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from zingtastic :
Hello! I'm a new reader - loving the diary, Gem x
from artsykelly :
Once upon a time I wouldn't have called you an 'old-schooler' but now after all these years, it's nice to see a familiar name! Also, for whatever reason - I never read you - but I just found myself devouring entries. Rock on, girlfriend.
from ottodixless :
Well, I have to admit Reproduction is a classic, and my little sister spent large amounts of her youth sitting on a stepladder singing Cool Rider, but We're Gonna Score Tonight? I sympathise with Michelle Pfeiffer every time I go to a bowling alley and fail to be rescued by a masked motorcyclist. I do have a soft spot for Grease 2 (I watched it about a hundred times in my youth owing to my sister), but it's still not very good, even if Maxwell Caulfield is arguably superior to John Travolta, who never made a film as cool as Empire Records.
from captainron :
If you notice a few extra hits, it was just me poking around. Hope you don't mind...
from beagle47 :
hello. i think it's finally time to blame you for my d-land addiction after all these years (if i haven't already). yours was, by random google, the first i'd read. then, all d-hill from there for me. thanks and curses (all in good humor). all my best. -=b47=-
from rumblelizard :
Hey there, I locked my diary. I'm contacting everyone who listed me as a favorite and letting them know. If you would like to continue reading, email me at rumblelizard AT hotmail DOT com, and I'll get you hooked up. If you've already done so, good on ya, and don't be a stranger!
from gumphood :
I liked your survay. I liked your profile. I like you diary title. Its kinda irreverant. Allrought good. (that "a" word is not actually a word)
from nilliem :
I really enjoyed your survey, it was a pleasant distraction. And *brave*? hehehe actually just family obligated, :)
from harri3tspy :
I'd be happy to. Actually, I've got a catalog around here somewhere that has some marble sets that look more interesting than usual. But basically, the marble sets are kind of limiting by themselves. We have one pretty cheap one that we like to mix with random household objects (AJ's xylophone, race car set ramps, scads of dominoes -- another popular toy in our house -- etc.). Also, if your nephew is a little older than AJ (or when he is) you might have a look at Erector sets. They require more tools and fine motor skills than my four-year-old can handle, but they add some more options (and motors!).
from dinahsoar :
Stumbled upon your awesome diary while Googling Anne of Green Gables. You've a much wittier turn of phrase! Thanks for the great read and the window into your very unique world.
from sunshine0221 :
I am sure that the Lush soap was Karma - it just smells so good!! And when you order online - they SEND FREE SAMPLES, and the addiction just continues. Bastards!
from loner-blues :
Ummm...lucky guess? :-) -cat
from loner-blues :
Ursamajor told me the teeth dreams could also mean a fear of losing control. Hehehe, considering that I'm an uber control freak, that explanation fits me very well. Damn! I HATE the tooth dreams!
from el-guapo :
I'll take your advice into consideration. Maybe I'll call ahead and ask some locals which are more important, socks or underwear.
from katiedoyle :
hey, ann-frank - i hadn't really noticed before how witty your profile is. i mean, i probably did, but it made an impact anew, today. :) i like your icq name. :) if'n you're serious about a new template and need help with that, i am more than happy to contribute. i feel the urge to be creative on something that isn't my own stupid website. ::sigh:: kd
from girls-suck :
happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
from malthus :
Thanks for the message...I'm still thinking it over. Money, baby, money...
from malthus :
It was better than, "Her words make me to feel the HOT-ness!" Maybe not...I updated it.
from katiedoyle :
also, happy birthday!!! and i do not care for the combo gift, either...especially as my birthday is december *4*. who the hell combo-gifts a birthday 3 freakin' weeks before christmas? all my stupid friends and family, that's who! so i have decided to combo gift all the people in my life who do that to me; turnabout is fair play, afterall. what? your birthday is in june, you say? well, i buy you two presents + an anniversary gift every year, and you only ever buy me ONE. so bite me, take your combogift, and be happy! or, you know, not. happy birthday anyway. kd
from katiedoyle :
hey, ann-frank - thanks for all the great laughs and reads over the year(s). merry christmas (or whatever) and a happy new year. :) kd
from isra :
i would so take you up on that ticket if i could.
from matt :
What a pair of rare updaters we are.
from gonzokid :
D'ya see the previews for the new Wes Anderson flick?...
