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from dollydap :
Did you ever get your archive recovered? I have also paid for recovery without any response.
from jaysthoughts :
Greetings. Still alive out there?
from thepeachtree :
I could use a comment right now, and your the only one online. Thanks.
from elizamark :
Hello dear, I am Miss. Elizabeth Mark the manager of bill and exchange at the foreign remittance department SG-SSB bank limited, The board of directors mandated me to look for any known relation of late Mr. Morris Thompson who deposited a huge amount of money in our bank without claim, so l decided to contact you in confidence I pray with trust due to the way you receiving this sincere mail from me with surprise ,so you can apply for the claim of this funds with my full corporation so I can join you later in your country for better investment for more details and confidentiality contact in my private email addresses [email protected] or [email protected] God will surly bless you, Yours truly, Miss. Elizabeth Mark
from xxholding-on :
hi i saw you were online and i really wanted the vote from diaryland towards a contest i joined. It's a coach marketing contest and i need as many votes as i can get, please help!
from dicco :
hey there i read your diary entry.i am from Botswana Africa and just newly signed to Diaryland.was just wondering if you would mind chatting to me sometime.i am female by the way and just looking to make new friendsss..
from moomoos :
hey i absolutely love your layout ^_^ how are you? x
from valsala :
I am from India. I read your diary entry. It's more or less like the diary entry of someone from India. Be cheerful, dear. Feelings and emotions are common to all the people.
from valsala :
I am from India. I read your diary entry. It's more or less like the diary entry of someone from India. Be cheerful, dear. Feelings and emotions are common to all the people.
from kwesta :
Congradulations on your transition to into blogspot... For a comment system, I use Cbox, view my blog and see what I mean. I like the comments all together compared to per-entry cause it's forgoten after some time. I noticed that ppl read the comments first and then look for the juice entries ppl spoke of.
from solidbutane :
Good style. I'll comment more if you take a gander at my first entry, and comment there. Peace and love and John $$$. <3
from nessiegurlie :
I just visited your site, and I really like the anime template.
from miedema2002 :
Hi, you are correct. The lyrics to Sugar, Goin Down are God Complex. And he probably did mean it that way, hell it goes with the resto fo his lyrics in the song. haha I'll admit I cheated and looked it up :) Nice entry. Later.
from bubblie-guad :
i like how u described ur self, not fake. but real u go!
from qjan :
Meh...I know that intruding feeling
from darkenedhell :
oh cool! what anime and games are you into!!? ^__^ --KiTTy
from dadagirl :
I understand how you feel. And I have to tell you that you have to get help or it gets worse. Im not trying to scare you or be morbid but its the truth. And this feeling is something I would not wish on my worst enemy. So get well.
from loved-by-j :
hey girl. i'm deleting this name. I made a new one. My new name is cracked-rose add my new name to you buddy list (when you have time that is) i'll explain why i'm deleting it in my first entry. love always, chauna
from loved-by-j :
I know about the 'not having a job' thing...don't have one and it sucks!!!! But...thank god when my bf comes home I'm going to moving out with him so I'll finally have some money in my pockets (even if its not very much, its better than nothing) hope youre day is going well! -cc
from chrisschick6 :
you have an awesome diary! i do have to be honest i never understood the anime stuff but still that doesn't mean its not cool! :D keep it up! love chrissy!
from loved-by-j :
I love your diary. Esp. the anime picture. I'm a BIG anime fan. Hope to see you at my diary soon! later! -chauna
from anglewings :
Hi I came back, latezzzz
from anglewings :
Hi, was out reading, came across your diary. Have to say, cool page. I'm sure to come back. Latezzzzzzz
from crusinboi :
i thought your poems were really great and i like the chi quiz.
from allempty08 :
hey how did u make yer diary look so awesome lol look at mine!! its sux it looks liek poop ! i need some help with mine
from insanegerbil :
kick ass've instilled sumthin in me..the urge to get more serious about getting a damn job and car and out.all that stuff i keep saying but never doing..
from sparklegirl- :
Hi....I think I shall add you...
from icy-jezuka :
Crazy kid, wanting a IMac. Didn't your mother ever tell you that it's rude to praise a Mac when you own a PC? :)
from kittenmage :
Lains dad is pretty funny...I want her bear pajamas so bad though.
from vampyrechild :
hello, thanks for the note you send/wrote me. You sound like a cool,nice,unique person. I hope to talk to/write to you more. well wtty. ~~me~~
from lilaeth :
i do not mind at all. and thank you. by the way. my username is lilaeth.
from lilaeth :
i saw you in the memeber's area. i read one entry. i like the template. i used to have a sad obssession with Spike-James Marsters. it's very nice.
from blackcat14 :
oh mulan! that movie is the shit! ^_~ hey, saw u in the members area, thought i'd stop by and bless you with my dorkiness. damn, finals are comin >.< ah well, we have the long hot skool-less summer to look forward to don't we, well holla back chik! ~nessa
from angelshadow :
Thanks for reading my diary! I read through yours and it sounds like we have a lot in have better speech and grammar, tho. lol.
from fallencupid :
Hey there! I really liked reading through your diary today! I hope that you are able to come and visit mine and maybe leave a note. Hope to see you around. I will visit your diary often. I also really like your template that you have. It's neat! :-) ~Fallen
from unsaiddzyne :
i'm so glad you like the pic! i'll let Christen know. Thanks for choosing unsaid and happyhappy diarylanding! - Linsay

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