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from agoatnamedaz :
You are indeed resilient my dude. You're also creative and kind. Don't be afraid to hmu if you need someone to talk to.
from agoatnamedaz :
Hey! I saw your note two years after you left it haha. It's really nice to hear from you. 20+ years since these days... life is weird. Glad to see you're still posting occasionally, and from the sounds of it you're kicking ass and taking names. I understand visiting Alberta, but Manitoba? J/k, you may have seen more of my own country than I have at this point. I hope we represented our Canadian reputation for politeness and apologized profusely for our vast, boring lands. I'm really surprised this site still exists, even in this half functional state. Take care, and be sure drop in to say hi after another 20 years! (March 30/2023)
from adilee :
I agree, dust your keyboard off and write again! :)
from adilee :
So very cool, you updated 85 days ago!!!! U r alive!
from adilee :
Happy Belated Birthday! Hope your special day was good. Hope you have an awesome year.
from adilee :
that watch story was aweful but I gotta say that it was pretty funny! that's a good one boy...slick :P
from adilee :
I hate that you are feeling so sad. Just remember joy comes in the morning! At least I hope and pray it will for you. It is so sweet how you express how much you care for your sister. Makes me miss my big brother and wish he still lived at home. :(
from adilee :
Love the pictures you took of your city. Very cool. I hope you don't get sick of all my notes. Maybe one after another gets old. I don't know. Just showing the love though. :)
from adilee :
woah that is one BIG desk!
from adilee :
Oh my lord! Before I read your entry I just saw the pictures of the jeep and I thought it was a car crash! Scary! I'm sorry about the jeep(that is aweful) but I am so glad you or whoever wasn't physically harmed.
from adilee :
Did you figure out about the girl yet? I'm sure we all wanna know. That's one interesting ordeal!
from firestarfae :
those people who vote straight one way or the other are blind. they're the kind of people who don't know or care about the issues, they just care whether or not their gang wins. it's a popularity contest. see, high school.
from adilee :
You make me grin. I'm happy to know I'm not the only person who is proud to be a dork. :)
from petrichor :
"on paper you're the one/but you're just a paper champion" -- I think that is a realkly good core to build a song. Maybe it could even be the chorus of the song. Actually, thats exactly what it should be, well, heh, in my opinion that is. Hmm.. (Vinyl? I haven't listened to vinyl for ages. Wow.. Someone tells me vinyl is somehow superior to CDs, but I don't remember exactly why)
from chemstress :
well i feel like a jerk. i haven't checked my email nor been on d-land in forever and i just saw your message. if it's any consolation, i didn't have enough cash on me to even get myself a tee. no re-entry... stupidest thing ever created. the show blew me away though. you would have loved it. hope all is well...
from chemstress :
BUDDY! I too looked at Gray Whale and raged at them for advertising it but not having it. I called Virgin Tuesday morning though and they had 20 copies so I jetted over and picked it up- I hope you've found success by now!
from chemstress :
frozen chai... try it. border's makes a good one. oh, and i knew about tilly, so it looks like i'll be seeing you there!
from chemstress :
i can't thank you enough for burning me a copy of the dvd. you're far too kind.
from chemstress :
a few things... 1) "like a boy who's never seen a tampon..." you're freaking hilarious. 2) i can't believe we were in seattle at the same time. your beautiful pictures make me homesick. 3) it's good to know there are people out there who can relate with my everyday crap. and 4) just out of curiosity- did you deem me unworthy of the rk dvd? no biggie, i'm just wondering :) take care of yourself buddy...
from adilee :
wow. it sounds like had an awesome time! I loved all the pictures. I wish I had the money to just get on a plane and fly somewhere for something and explore it.
from adilee :
I love getting notes! So feel free to add one anytime you feel the urge. ;P But really no Yay for me but thanks anyways! It's pretty lame when only old men like you. LoL..j/k Anyway I can't wait to hear about Seattle!