from gonzokid :
Update more, or u suck...
from hamiltonian :
I like your writing style!
from curious-me :
Hi - I've been reading your journal and just wanted to let you know that you've almost got me in trouble a few times - first with making me laugh out loud and causing me to disturb my co-workers in the surrounding cubes and also by almost bringing me to pee-my-pants hysteria at some of your entries. Thanks for the laughs - I love your writing!
from curious-me :
Hi - I've been reading your journal and just wanted to let you know that you've almost got me in trouble a few times - first with making me laugh out loud and causing me to disturb my co-workers in the surrounding cubes and also by almost bringing me to pee-my-pants hysteria at some of your entries. Thanks for the laughs - I love your writing!
from candoor :
you are impressive (and so I mark my way to return)...
from gonzokid :
Not young enough...
from gonzokid :
Thanks dude!!! 27 years young. 1 year older and none the bloody wiser. Oh where does the time go...
from madamepierce :
How'd the triathlon go?
from gonzokid :
I stole the stuff about Jack Ryan and Mike Ditka. Your views on Republican Senate Candidates (Former & Potential)seem to capture the very essence of sex clubs and viagra. I mean ya just can't go wrong... And plus, the people at my office seem to find it amusing as well...Good thing they don't read Diaryland, Or I might be exposed...
from gonzokid :
Dude...I've been using some of your "political" 1 liners at my office and claiming it as my own. Sorry for the verbal plagerism, however thanks for the witty material...Hope you don't mind?
from attheshow :
don't you think the roofers realize that their apostrophe is in the wrong spot? they're making a joke with the way that it's written.
from candoor :
thanks for the thoughts you share and the smiles they inspire (what can I say, that's the first thought that came to mind :)
from emptyhouse :
[sorry about the multiple guestbook posts. i got a little guestbook paranoid]
from avrilkiksass :
awesome name.
from madamepierce :
aaaagghhh! My mother does the SAME THING! Many times, when I go home, there will be a pullover sweater waiting for me. Note that I do NOT like pullover sweaters, and really never ever wear them. Ever. She has been told this more than once. Also, she likes to go shopping and will hold up anything that is REMOTELY my size if it is on a bargain rack. "Do you need a pair of terrycloth running shorts?" "No." "Even for hack-around?" That's a phrase my mom made up. Hack-around. Which, I guess, means lying around the house in a pair of terrycloth shorts.
from janna182 :
Urk. What I meant to say was "Carefully restraining himself from beating me to a bloody pulp while thanking me for the correction." Everything's funnier when violence is involved. Corollary: I hate signmyguestbook and its limits on signing guestbooks more than once in an hour!
from gonzokid :
No worries....Have good weekend kiddo...
from gonzokid :
Not sure what u mean by the "woe" going on in my life. I could guess but whatever...I'm going to Schuba's with a friend on Friday to check out a few bands...If your not doing anything, meet me there. And remember, I'm not desperate, just interested. I'll send u my email. Let me know?
from gonzokid :
Sorry for being so cheesy, but like u said: i totally want to date u. We live in the same city. Check me out. Let me know? And again, sorry for being SO cheesy...
from unapologetic :
Thank you. =) You're damn amusing also.
from kristintracy :
I hate to admit this, but my haircolor is fading fast. This girl needs to get to gettin' to the store and refresh! Bring on the haircolors not found in nature, please. Thanks.
from madamepierce :
Thank god you used the coffee filters instead of the subscription cards! I bet that would have left you with some paper cuts in a highly personal area.
from nerryna :
hey, happy niu yeeer ann frank! here's to hoping that there will always, always, always, always be enough toilet papers for all the desperate times in 2004! hurrah!
from whiskeyblood :
you certainly know how to rock ME like a hurricane. blustery and full of giggles. well..if by giggles i meant lightning bolts. whatever. i'm tired...soooo tired. (why are all of the notes i leave you so incredibly stupid?).
from smartypants :
I am so happy (unreasonably so) that we share a birthday. Rock. Together we can drink this town into oblivion.
from gigantor :
My dear....a very Happy Christmas to you :o) ~El Mangus
from nerryna :
ahahahaaaa...and i read that a woman fainted while trying to get and grab the dvd it's dangerous, as well? heheh.
