.
from rocketsauce :
i do the dear diary column--big surprise. i'm glad you like vice. do you live in nyc too?
from rocketsauce :
that is so sweet and truly means a lot to me. it amazes me that people actually read my diary. i never did it for that reason. i'm really glad you sent me a note and would never STOP writing because of it! thanks lady. how old are you? just curious.
from jstorey :
from bipolargirl :
i love your rant regarding wwii. you are so right about how we treated the japenese, and fuck fluffy diary writers that don't care or don't really know what happened (not that any of us do, and that's kind of the point). i write a lot about the political bullshit that's going on now too -- write whatever you damn want to. you are right on.
from bionicgurl :
skate-or-die! it's not that hard. the mist important step is learning how to bail. get that and you've got it. progression
from ink-grrl :
love your diary
from always-crazy :
your username is the same as my grandmother's first name.
from huocer :
I want to be someone else or i'll explode.
from rumblelizard :
Crescent fresh, all right! Nice to see another sockhead out there.
from smushy :
Don't feel lonely!
from damian82773 :
Heh, that's funny, I'm always going on about how I like my women to have big TX. balls o_0 I suppose what I mean by "miasma" is the kind of all-encompassing corrupt variety that invades a person senses and surrounds them as can this life, this world. And then there's my sunny optimisms.. What makes you ask?
from damian82773 :
Hey Amrita, thanks for the note. Yeah, I did that drawing the other day and was pleased. Quiet nights and moon niftiness indeed..
from all1word :
Yes, I like your writing too. The only part I don't care about it what you watched on TV last night. Do you live in Berkeley? Just a guess. I dunno. I've changed my diary a little. Added, subtracted a little, and changed all the names (were they true before, or are they true now? you wonder). I live in new york city. Everyone here thinks they're a star but no one can remember what they did last night.
from sexycadude :
Could you be a taxi that instead of dispensing drugs would dispense baby carrots? That would be just grand. No matter how hard it rains, I'm quite sure I won't need to pull out that Ark I've been saving
from lifeasarerun :
hello this is britta formerly myemoheart :) yeah i'm in elmira.. i dont really care too much for it here.. even in my short 17 years its changed so very much.. its gone all to hell, soon enough there really will be nothing here like all of those ghost towns you see on cartoons and such.. the little tumbleweeds rolling across the street and all haha - brit
from smushy :
Hmm I am not really all that sure how to do strike thrus to be honest... check out this site: and flick thru here - that should help alot
from sipthis :
Stumbled across your diary from random clicking...Glad to say that I found it. Really enjoy your words and layout. Take care.
from thisismisery :
Elmira is like any other city, hell for a teenager. No, I suppose it's decent, lots of stores closed though, but we do have a rather good UHL hockey team. Oh by the way, I'm planning on seeing <u>Bowling for Columbine</u>, is it worth 8 dollars?
from sexycadude :
I don't have enough money for postage... but I have enough money for a bart ticket :) Let's meet, silly!
from sexycadude :
Humpf! I bought a pack of 'starter powder' at al & bert son's, but it never actually grew... My grandma starter is still tickin', though. 4 dollar tea is ridiclious! I'll leave it up to you, but my plan was just to urinate over a tea bag (you supply), gives it a nice special flavor...
from sexycadude :
Here's the deal... One cup of my own sourdough starter (been in the family for years) for one cup of tea... what do ya think?
from sexycadude :
Your cat tasted good. An Inner child without pizza is shallow indeed. And not just shallow in the pizza sense. So where is your inner child? What is YOUR middle name? What is my E-mail? Too many questions. Flugtag?
from sexycadude :
I'm nothing and a smile
from sexycadude :
Are you interested? Are you excited?
from towelphaser :
i feel really bad now.
from sexycadude :
I have slurpee envy. My favorite of all time is pina colada. I have more to think. I'll give you each thought sputter soon. And my birthday was 9-11, and so was moby's and so was harry connick jr.'s. A thought. I'll be back s(p)oon, I need to collect my brains for a good 8 hours.s
from towelphaser :
don't do that... compliment-y things fluster me. but thanks.
from sexycadude :
I've... been seen touched toughed hurt hated spit coughed drank swam cried smelled and smiled. And your survey answers were pretty cool, too. Tehe-tehe. Want a slurpee?
from sideache :
hey! i know you think i'm just returning the favor of note-leavingness.... so, well, i am. hehe. i can go on to say that i really enjoy reading your diary -- and i really do. it also made me smile real big when i read your note. thank you. your diary kicks my arse. so keep writing, cause you know - i have to read. heh. good luck with that whole life thing. i'll keep trying myself. just remember you have fans out here, who have to know what's going on. >=P
from rookarino :
thanks for listing me as one of your favourite diaries, I'll have to check yours out sometime. Anyway glad you enjoy it
from mindspin :
i'm reading you. just make sure you never write for other's.. just write for yourself. :) xoxo.
from lupine :
hii. i thought i would leave you a note. guess what? you're the only person on diaryland who has birds of america listed as a favorite. that makes you special. not like special olympics, no. like a super special species that is going extinct. that is meant to be a compliment. i'm watching jack hanna talk about raccoons, so my mind is all animalified, you see. um. great diary though! great writing! =)

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