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from speculating :
What is your new lj name? I wanted to add you to my friends list there. I have been using it more as of late than diaryland.
from speculating :
Wah. I forget the username and password. It has been so long. May I have it?
from janna182 :
Hey, I thought I had the password, but it looks like you changed it. May I have the new one, please?
from weymouth66 :
Hi Heather - could you please send me the passwords? Thanks so much, love Jess xx
from uncouthgirl :
hey, sorry i've kinda dissapeared for the last month or so. I switched diarys, my new one is I just thought i'd let you know i'm still out there and i'm still reading <3 Marissa
from asrael :
Did I thank you for the compliment? I can't remember, but thank you for the compliment. :)
from bejaluna :
:) I still adore you and glad to know that I can still contact you, of course! Sad to know that the psycho-bitch from the deepest pits of Hell, apparently, was doing a bad number on you that night as well. :( Sadness. I have recorded your new screenname and I am here, as always. Well, as long as I'm not up to my eyebrows in NaNoWriMo muddling, of course...but you get my meaning. ;)
from notquiteme :
to respond to your most recent note: try Kushiel's Dart (and, if you like it, the two books that come after it) by Jacqueline Carey. they're actually fantasy novels, but it's got quite a bit of what you're looking for. and Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses by Isabel Allende. basically, it combines the wonderful sins of gluttony and lust into one fun-filled book of recipes and interesting information.
from janna182 :
I love everything about smoking, I even secretly crave the smell on boys I am dating. Stale cigarettes: the new cologne by CK. Also, whee!
from skibigsky :
I think I've offended the Guestbook Gods, because I don't seem to be able to leave message for anyone without the 'This page cannot be displayed' crap. Anyway, glad to see that you are alive and kicking - and cynicism is a GOOD thing! ;P
from facetothesky :
hi...i've been half-disappeared all summer long, but i'm back for good now, and i was wondering what your code was. im me, i guess.
from heavenlyging :
Thank you so much for the offer of a livejournal - I really appreciate the thought and the offer (and the explanation!). I have to admit, I'm really interested and think it might be nice, but I'm worried about being able to keep up diaries in two different forums and I wouldn't want to waste the code (As I assume you can only give out so many). So thank you very much for the offer, but I'm going to have to say no.
from heavenlyging :
Thanks. I appreciate the note but have a question - whats a Livejournal code?
from janna182 :
Oy. I'd love to, but I can barely keep up with ONE diary, much less two!
from bejaluna :
you're leaving us for LJ?!?!?!? Oh, well....I suppose I would to if I weren't already invested here. I love my templates, besides. I have a Dead Journal - but I barely write in that and it's a bit more confined as for subject matter. Hmmmm. Well, as speculating has mentioned, I don't mind that you leave us for LJ - whatever makes you happy - but please don't forget us here in D'land. We love you very much. :)
from janna182 :
Oh, Heath, you leave me the strangest notes ever. And, all your thinking about fantasies makes me fantasize, and then I can't remember whether I came up with the fantasy, or if it was you.
from weymouth66 :
Well, I always have love dreams when I meet Stacey - not quite as vivid as yours though... love xx
from weymouth66 :
Hi heatherness - just to let you know I've asked to add you as a friend on Friendster, so there's a confirmation request on its way to you. Thanks, love Jess XX
from speculating :
Yes, I am quite jealous of the livejournal, but if I had one, I don't think I would know what to do with it. I think it is best to hold on to the diaryland one for dear life. Lord knows I don't update in it often enough. Ah well, I guess. I understand your wanting to be with livejournal more, though. Whichever you choose to put more effort into is fine with me as long as you stop by dland every now and then. ;-) //// That is really too bad about your not being able to go to school. :-( *cries* I wish I had a magic wand to wave so that you could go. //// Hmmm... very sarcastic entries as of late. You have your reasons, though. I wish I could write more, but I must head off to work. Ciao for now, hon. Hope things look bright er soon. //// P.S. Thanks for worrying about me during the power outage. It was quite scary, actually. With our luck it will happen again so, but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for now.
from cairli :
You're not a failure. It's the rest of the world that sucks rocks.