from madamepierce :
Hey, ann-frank. Drop me an email and i will pass you the password love.
from whiskeyblood : the name states, I do drink a tad so sorry for the typos and the nonsense.
from whiskeyblood :
Hi. You are going to be my new favorite diary. I was reading reading reading like a furious rat in a wheel and I laughed so hard a point that I tinkled a little in my pants like some 80 year old man with a "problem." Anyway, Booty House was such a staple for me back in my Rave Rave Snort High Drugs Rave Dance Rave days. My favorite line: "Hoe don't cry when I nut in your eye.." How positively gratuitous and lovely, eh? Later!
from textatron :
Wishing I was listening to some Booty House Anthems, I'm checking you back. Great writing. xo, t-tron
from janna182 :
That's so cool that you used to listen to Radio K! Did you know you can stream it online? The website is and I think there's an option for 56K-ers, which includes you, right? Or you can just supplement your Radio K apparel collection.
from rumblejungle :
Thank you for the note. It's one of my fave entries that I've written so far.
from fraidykath :
Aw thanks. I like you. I shall add. Wee!
from somthin :
My Dear Ann, OF COURSE people can have birdmouth -- why, as a matter of fact, I had an episode just this morning, but you don't need to hear of my depravity regarding coffee spilled on the seat of a subway train ... I'll spare you that. Thanks for the note and continue eating!
from nerryna : are funny.
from miscellanity :
"the Average Funny Wacky Dancing Bob"... you are FANTASTIC. completely sums up why i can't stand the show... i mean i love reality tv as much as the next girl, but the fake classy thing... barf-o-rama! you get a BIG GOLD STAR!
from lobsterchick :
And I think that previous note-er found you through me, since there is no lobstergirl. I looked.
from lobsterchick :
Oh, but I DO know how soul-crushing those commercials are. I can't even beGIN to enumerate all the signs of the apocalypse that are in that commercial.
from onewetleg :
just reading random entries and saying hi. found you through lobstergirl. love,
from exhume :
your paragraph about the "goretex-wearing dog-walkers" is about the most perfect description of fairfax, va, that i can think of. brilliant.
from wishing-that :
I'm in love with the clicky sound of keyboards too. Unfortunately mine is new, and click-less. Therefore I have resorted to the typewriter. Much more satisfying. Less practical. But its all about satisfaction. Have a lovely night. -wishingthat
from banefulvenus :
wow, great site!
from funda :
old stuff that plays well with others is good.
from candora :
I sit here TV-less (for weeks, though free cable with 3 HBOs runs into this apartment) taping on a newly acquired mid-nineties $99 IBM ThinkPad (cuz my mid-nineties Hitachi M120, which was last turned off in 1999 for a few minutes during a road trip, finally needs some major overhauls), contemplating picking up a monitor this weekend so I can hook up my pre-millenium $99 Compaq DeskPro because it has a CD burner, ancient, but functional, pleased with my bargain hunting at the local Computer Fair this weekend and thoroughly amused at the synchronicity of your entry... I thought maybe you'd appreciate this too :)
from thatmarygirl :
from rubysoho15 :
ive seen the zombie movie twice now.
from funnyfrog :
I Love your design. simple sleek, provokative. Its all so very nice. So i just thought i had to tell you. :)
from maru :
Hey, I love the site. I totally dig the nontraditional olives and beiges that you used :) Plus, what a way to tell a story. Very a good way! Anyways, happy guestbook signing week!! Rock on! Hakuna matata, maru []
from mary-harper :
holy lord, i have *never* gotten into ER but i watched that one last night, too. i wanted to shout at the daughter - you DO want to know about his old pets, stop being such a brat - but then i was like oh yeah. she's 14. i was such a bratty 14 year old. yeah, so i cried. if he hadn't fallen asleep and died with that damned lullaby, you know. (i have also never gotten into dawson and the whole creek thing, but my sister was here and she made me watch the finale - she's been watching it since the first season - i totally sat in the corner and cried - she was like shut the hell up already. what a bitch.)
from isra :
I was going to sign your guestbook, but that last entry with the mp3 was too much. I didn't do the wristband/special performance thing. I was too lazy to preorder or drive out to bloomingdale and camp out with the kids.
from aaronorear :
Oh, Ms.'re a very fun read. Makes my head spin, but a fun read. Godd to hear that my childhood amuses you...smoking children are just not as much appreciated as in days of yore.