from adilee :
hey. i am glad you understand what i am going through. it's nice to know that i am not the only one out in the world who is single because let me tell you most of the time i feel like i am and in the natural it looks like i am. The part about just asking some guy out that i like..the promblem is there isn't any i like in that way. i promise i am not way to picky it's just the guys that i am around are only the ones that i work with and i am not at all interested in them. anymore suggestions? hehe....
from chemstress :
22 and people wonder why you're not married? looks like you and i have more in common than just rilo kiley...
from undecidedme :
I live in Denver (ish) now. You know Rowland Hall? that's my future school! quite exciting!!
from undecidedme :
hey, i know its kind of nerdy but after i found out that i'm going to school in SLC next year i looked up all the diaries of people there, found yours and thought it was cool! drop me a line sometime--
from adilee :
I thought that movie 'girls just want to have fun' with cute. :P
from petrichor :
It is very possible that it may be the Dee's along the University TRAX line that I hate. The last time I ate there, their food was dry and actually tasted old. It is very possible that either I had a very bad experience that was unique or that the Dee's there is really disgusting. Now as for cheese fries, oi, that brings back memories of my ex-girlfriend. We used to eat Dee's cheese fries regularly come to think of it. Perhaps that is also why I hate Dee's :-), bad association there for me. Cheese covered tatter tots are even better. I love tatter tots. I might have to go buy some now.
from ladyvaduva :
love ur banner its fantastical.. and ur entry about the crush u had.. nice to know that at least she's not a skank lol!! g'luck trying to get know her (unless u already do and its just a really old entry lol) cheers
from geeky-kiki :
Hi-- you've listed me as a favorite, but geeky-kiki is dead! If you're still interested, I can be found at Thanks!
from ravengreen :
I heard something once about a youth group having a fund raise to feed the hungry by having people pledge money for every white castle hamburger they ate. ....which is wrong for so many reasons.
from ravengreen :
hmmm a recommendation for Maybe this Christmas, too? I'm a bit reluctant to believe such and album could be good. Maybe this Christmas is incredible! ...but most of the artists are MTC2 are know for their brillance, though it's been awhile since I read who was on it. I guess this is more of a curious request for you to explain the reasons your recommendation. ....but of course you don't have to.
from anotherwish :
just dropping by while posting more pics on my diary... found your banner love your work.. you made me smile which is an oddity indeed.. take care keep smiling. x
from techrat :
grr. i tried signing your guestbook, but it's a smarmy bastard and obviously thinks it's too good for me and so here i am leaving a note. ahem. hi. i saw one of your banners and it was neat, and your diary is fun to read, too. and that's all i wanted to say.
from shadow-box :
Love the banner, very punk ransom notish. Took me awhile to figure out that your entries are on the bottom, it's a differant design, all the major links get focus, and your words are secondary. Coo ^_^
from adilee :
Yeah I dig phantom planet. I don't have thier new cd but I want to get it. I have thier cd 'the guest'. On a scale of 1-10 I give it an 8. I think I will check out Rilo Kiley, never heard of them.
from banshee-rose :
lol ya its pretty hot. Even in Dec. It can still get really hot. Its crazy.
from banshee-rose :
Hey great site. If you don't like the cold you should move to Texas lol its so damn hot here its crazy. Have a good day. Take care.
from petrichor :
Heya, this is a long time in getting back, but I would actually recommend Private Suit as well as Log-22 by Bettie Serveert, possibly Private Suit before Log-22, really depends on what mood you're in.
from geeky-kiki :
I don't know that you were the only one to recognize the "cowbells" quote, but you are the only person to make mention of it. I currently loathe "SNL" but that particular sketch is close-to-if-not-totally my favorite ever.
from dorkzarehot :
Thank you. I really enjoy your diary/journal. It's interesting. -Angela
from sugar-slit :
Yer welcome!!
from soulfan24 :
Hey there! You left me a note a while back so I decided to stop by and give you one too. Your site looks neat-o. ~Hannah
from superdes-318 :
You're welcome.
