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from srch4balance :
I will need an email address :)
from lovelylibra :
I just read your note from just after Election Day. Thank you so much for the kind words and support! Have no fear... we will deliver a decent human being with real values and ideals to the White House one day soon. Anyway, thanks for your note, and you can rest assured, I WILL keep fighting until that happens. ;o)
from jellygrlfrnd :
I can have the password right?
from madam-rose :
isnt it though. I think big tubs filled with bubbles and candles all around with the fragrance vanilla floating trough the air is just the thing to relax a person. Oh and rose petals are nice too.
from powerofduck :
I just wanted to tell yout hat I loved your template. Where did you get it?
from madam-rose :
i love a good hot bath too...mmmm give me a hot tub and ill never come out...
from gonzostar :
sorry to hear about your grandpa. i'm glad you got to spend time with him when you knew it was coming. ((l-a))
from kacklefight :
i clicked on the super cool banner you made with the flaming lips quote. i am adding you to my buddy list, if you dont mind :) (sorry to hear about your grandaddy).
from karmicenigma :
I just wanted to say that I am sorry for everything you are going through right now, I know how hard it is. You are lucky to be so close to your grandparents and to share that kind of love. I hope everything works out okay...
from lovelylibra :
Just because you want to see where things go with Daniel doesn't mean that you have to close off the possibility of seeing where things go with Tristan as well... at least until it becomes more serious with one or the other! Sounds like you have the perfect beginning with Daniel though... taking it slow is the best way to go, but it's hard! I commend you for trying, and I will be awed if you can make it work, because it never works out for me that way! I try and fail miserably... Good luck and congrats.
from furiouspuppy :
Hey! You can always come with me in my suitcase!!! The more the merrier, as I always say! xoxoxoxo Lori
from karmicenigma :
I got your note and checked out your diary. I really like the way you write. It leaves me laughing and thinking. I would have to guess that you, also, are a Libra with all of your 'guy experiences'. And, again, I am entertained by them all. I look forward to reading more!
from kamikazesoul :
Ahhh, I'm glad it went alright. I know what you mean by trying to will someone to do something with your nonexistent "mind powers". Frustrating when it doesn't work, eh? When I get the chance I'm going to read through your archives ^_~ Your diary seems like it'll be an interesting read. Good luck, and get some sleep! --kamikazesoul
from kamikazesoul :
I hope the date goes okay! (just stopped by and read your latest entry from the Member's Area, if you're wondering.) In retrospect, I'm sure you'll realize it wasn't as big as you thought it was. I'll be back to see how it went =) Happy thoughts from me, ~kamikazesoul
from lovelylibra :
It sounds like Cute Math Boy likes you... Flirt it up like crazy and enjoy it! It will make math bearable, and almost enjoyable... I love having class crushes. Keep us updated.
from lovelylibra :
I just read your entry about New Years... making out with 2 guys in one night is NOT a big deal. It's funny though, because I've been feeling the same way with the sluttiness thing! What is it about us libras? Love the attention, hate ourselves afterwards... ;o) I like your diary design, and I hope you feel better.
from velvet-heart :
from gonzostar :
i COMPLETELY agree with the whole lol thing. i very rarely use it (i hop eyou notice that in my diary) and when i actually DO laugh out loud to people online, i tell them "i actually laughed out loud at that" because lol just doesn't cut it. i also hate when people say stuff like "u r funny" and "hows ur bf?" GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. (gonna add your entry as a favorite!)
from heidiann :
Hi there! Welcome to the Beauty is Me ring! Thanks so much for joining. I adore your layout. =)

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