from starlight42 :
Found your diary through that thing. It's pretty cool. You've got some funny entries, of course I think so because I love Laverne & Shirley!
from darkfairy13 :
Awsome diary, warms my heart to see another ghost world fan
from aaronorear :
Maid In Manhattan and Eggers in the same library transaction? You're good...
from gonzokid :
Wes Anderson rules!!!Yuppie boy needs to go bye-bye...
from strummer- :
You are hillarious! You remind me so much of my best friend, it's scary! Enjoyed the diary. :)
from katiedoyle :
oh heck. you're welcome. :) thanks back. have a good one. kd
from isra :
I'm not trying to be picky, but ann-frank, i would think that you of all people would know that Kool & The Gang is spelled with a "K." Because they're Kool like that, or something.
from shrugged :
I think watching wes anderson movies would be an amazing way to spend new years... at least, probably better than i spent it. Despite the many parties/raves my best friend and I were invited to, we chose to sit at her house the entire night - playing pool and drinking tea. Anyway, thanks for the note you left me and have a fantastic 2003!
from stwig :
Thanks you for your note. Have a great new year.
from pattymelt :
it's on BBC america too. i had a friend that watched it on there (i don't have cable) you'll love it. very raunchy!
from pattymelt :
you'll love this - instead of finding a box the the fiestaware plates i got my date would actually fit in, i put them in two foley's boxes and taped the shit outa them and wrapped it that way. it looks like crap but i don't care!
from smartypants :
I actually DID pass out at Toys Backwards R Us once. I think I just got too excited.
from disappoint :
what. you're saying my diary is tiny! how dare you! anyway you're diary name is hilarious. It is the kind of hilarious where you laugh and then ask yourself "should i be laughing?"
from thesensible :
The blues is number one. I got the chance to see them last may in lawrence. GREAT show. A puppet act opened. BRILLIANT!
from musicnut :
One of my guitars has a whammy bar, but I don't really use it. It is a strat and has a standard tremolo system, not a floyd rose, so it goes out of tune when I use it. I tried to get it to stay up to the body, so I could only dive with it, but when I put on heavier strings, this didn't work anymore.
from marn :
The homeland security stuff is very scary. I am amazed that people are being so passive about it, but then up here we rolled over when the War Measures Act was declared during the October Crisis and stripped us of our civil rights, too, back in 1970. Later, cooler heads prevailed and the act was repealed. I'm thinking it will be much tougher to undo the homelands security juggernaut once it's set in motion. We live in interesting times.
from silleehed :
oompa poompa! don't mind me...i'm just still drunk....
from isra :
Are you still seeing the Trio tonight? I think a guy i know just came up with an extra ticket.
from silleehed :
i likee your diary, too. thanks for the coupla hours of entertainment while i avoid applying for jobs. *ahem*
from punksniper :
I am also from insanity, i am from the state of nutcases :)
from lazyocean :
I came across your diary by word from weeme, of which I came across in a survey. I would be signing your guestbook, but like the rest of the world, its down for another 20 hours or so. I enjoyed reading you now going on for 2 hours. I am almost caught up. But I need to save some of this bliss for tomorrow. And if you are that desperate for a sharpie, I'll mail one right over. Thanks for the laugh wrinkles and pained gut, its been great.
from isra :
I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting rid of it on ebay if that's what you choose, but the buzz from those in the know on what used to be the official Trio message board (b/c i'm SO "elite" and all) is that you don't wanna miss it. Possibly a Misfits cover set and some special guests, but that's just what i hear.
from isra :
Okay, so i couldn't have held you to the spot-Ann-Frank drink offer anyway. The word is that the Halloween Trio show is already sold out. I'm thinking about the Nov. 1 show, but i'm not sure i want to deal with all the 15 year old kids trying to beat each other up. I'm old and fragile.
from nekono :
annabel, i am being sent to Urbana, Illinois against my will. At first i thought "ohhh i will be entering the mystical ann-frank land i will force her to be my friend" but then I realized I was far far away from you in what I can only envision as the opening credits for Laverne and Shirley with beer factories and pizza parlors galore! Parlor. I am also staying in a castle lodge. A castle ann frank, a CASTLE!
from angelgirl875 :
you= very funny.