from dedemwe :
Your guestbook hates me, it won't let me talk to you...but this is what I was going to put: The rhyming made it a little funnier. I'm so sneaky, I could actually have a little crush on anyone...but I think you know the secret to my hidden links.
from petrichor :
Ergh.. I'll have to find my CDs. I just realized I don't know where I put them (moved somewhat recently). I started out with their album "Dust Bunnies". The first time I listened to it, I actually didn't think much of it at all. Then, one day, I was bored and wanted some music, popped it in, and for some reason I just fell head over heels for it the second time around. I had tried to order their new album from their website but for some reason my order was rejected. I have heard one of their new songs, Cut N' Dried, which is good (if somewhat depressing). But if that song is an example of their album, the album is probably pretty good. I haven't listened purposefully to Queen for ages, and now they usually remind me of my ex. Even so, Queen's lyrics have a way of staying with you no matter how long ago it was when you heard them. Its too bad Queen has inadvertently become tied to memories of my ex though. It sort of stops me from completely enjoing Queen like I should.
from ringofthorns :
Thanks ^_^. Its all I have to really express how I feel. To speak would be like consigning myself to the psych ward around here haha.
from ringofthorns :
I was bored...found your diary. I really like your views on things. Stop by sometime ^_^
from poet-unknown :
it was an awsome survey. let me know if you ever make another one.
from lobsterchick :
Hi! I just created a new diaryring for fans of Fountains of Wayne. If you want to join, it's called "fntnsofwayne". Thanks!
from xsidewalksx :
ack. that's too bad. one of my best memories is the bright eyes concert i went to. it was brilliant. i even chatted with conor during the whole first act.
from xsidewalksx :
No problem. Do you actually read everyone's answers?
from littledjblue :
hey, your diary is pretty cool. and i definitely liked your survey.. do you have any others i can take? :)
from appleblowpop :
lol thanx for saying i rock :P
from tearyeyedme :
Fun Fun. We'll have to play sometime.
from tearyeyedme :
eee. I usuall don't like emotions, but your whole thing on Homecoming. Made me feel. Damn. Thank you for writing. It is so nice to read about something relatively local and I can relate to.
from karizma18 :
Sup. I appreciate the advice, you are the only one who actually writes me notes so, thanks for that too. (I'm not loved nearly enough.) Anyway, I understand your point but the problem is that I don't want to have to sit around while Danny is gone but I don't want to "get over him" either. It is kind of a tough spot to be in. Let me know what you think.
from meluvzcowz :
yay thanks for sending me a note. I'm such a little dork that I was all excited since it was my first note. lol.
from karizma18 :
Hey, it's your fellow wildcat. I think your site is cool. I know nothing of this html stuff. Mind if I copy you and get me one of those "You have __ days to live"? Call me dark, but I think it's awesome. Keep up the good work and check out my journal if you want.
from courtneydoll :
Hiya cool person! Its amazing..i have the same wallet I had for years too, but purses..oh wow, I've been thru more purses than heartaches! Keep in touch, your friend, Courtney
from sad82girl02 :
thanx for a great survey and you're welcome!
from lostunicorn :
I'm studying drama at uni. Hope you enjoy reading my diary
from lostunicorn :
It should work if you scroll using the previous button:) If not then I don't know.
from sugary-me :
.. aaah!! "beautiful garbage" rox!! :P
from lostunicorn :
I love you diary layout:) Very cool. Feel free to have a read of mine.
from girl-genius :
hi, i just wanted to say that i liked your list of things. crushing compulsively. i can relate...
from vintage-lane :
This is pink-sushi, I'm just on my other diary and for your compliement: why, thank you! I like your diary. Lists are cool :D
from refluence :
Thank you. I try. Honestly.
from mistyriver :
Hey hey. I love taking surveys. I really liked yours. It asked some questions the others don't!
from kimhardy :
i am sorry to hear about your girlfriend. it is hard. max never talked about his funeral or planned it or anything. he always talked like he would pull through even though we all sort of knew he wouldn't. i don't know which is harder.
from kimhardy :
how does my friend max remind you of your girlfried? is she sick? or just a real good friend???
