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from misspitts :
liked reading...
from pleasediana :
i've moved
from likots :
from divinedreams :
I just read your diary. I understand the whole weight loss thing, but please don't make yourself un-healthy and bring yourself down so much >.<
from glass-arcade :
I just read some of your journal and looked at your photos..please, when you reach 135 or so stop with the weight loss..That weight makes you look tiny and being 5'3 and 99 pounds isn't cute or pretty it's unhealthy looking. I can understand wanting to be thin but the most important thing is respecting yourself and wanting to be a good rolemodel to Livie, it's so sad when girls waste their life away obsessing over a pound here or there instead of living life.
from ajreviews :
Hi again! Your review is up, and here is the link; Thank you very much! -- Kris
from anapathy :
witcheyes, yes. I am one and the same anapathy from RGP. Hi! :-)
from ajreviews :
Hi! I'm Kris from Applejacks Reviews. I was curious as to whether you'd like to be a guiney pig for me and have your diary reviewed. Thanks for your time! -- Kris
from witcheyes :
Hey, are you anapathy from RGP? (ABC) I'm Cyberstar, on there. Just haven't been in a while...a LONG while.
from mindielou :
Hi. I'm from RGP in case you don't recognize my name. The one I use here is a little different since they have a character limit. I'm silvermindielou on RGP if you were wondering. I'll stop rambling and get to what I wanted to say. Your last entry(What is anorexia?) was beautifully written. It's amazing how words that are meaningless by themselves can evoke such emotion when put together just right. I really wish that this wasn't a part of your life or my life. Maybe someday it won't be. Take care babe. Mindie
from beautifulend :
Okay I joined.. I really want the green to win. You are on the green team right? Good luck with you!
from beautifulend :
i love reese's hair!! get it cut!!
from beautifulend :
Good luck!! Hey, do you mind if I join you in the competition??
from miaohmia :
I would love to support each other. I have done very well for several days now. I still plan to update my diary too. let me know if you think I am getting off track. I still want to lose weight with my doctors permission, but I want to do it right. I would love support in that and I will be there for you too. Just let me know whatever you need. Thake care of yourself! I am doing better in that area.
from beautifulend :
well, i think because i "want it" is so i can have some control over something. i've always been obsessed with food and the scale. just now its gotten a little out of hand. it will probably sound stupid to you.. but ever since i've found ana sites and what-not i feel like i finally belong. like this was meant to be. i was meant to be like this.. to torture myself by torturing my body. this is my chance to lose weight because nothing else has worked. jenny craig, weight watchers, diets. its all bullshit for me, and finally i find ana... and everything is clear now. this is my way out.. but its really just my way in. does that make any sense? i'm not anorexic, i know that. i don't call myself anorexic or anything like that but i do go to ana sites and set rules for myself like they do. just trying to gain control. sorry.. mumbling on and i dont even know what i am saying. i am out of it. hehe.. love ya!
from beautifulend :
hey hun! haven't heard from you in awhile. i hope everything is okay. update soon!! <3
from miaohmia :
Thanks for the feedback. I tried to do as you said, but I am not very talented in this department. I am truly teaching myself as I go. I don't have anyone I can ask to help me in person because I don't want anyone to know about my diary. I will keep trying and maybe I will continue to learn. After all, 4 weeks ago I did not know what HTML meant so I guess I am doing pretty good! Good luck with your weight loss. You have made a lot of progress. I seriously do not think you need to lose as much weight as me though! :) Today, I hit 175 and I am so happy. My goal for Monday has been met. I will keep reading your diary and I hope you do the same. I don't really know anyone in the diaryland community yet and it gets a little lonely. If you see a weight chart on my diary at some point you will know I kept working at it. I will probably try to find one with an HTML since that is all I know how to do right now! Take care!
from beautifulend :
i know i shouldnt wish that.. but i can't help. i just feel so disgusted with myself after eating especially when it stays in my stomach and i know what will happen- i will gain weight. you know how it goes... its very tempting, but i will never do it.
from miaohmia :
Could you please tell me where you got the weight charts? I would love to use those in my diary. My diary is miaohmia and you could tell me in my guestbook, or could you say where in an entry or something? You progress is wonderful. Sorry your husband caught you. I know it must have been awful. I wish you the best with your plan.
from beautifulend :
i am so NOT saying that. i am by your side every step of the way. i believe you can do it, and you will do. i am so sorry that your husband came home when your were doing that... your heart must have been racing a mile a minute. =\ .. feel better, hun. <3
from beautifulend :
yeah exercise is pretty much all you have to do to lose weight, but most people, like me are just too lazy for it. but i just do simple exercises for now, i don't want to ware myself out, ya know? anyway, my diary isn't locked anymore and i decided i wasn't going to livejournal after all, so feel free to read if you'd like. =)
from sharpsecret :
that entry is like my life everyday.u are beautiful takecare though hunny x
from beautifulend :
this question you probably get a lot- how did you lose so much weight in such little time?? i'm desperate to know!!
from roamany :
hey anap, good to hear from you. i certainly hope you are feeling better:) it's nice to know someone who has gone through the same things....even if we don't have a lot in common someone who understands the hard times is often helpful to just be around. i'm a bit out of it, had to go to the hospital today and they gave me pain pills:) so that might explain the happy vibes. i really hope you do feel better though. write me if you need to. always glad if i can help even a little itty bitty bit:)=thea
from roamany :
hello, i'm new at the ring and the diary stuff as well. i just read your most recent entry and i want to let you know that you are NOT alone. everyone feels like a fuckup sometimes and you're entitled that right once in a while...but you can change that outlook:) i've done some pretty horrible things to myself and i don't like seeing other people without be strong, i know you can. i'm here if you wanna talk. don't mean to sound intrusive, but the offer is there. take care and i hope things brighten up for you soon. sincerely, Thea
from just-fine :
I can relate to some of your food struggles, please be careful, sad to see your anas returned. I hope you learn to like yourself one day, takecare. love Claire xox

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