from angelivre :
Late, as always, but Happy Anniversary! Feel free to imagine the profuse compliments I'm thinking your way, as you'll probably get them all correct :).
from weeme :
ooohhh annie-frank! You are worthy of a thousand gravy boats! All fulluv booze and marashino-cherries. Take it from me, someone with big shiny fancy-ass serving spoons and the hubby too boot, you'll be the envy of the chi-chi book lady crowd for years to come!!!! And thank you for enjoying my template. I've only had it a couple o' days, but I've already become quite attatched. RocK on, trusty, rusty Suburban girl! Rock on, I say!
from weeme :
Hey annie-frank! Haul yer fancy ass away from the tee vee and go take a boo at my site. I gots meself a brand spankin' new gold membership, I did. Just like you ordered. Got a purty picture up there and everythang. Oh and question for you: Are you still in broadcasting?! My hubby is creative director for a national Tee Vee Station here in Canada. Wheeeee!
from nekono :
Why is it ironic? Is it because I seem like the type to read one too many V.C. Andrews novellas? is that it!
from art-is-dying :
Heh, I know. Dream-me should have done it when she had the chance......
from weeme :
Greetings and Salutations... I think you're a little off track trying to fence your screenplay to the Buffy blokes. Might I suggest Alias? Can't you just picture Jennifer Garner stripping off her soccer mom disguise to reveal an Ikea inspired blue and yellow rubber dress (made, of course, by some hulking blond designer named Sven and titled something ridiculous and swedish-sounding like "Ivar" with a couple of those double dot punctuation thingies hovering about to verify that fer sure, this is a rubber dress of scandinavian descent) to bungee into banned booty building and retrieve yet another ingenious Rambaldi device secreted somewhere among the Afgan rugs and cheap plastic dinnerware. Of course, her mission will be seriously imperiled by her mysterious mother and some bad ass Kasineau groupie, but will be successfully completed with the Maguiver-like usage of an allen key and a little help from that tasty Vaughn guy. I sincerely hope you watch Alias or all my Frankenstein-inspired brilliance will be utterly lost on you. Oh... and kudos for being more than twelve. And being the first official (as far as I can tell) visitor to Wee World. Feel free to join me in the geriatric diary ring I plan to launch the moment I figure out what the hell a diary ring is! xo wee me and the wolf
from toothbrush :
Ok, no. I should have an addendum to my guestbook post about my boyfriend liking Ikea. Ok, I have gone to Ikea with him about five times in the past two months and we always get into these silly Swedish modes where our running commentary on the furniture goes like: "This is a highly efficient sofa-bed. It is a sofa, and later, a bed. Efficient." It's lame but at least he can make light of his Ikea addiction. (Lord help us.)
from marn :
You know, the spousal unit is one of the gentlest men on the planet, but he can watch something like "Reservoir Dogs" and enjoy it. Me, I'm so bothered by that sort of stuff that I ask him to put headphones on so I don't hear the sound and I go to another room so I don't see the images. It's a hard line to walk, sometimes. I don't want to censor what he enjoys, but I don't want to be exposed to something I don't care to see. Yeesh. The Harrison story you shared made me laugh out loud. How wonderful to be secure enough to be able to tell a story like that on yourself, eh?
from thecritic :
Hi I was just exploring diaryland and stumbled upon your diary. It cracked me up and I too have hard feelings towards broccoli those little tree looking dirty tasting things should be contraband! *collects self* Liked the diary.
from nekono :
Now she's a little boy in Spain Playing pianos filled with flames.
from puppett :
hiya, Thanks for the note, Hows ya coccyx doin? this is I believe the correct name for your bum-bone, at least you were alone when you fell from grace, its a lot worse when you do it in a pub and squeal like a girl! anyway, groovy diary, I'll be back
from esherril :
You. Rock. Hard.
from idowhatican :
usually i take any critisism of any kind pretty badly, but if its from Ann Frank.
from nekono :
annie lambchop, you indeed are the whiskey in my morning coffee.
from raw-voice :
i call them icy-pops, but oh yes, they ARE summer.
from poppyfish :
If I could be half as witty as you are, I'd die a happy girl. Update soon!
from marn :
I'm laughing. This is what comes of living in the woods. I never, ever dreamed when I was a young girl growing up in a small city that I would end up spending most of my life in a small log cabin. Nope, that wasn't on my list at all.
