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from asskay :
Thanx for the note....had me smiling all night:P!
from alostdreamer :
feel free to stumble back and read any time you like. I don't know how much (if any) that I write makes sense, but it's always nice to find new people to talk to. Even nicer when they feel they can connect to whatever I may have to say.
from janeygirl7 :
You are totally right about the love thing. And PODs song was totally great and now Imma read ur diary, lest I'm too lazy
from limited2 :
hey! nice place ya got here. xoxoCandyxoxo- Take Care.
from babysweetz15 :
hey thanx ! hope you DO come backk i`ll check out your diary to xox shanna *
from ixlovely :
oh wow thanks so much for the note! its things like that, that make my day so much brighter. (: ur entries are so.. cool? lol i dont know the right word for it but i like it! xoxox
from allikatt4269 :
Thanks alot! ♥
from amy2030 :
Hey thanks for reading my diary thanks for the advice too, i think it will help, i have now realised that it is never gonna be easy to dump someone, so i will tell hime the truth. thanks again *Bless*
from annie12345 :
Hi there, thank you so much for the note. I have also been reading your diary I stll have lots to read. Really good writing. Is your diary about your life or is it just a novel?
from angel-a2004 :
lol, I'm on dialup, and my computer is really slow. My parents won't switch to cable for some reason. I don't have a profile on aim tho'. Sorry. I'm also on msn [email protected] you want to look me up on that. Its been a while since I've actually looked at my profile so I have no idea what it even says right now. lol. ps, wanna hear something funny? I went to write this note to you, sent it, and realized I accidently sent it to myself. Its funny. So now I have a note to myself in my diary. Once again, blonde moment! haha
from angel-a2004 :
Oh yeah. Duh. blonde moment. I forgot that other people can read my diary too. haha. I'm blond if you can't tell. lol. Well, I'm glad you were blessed to hear about my God fearin self. I'm a college student studying to become a kindergarten teacher. (sophmore right now) I'm 22 years old, blond hair blue eyes 5'3 1/2ish. :) Have a wonderful day. My aol screen name is sisterjunior if you ever want to chat. I'm usually on in the evenings.
from angel-a2004 :
May I ask who you are? Only like four people that I know of know about my diary, so I found it a bit odd to find a new note from someone that I don't know. Yes, I do love Jesus. He's awesome. Let me know who you are by leaving me another note. Ok? Thanks.
from abluegirl :
Thanks for the note : )
from ashtraygurl :
hey thanks for coming back and leaving me another note! and thanks for the compliment, that was really cool of you!!
from angelinpink3 :
Hey! Where did you live in southern Indiana, and where do you live now? Are you in the military b/c if I'm reading through the abstractness of your diary right it seems like it. Drop me an email sometime if you want. Lata'!
from agirlinjuly :
thank you for the note chicaface:-)! ashley
from anime-lady :
Hey, thank ya. Always appreciate comments and fans.
from aim-e :
Thank you for the comment on my diary :) I appreciate it. <3
from amazingbabe :
hey there, what's up? i just wanted to say i got your note and thanks for the interest in my diary. it always makes me feel good when i know i'm not just writing to myself (and my friend who reads it). :) i like your diary too... very original! allrighty, ttyl!
from angel-016 :
Heyy. Thanx for the note, your diary is pretty cool :P lol, ttyl, byez
from auntie-mari :
Thanks for the compliment on my layout, I love it, my friend made it for me, she so rocks. I thought I would stop by and check out your diary. You are an interesting writer. Have a great day!
from anny-2 :
thanx, i like ur diary too
from andagirl :
thank you for your compliment *smile*
from alligatorgrl :
Hey thanks for readin my diary! its kind of random right now cuz i just started up again but check life is interesting at least i think so lol bye!
from animegirl783 :
That's alright sweetie! And thanks! I love to hear from people! You take it easy and stay sweet!
from animegirl783 :
Hey cool diary! I like the gorilla especially! thanks for taking the time to read mine, but it seems you like to read everyone's! Take it easy and stay sweet!
from anispirit :
hey nice diary. Thanks for reading mine. I recently deleted all my real entries, so were you talking about the poem?
from abutterfly :
OK, that was really insightful, cheers! Uh, so, what do you do? Looking forward to christmas?! Hope you have lots of fun and dont get too 'weed'! Hehe... Spanna x
from abutterfly :
Hey! Why do you read my diary, its so boring! America is cool! I tried to red your diary but i couldnt understand any of it! Maybe you could explain it to me sometime? Erm, a/s/l? (sorry, thats a really boring question). Please note me back, i love getting notes, theyre so cool! Yay, go notes... (im not mad, honest...). Spanna x
from angel-pink :
Hey, thanks for all the notes and i'm back now. Merry Xmas!
from angel-kissed :
Hi! thanks for the note you left... sorry I'm just now thanking you, I forget to check my notes page. Hope you have a great week!