from lestat58 :
Oh, I rock, eh? And why is that? lol bloody kisses, Lestat
from seventigers :
Why I don't like John Mayer...I made the mistake of getting his debut (it was cheap. at Target, at least). Anyway. It sucked. Great journal. I'll have to make a return visit.
from milkgirly :
Hi there, glad to hear from you, thank you for the note. How are you relating, would like to hear more about that. I will read your latest entry now, can't wait. I just added a new one or two myself.
from brainwashed3 :
hi an bye... you are my all... thank you... kitti
from dreamer2003 :
thank you for the problem! u rock too :)
from mangofarmer :
Thanks for the note! I liked your survey. You're pretty cool too. :)
from prncsaimee :
Your diary is a great read, and I'll definately be checking back for updates...your cast page is so descriptive, I really enjoyed reading :)
from milkgirly :
Thanks for leaving me a note, I can't wait to read your diary, your profile was great, you sound like a great guy with an interesting mind. Can I add you to my favorites on my profile?
from missym :
go to and pre order cds... i did and i got the cd i ordered 3 days after it came out....
from pharinet :
Hey Jason, you probably don't remember me, but we went to school together. I'm on your Utah ring. :)
from northernfire :
anytime mate.....
from kimmie :
thanks for signing my g-book. I'm so glad you like my layout - took forever to do :) I miss aaliyah and left eye so much too. Nice to know there are people who still care for them even after they've past. *Kimi!* xox
from dead-ophelia :
Thanks for leaving a note. Your survey was a lot of fun. Besides, what else is there to do when you have panties on your head. Hee!
from sweetbabboo :
nice diary! i'm trying to get my hand on that norah jones cd too. i've heard so many good things about it. :)
from jaxxalude :
I disagree because I think Jonny Moseley has talent. I CAN'T believe you live in Utah and didn't go watch the freestyle events. . . shame on you! :]
from petrichor :
I just want to leave a note that after being gone one a trip and returning, catching up on your diary has been lots of fun and good reading. I've really enjoyed it and glad your mood is turning up.. petrichor
from darkishnails :
:) no more!'was fun. bye doll.
from happyatheist :
Heya thx for giving me a note apex! I want more quizzes! >D You're site is cool
from herevileye :
ha, guess what?!!! i live in Ogden as well... i did attend WSU, and now i am going to Steven Henagers.... that is cool of you btw to sign my guestbook, wasn't expecting it.. hehe anyways check ya laters
from glamorpuss99 :
well i read your list of 100 things and found that we have some things in common- the #1 thing being that i can't swim either and i'm terrified of water. i also- hate sci-fi, love making lists for everything, hate pencils (the lead/wood combo makes your fingers stink), i love cheese, the real world is my favorite show, i wear "smart girl" glasses, and i relate my life to movies/music...just thought that was sort of interesting..
from thevelvet :
hehe, really? that's something, i guess. inventive answers in that survey, i really must say. i especially enjoyed the which-fashion-would-you-bring-back question. tophats are so next season! ;) i also like your diary-entry for today. even the detailed clothes-description. lovely.
from sailorkelsey :
yeah, i totally agree. star wars is no longer a movie or a book or even a story, it's just a marketing game the executives play with us as the pawns. i won't be played with, i tell you! i'm proud to say i don't own a single star wars anything. ^_^ thanks for writing....
from firestarfae :
yeah, area 51. where else can you get semi-quality 80's music, liquor, and good friends? it's all about dancing your drunk-ass off to the 80's...
from petrichor :
Do you regret giving out your URL to your friends?
from p-brain :
You can block your own visits at Site Meter. I did so when I got my account. Just go to Manager (or something) and to Ignore Visits (or so) and you'll have it. =)
from hermitage :
from petrichor :
from petrichor :
Honesty is rarely welcomed, but it is usually best. When you were on that walk and allowed yourself to express yourself freely and without coded names, it felt good. Honesty has an unsettling effect, but it is also freeing at the same time. Suppression is usually adequate at maintaining the status quo, but it doesn't usually have that freeing effect of honesty. Is honesty always the best policy? I don't know if its always the best policy, but I do know that it is usually the best policy. Every situation and every case, however, has its own rules. Being honest all the time, does, however, make life usually a lot more simple.