from night-shade :
Hello Dear, yes the festival was terrific!!! The Scarlet Pimpernel is amazing it is!!! I lOVE IT!!! Thank you for leaving a note, you're truely a lovely person.. -Night-shade-
from faerybeauty :
Hey, I highly enjoyed reading your diary!
from nekono :
i received a 53% on your "quiz" For christ sake ann frank i thought YOU of all people would at least grade on a curve! Although, my poor score came from the fact that i envision you to be a bald, swearing,apple martini swilling, dave matthews listening man-child. Maybe next time i will try harder so i dont feel so bad when i get my score back.
from toothbrush :
But A-f!

I still love you!
from isra :
Glad you had a good time with the jsbx. See you at Mates of State in June maybe? I plan to hold you to your offer.
from tempusfukit :
Hey... stumbled across your diary in the accepted fashion, y'know, finding myself willy-nilly deep in my own daring etc. Anyhow, thanks a bunch, I'll keep reading. e-mail: [email protected]
from neurotic-one :
Wow, you have more people who list you as a favorite, than entries! You are good.
from toothbrush :
I am super-ticklish all over (lower back, on the sides especially) but I love being tickled! I never tell anyone that because it seems kind of lame and attention-seeking and tickling doesn't work as well and is not as fun for the tickler if they know you really like it.
from zamaroo :
nifty diary. it's a cryin' shame you didn't get on street smarts. :P
from isra :
hey it's not that bad. On the one hand, you lost your sister's wedding coverage.. On the other, you gained the osbournes! In my book that about evens out.
from dialzero :
Hey hey... the illustrious ann-frank is D.F.W. fan? Rock! PS. I found rudey, not the other way around... she was too busy looking at p0rn. Heh.
from isra :
My weekend is going just great, thanks for asking! Dinner with some friends tonight and then the new billy corgan band.
from toothbrush :
Oh, a-f! You know I didn't mean anything by the "whore" crack! (hee hee... I said whore crack... not crack whore) It's just that I always clix you! And you're the only one I clix! And so I put you down as my clix whore! Maybe I'll change it to "clix bitch". Would that be better?

P.S. 78% of diaryland peeps who list me as a favourite use the brusha brusha comment for me, so how do you think that makes me feel, EH? Wah, wah.
from gayboyspurse :
Girl, the reason I didn't list RENT on there is cause my daddy still pays it! You want to talk salary? Mine is pocket change...damn me for actually liking my job enough to work for pennies :) Gotta love the parents. They aren't complaining and neither am I! weeee! :D
from central-red :
hi ann-frank. i just wanted to tell you that something you wrote has been stuck in my head forever. i mean, seriously, i don't remember how long ago i first read it, but it's been stuck there ever since. crazy thing? wasn't even in your diary. it was, in fact, the comment you have for fu-fu in your profile, i.e. "dear reader: you will laff til you pee". i don't know why, but i can't get rid of it. and, i always think of it spelled exactly like that. and, it always kinda cracks me up, but lately, it's kinda stressed me out, because it's been there for so god damned long. do you have any recommendations for help removing it? i have tried heavy drinking and so forth. i am not sure i am up for lobotomy. perhaps electro-shock treatment? anyhow, thanks for that, dood. love, central-red.
from trasker :
heh. you=funny. I peg you as somebody who knows that being crude and loud and opinionated and feisty is the only way to live. 'Course, I could be wrong, but if you don't like it, you can kick my ass. I'm fairly easy to take.
from goboyhowdy :
Cheers mate! Your not too late, there's still cake, THERE'S ALWAYS CAKE!! :)
from nekono :
i watched this movie the other day. I was titled "whatever happened to James Dee" well? do you know? did you see it?
from nekono :
Annie frankity, i made a guestbook just for you. you cant miss it on my page, trust me. its big.
from isra :
Your entry kind of reminds me of these girls at work who use NOTHING but Metromix to plan out their social lives. Okay, i'm not sure that's related at all, but seriously, who DOESN'T Google these days??
from nekono :
when i looked at the notes, it repeated one note i said, making me look crazier than ever!! as for a guest book. what the hell is that? i am not quite up-to-par with all those new fangled thingamajiggies computer stuff. For christ sake, my own diary looks like a stone age drawing of a stick figure horse compared to everyone elses. Here i go again with a long note! I will try to find your guestbook i will i will!