from agirlslyfe :
hehe ur like one of those "note hoes." =P Anyways..thanks for the note. Thanks for the compliment ;o) Have a great day...*hugs*
from voidlife :
uuumm yeah, I have a poem that is kinda like your name, "Angel's Wings" and yeah. Just thought I would leave a note. You don't want to read my journal but just thought I would mention that...
from ashez14 :
Thank you for the note. I think I'll be reading your diary often too. Thank you again.
from asecret-love :
Hey! thanks for the sweet note. Anyways, I was wondering. Are you writing a novel in your diary?? Or is this stuff really going on?? I was just curious :)
from letmecut :
hi this is anangelskiss... im on my new diary...see ya
from anangelskiss :
hey. thanks..i like yours too....i made a new one tho...i'll message you on there okie?? cee
from azngurl4 :
heyy thanx fo readin my diary anglewings. I would realli like it if u could try to let othea pplz to read it. bai bai!
from cheerchik234 :
HmMmM I don't remember you. Have I gone insane or do I not know you! *RUNS AROUND INSANELY!* Muah ha ha and if we have met who are you cause I appaently am to stupid to remember! WAhOo
from reallynormal :
No! no! no! Nathan and I are NOT together! lol, where did you get this from? Oh nevermind, lol, I'm in such a good mood. lalala how are you? (I'm probably just repressing a bad mood)
from angelogirl :
hey anglewings, thanx for the note take care ~Angelogirl~
from aeonsgirl :
Thx hunn, I like ur diary, too. Feel free to message me at AIM "JecklesBaby", if you'd like. I like to make new friends. ~AG
from sadangl :
Thanks for the note. I like your diary too! Keep writting! Jess
from a-little-off :
Why, thank you!
from angelscreamz :
thanks for the note. i am glad u like my diary, but i think u took my writing in a different context then it is. either way i like to hear from people! xoxox
from ambrgrl :
Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the encouraging words...I found a different journal program that i will be using instead of diaryland if you would like to see all my other entry's please feel free to visit..... Again thanks for the words of encouragement! Amber
from angel-pink :
Hey! :)
from beachbabe143 :
thank you for the note. i do smile everytime i read it. :D xoxo, steffi
from angel-storms :
well. are you going to tell me what you're talking about?
from angelhair0 :
thank you.
from riotarmygirl :
lol thank you very much yours in great to!!!
from dish-roxy96 :
hey yeh thanks. yours is great too! <3
from spicychicken :
lol, thanks for the note but i *just* changed my layout. the overlapping words on pictures was really annoying me.
from creamergrl : is never that bad...but it can be and it was but i know now that simple things like that shouldnt get to me and to jus smile...jus smile
from daniluscious :
Thanx for the note but I just wanna know who you are...=)
from miss-morbid :
Hey....umm..your note that you left me, about my smile and me a little freaked out. I don't have any pictures on my how exactly do you know my smile? Or what I look like? *is totally confused* True Fucking Love. Kittee
from bubblegum217 :
its ok about the note. it doesn't matter. i'll talk soon maybe. see ya wayne
from betty04 :
hi. thanks for the note. i don't think work can ever be not-so-bad. lol. work is never fun for me. next time i work, i'll take your advice though. see ya'.
from bubblegum217 :
sorry bout that. i agree. so many people do that, and i thought it was mandatory. i believe it shouldn't matter what you look like or where you are. it is the person that counts. i am grace, just to make it easier to sent me notes.
from bubblegum217 :
hey thanx for the note. a/s/l?
from growpeace :
Hi, Thanks for leaving me a note. Also for saying you like the look of my diary. I have been staying up way too long on it. I just started the environment diaryring along with imagine, cannabis, hemp, timothyleary, and a-1-a-diarys diaryrings. Please join any or all of them. Aloha, Joy with Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News.
from ketaminegirl :
Aw - hey thanks for the note. I'm glad to see someone shares simillar perpectives to myself! Like your diary btw...! Hit me back - later! Concepta xxx
from dish-girl :
Hey sweets, don't worry I'm always smiling even on my bad days. It's funny to think someone actually reads my nonsense. I've read a bit of your diary, but feel I need to go back and read lots of previous posts to really understand, but you can be sure I will.
from girlwcurls :
Thanks for the advice, I took it and I'm smiling :-) I read a bit of your diary, and I have to say, I agree with your politics regarding Bush.
from pink-girly :
thanx for leavin the note, i was beginning to think no one read my collection of various whines and bitches! yer diary is...interesting thus far i shall check it out further when i'm not falling asleep! nite nite!
from mywayhighway :
thanks for the note. cute diary.
from iloveyou14 :
wow...this is pretty good. I enjoy it. Are you writing it? Anyway...thanks for coming to my diary!
from asweetangel :
sweet....a/s/l name?

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