from soandsotgs :
hey i found this link and thought it was funny.... since you are a member of the homestar diaryring i thought you mmight enjoy it too tell me what you think
from bejaluna :
Don't you worry, girl - I am still in A financial hole, not just my previous financial hole. Can you believe my motherbitch called me tonight, even? Hubby got me to ring her back (no answer - typical), but I swear. Like we can afford to be making phone calls like that...sheesh! I'm about ready to pop and did my first day at the new "job". Kill me. Kill me, now. I thought surveys were bad. I thought tech surveys were bad enough - but this?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh, what a cruel joke being played on me. I can't wait until the 6 weeks are over (which is when this job ends - although, I don't know if I will be able to hold out that long, anyway). Ugh. Makes me sick.
from speculating :
P.P.S. Thanks for all the positive comments.
from speculating :
***INSERT VARIOUS CURSE WORDS HERE*** I wish I could comment on your separate entries since it has been a while since I have said anything to you, but you don't have comments anymore, so I thought the next best bet was the notes (as of late, I have been in several fist fights with guestbooks, so I don't trust them anymore). I am loving the poetry you have been posting; please do keep posting it. God your writing as of late is awesome. I am sorry life is getting you down right now. I hope the positive Heather is unearthed soon. I think I am getting close myself and I know you will be soon as well. P.S. Dang I am jealous of your livejournal. ;-)
from asrael :
You never gave me a damn password to your diary. Get me a damn password. I want to read damn you, WON'T YOU LET ME READ? Okay that was a cheap ripoff from The Simpsons...which was probably ripped off some movie.
from janna182 :
One can make an all-fruit smoothie? I always thought yogurt was necessary!
from darkcoldmind :
hi! Of course I would love to still be able to read your diary.sooo when you get this you can email me the password (if you feel like sharing) at [email protected] thannnnks! Peace,Love,and Cynical thoughts ~Mary
from weymouth66 :
Hi Heatherness...yes, all my diaryring codes were cluttering up my layout, so I got a new one designed by my dear friend Shelley (check out her diary, username lilmissalien). I did know about the Manchester United v Barcelona game in Philly, though it didn't get much publicity over here. Our media don't pay that much attention to exhibition matches, although they made a great fuss about Real Madrid's one in China because of a certain Mr Beckham...
from notquiteme :
I go away for a few days, and come back to find your diary locked! Anyway...sorry to find that you've been sent into hiding, so to speak...I'd still like to read your diary, as it was quite good.
from weeme :
o dear Heather... you've been driven into hiding?!! Which of course makes you all the more intriguing... forbidden fruit and all that! Please, do send me your password and stuff... I may not be updating all that frequently these days, but that doesn't mean I don't drop by and check in on all my little lovelies. You can send it thru the e-mail button on my page and I'll reply soonest. I just don't want to post my actual e-mail address here for all to see (but you'll get my address with my reply). Thanks doll-face. Hope all is well behind the curtain!
from theshadowbox :
hello, it's me. hook me up, darling!
from silverbiker :
oh..just think of yourself as a light butterfly and dance around in your helps me.. cute diary by the way!
from uncouthgirl :
hey, dont feel like too much of an ass. I am only 15.brithday,january 26th 1988.I am very much 15, and very much not proud of it! but you should definately include your poems anyway! : ) Marissa
from anasmyway :
Hi I just joined the ring pro ana and mia well I saw that it wasn't really active and thought I would kinda change that. All I'm doing right now is starting a little thing called. Ana-Mia Mondays. Its where I will post 5 questions dealing with ana-mia. Anway don't want to bore you there is more info at my diary. I hope to see you there. Thanks for your time. :)
from weymouth66 :
She doesn't even have a record out here yet - believe me, when she does you'll hear all about it on my diary! There are mp3s on her web site, - click on 'what' in the top row.
from heidiann :
Welcome to the Christmas Story and Bibliomaniac diaryrings! Thanks so much for joining. Have a great weekend. =)
from plaguegirl :
Hey, chica. I put your poster on my site. Thanks.
from clauren :
THanks for becoming a member of snowman diaryring. Great and beautiful diary. love the colors

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