from nekono :
Why do i feel compelled to be the only one who leaves you ten page notes.
from nekono :
Why do i feel compelled to be the only one who leaves you ten page notes.
from nekono :
A.F. Once I went to the dentist and he cranked up the nitrous TOO high. I was laughing so much they couldnt get into my mouth to do their work for a good 15 minutes. Finally when they did, (and I was in a near coma state byt his point) I suddenly pulled the man's hand out of my mouth and sat up straight announcing my intention to vomit. I then started yelling at them to get that crazy thing off my nose and get me a trashcan. They just stared at me and told me to keep breathing, to which i said, its this funny stuff thats making me sick you crazy dentist man!! It turns out he had switched it to oxygen and I just had too much nitrous in my girlish figure. He told me I should have told him I had too much.. I was like hey DR. Dentist, I was so out of it, I thought you were willy wonka, were replacing my teeth with Jube-Jubes and you expected me to tell you i was "in too deep with nitrous oxide?"! But overall, i DO recommend as much nitrous o. as you can get.
from ck-1 :
There's someone else in the galaxy who likes Nick Cave & digs James Brown?!?!
from pixiia-8 :
You've got john spencer blues explosion down on your band list too :)...I love your diary, you are super funny :)
from nekono :
h.r. frank n' stuff, Maybe mr. fireman will give you another gift to make up for his uncouth behavior. But this time, maybe, just maybe (if you hope and wish hard enough!) it will be an invitation to be his escort at the fireman's ball! Hot roast beef sandwhiches, keg's of miller high life and a band doing steely dan covers will be just a few of the many highlights. I envy you. I do you lucky lucky girl.
from brickpit :
Glad the dentist visit ("visit" just doesn't seem like the right word to use next to dentist. its just too pleasant. maybe "sortie" is a better word, but i don't know what that word means so i couldnt say.) turned out painless.
from ravenheart :
By the way,came to think of it; I love Ann Frank,you know the spitzy redhead in those books.
from ravenheart :
Hey! Norwegian fish is better.I live in Norway,just next to Sweden,so I know these things.
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise?
from brickpit :
Have enjoyed reading your diary. Thanks for sharing and reading mine as well. Also, here's a wish fir no pain, no pain on Monday.
from toothbrush :
Happy Birthday, Ms. Ann-Frank!

You are so frikkin' cool! Yeah.
from isra :
I agree, that weather the other night was sick. It took me about 90 minutes to get down to the Metro. It wasn't so much the visibility as the complete lack of traction on the highway. i wouldn't have gone out either but i already had tickets and had to sell one of them. Happy holidays!
from verythirsty :
Secret note! Secret note!
from nekono :
Upon viewing your masterpiece of an entry with the mention of "couple's skate" I instantly had a flashback to a red carpeted, popcorn smelling skating rink with ornate paintings of wonderwoman on the wall. And with a dreamy-look on my face I recalled this incident: Me: acid washed jeans, a pink duran duran shirt, rental skates. Him: terry-cloth sweat band, his OWN puma blue and yellow skates, a black muscle-tee with an glitter iron-on that said "hot blooded" I watched him shuffle skate during the "advanced backward skate" session. Then finally during the hokey pokey we caught each others eye. He did some fancy cross over moves and skated up to me just as Journey's "Open Arms" came over the speakers. He asked me to skate hand in hand, i said "no, Journey makes me wanna do it" so we did, in the bathroom.
from ms-m :
Oh God. Just try and remember that you are at a work function, that just because the booze is free doesn't mean you have to consume it All, and that lamp shades are not an accessory! Forget it, tongue the new guy in the coat closet. Cheers!
from jamiestar :
Thanks for the compliment, Beer Mate! It's actually Cinnabar from the forum who's lusting after the Sprint guy, but I have to admit, ever since she's said that, I've been looking at him in a new light. Mmmm.... wireless.
from ms-m :
Damn you! You've discovered our plan of keeping Americans out of Canadian tourist spots! You know you have to die now, don't you?! (That glass floor almost made me poop my panties. I hate heights! Hmmm.... perhaps the government is trying to keep me away from tourist spots too. Bastards!! I'll join your country in the quest to dismount the Mounties! Yee Haw, eh?!)
from hatefl :
U are bringing back Wedding NightMaRe FlaSh BaCKs.... Mine a "BlUSh, Hellgown" WeddInG STuFF SuCks I'll lIgHt a CaNdLe 4 u & the KiD rOCk ThiNg... I uNdeRStaNd ...Oh To WeLL He Needs to loOsE thE wiFe BeAteR sHiRts Too (HiS ViDeOs) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hiS UgLy Azz BoDy NIGHMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE... BlusH DrEss, StRiNgY HaIr,BaD LyRiCs,DyAbleS, eEEeEeEeEEEEEeeeEE MENTAL OVER LOaaaaD :::::crash::::::
from peth :
green diaries are best. i don't know what the hell clix is, but i love you.
from isra :
Your book club conversation excerpt: I think we both actually work at the same office.
from toothbrush :
I clixed you and you're all NUMBER 6! And let the record show that I hardly ever clix anyone. I think it's lame. But for you, a-f! I clix.
from blondeinside :
Hi! You're right, all time spent mocking Channel 7 is well spent :) but meanwhile, I like reading your diary, you are very sharp ... Sharp with a capital S followed by captial HARP! I don't suppose you can play the harp, can you? Because that would be a nice lil coincidence. Oh well, I'm done babbling now! - luv babs
from ms-m :
That is far too funny! I have no idea why that keeps happening. It's like we show up to work wearing the same thing all the time. Just bad timing!
from toothbrush :
Ow! My delicate, lily-white bottom!
from lilybart :
Do you live on Astor place? Cuz if not, there are two corners in the world with 3 starbucks on them and that is just too scary.
from lipstikchaos :
I'm down with my weird neon colors that hurt people's eyes. I like living in the 80s.... 1982 to be exact!
from girlflavored :
yea for you and all your happy notings. I'm pleased to know that you are out there, you know, with your pants and all.
from sturge :
The mention of Pabst brings me screaming to you on my knees. Love me. Love me hard. You're right, I'm drunk.
from ferchrissake :
I remember back in high school, there was this girl who purchased Public Enemy records because someone from New Kids on the Block wore a Public Enemy t-shirt. It was kind of ironic and sad at the same time.
from squarepants :
Hey, I know how wonderful is the world of pants! Hey, I like you! Hey, thanks for saying hi! Yeow! xo!
from pants :
you are the first person to understand how wonderful the word "pants" is. thanks!
from twelvestring :
Wait, there are people reading this thing? Wow... Spooky... No offense, I'm just sort of oblivious to the "diary community". How did you find me? Thanks for leaving a note:)
from flagra :
Thanks for leaving me a note...your diary's cool=).
from toothbrush :
ann-frank! First off, let me say that I adore your diary. But I think we all already knew this. I was just wondering: why do you reply to your notes and guestbook entries within your own notes and guestbook? Why are you breaking from the usual diaryland etiquette of visiting the note/gb entry-leaver's diary and reasponding to them there? I am just a curious cookie.
from ann-frank :
Are you kidding me? I certainly didn't leave my *real* phone number. E-mail, yes. Phone number, no. And if Oprah wants me, she just can't have me! .... unless she let's me on the free gift christmas show 'cause those people ALWAYS get cool free shit ... hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!
from litlmama :
WARNING! My sister thought it sounded like a good idea to let Oprah know a thing or two about marriages that have lost that *zing* (this was after her third or fourth glass of wine) and she and her libido-challenged-ex-husband ended up on The O show less than a week later! LET US KNOW IF YOU GET THE CALL. Your fans in Big D would watch.......
from central-red :
son of superbad? now that's what i'm talkin' about. seriously, i have like 3 hours left here. what the fuck?
from ann-frank :
thank you polarity ... and even though I have really gotten over my music snobbery and don't really HATE anything ... AMEN action_grrl ...
from action_grrl :
You are completely right- DMB sucks, Nick Cave rocks. Now, if only the rest of the world would see reason...
from polarity :
thanks for dropping by and signing my guestbook. love your diary. have fun in your new place. :p
from ann-frank :
hey, thanks lahoo...thanks for stopping by.
from lahoo :
Woo! Awesome diary. You are too funny.
from ann-frank :
I am new here. I know I have a lame template. That doesn't mean you can't say hello, now does it?

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