from p-brain :
Thanks. It does look a bit better. *exhale air on nails and polish them against my chest* =) I'm keeping the font. Those who doesn't have it installed can use the link under my "5 older". I hope they do cuz it's a nice one. Simple but nice. I did put a backup one too. Comic Sans MS. I have no idea if it worked though. ;-)
from socio-eco :
Student from east. Word. Class of 2005... Yeah, I know.
from p-brain :
I'm looking into it right now. I've been doing research all day and have created images instead of regular text. I'm currently minutes (time: 23:27) from pasting it all to p-brain. Keep your fingers crossed. =)
from petrichor :
First off, prepare yourself for a typical petrichor entry. In other words, a bit lengthy.. I remember writing what I thought was a marvelous masterpiece for a college class last year, only to realize, while reading it to the class, that everyone was going dead stiff from boredom. I mean, even among my friends in the class, I could chip off bits and pieces of boredom from their frames. The epic-sized poem had a lot of value and significance to me. And I had these dreams of grandeur before reading it of people coming up to me and complimenting me. And it hurt when that didn't happen. Sometimes writers end up writing so that people validate them. I do it. As Natalia Goldberg (author of Writing Down the Bones, I highly reccommend it) put it: "We are not the poem" Sometimes we want support as a person from support for our poems. I edit and delete entries from my diary like crazy do to this. Yet it helps me to get motivated to write. I just wish I could write with other motivations, but eh. And now, this has nothing to say critique wise about your poem. If you want, I could e-mail you what I thought about it, what I liked, didn't like, etc.. Anyhow, until later, take care -- petrichor
from p-brain :
Well, it was someone in Utah, and since you live there it might've been you. =) Yeah, I've been at Apex alot. I have to keep myself updated. ;-)
from sexfiendgirl :
thanks for the note. I checked out that diary that you mentioned and I've got to admit that I found it boring. Do you really think I'm similar to her? Newayz, thanks again for the note!
from p-brain :
A little constructive critisism maybe. I see you've had "problems" with doing links in your entries. Don't forget the /a (within brackets) after each name. Otherwise you'll get the never ending link like in one of your April 5th entries. Also, you forgot the "bracket + a" in front of "href". Otherwise the link adress will show up on your page, like it did, and never turn into a clickable link. =)
from paper-rose :
I tried signing your guestbook but it looks like that's down as well. *g* Lyndsy.. ye gods, that's a Utah name! Did you get a chance to look at that site I sent you? (The Utah Baby Namer.) Haha, oh well.
from p-brain :
Thanks! Well...yeah, I'm a huge Texas fan. But if it wasn't for Sharleen I would never had discovered them. I noticed the video to Halo, and just... feel in love. ;-)
from goldenboy :
ok dude... the only reason i said anything is becaue i was trying to read your diary and the only way i could see your entry is by highlighting it. the writing is in black and with the dark blue backgroud its almost invisible. but what do i know hehe. btw your guestbook is messed up now too. good luck dude.
from issuchadrag :
i'm not sure i've heard of dismemberment plan...
from mandyrach :
Hey thanks for reading, I had no idea anyone did. As for the bowling, a group of people I know rented a bowling alley for the entire night. It was crazy. $5 per person, with 150 people. Shoes, games, and buffet included. Don't ask. Basically, my life sucks. *wink*
from issuchadrag :
uh huh. i go to dv8 shows sometimes. but it's now called club 'x-scape.' haha. soooo thanks for the note.
from alyssian :
Hey thanks. I'm glad you like it. And i'm still reading your diary, if you wondered. I'm still intrigued by you and all your friends. *smile*
from lately :
I can relate to your paper plate/special silverware preference. I can only drink milk out of REAL glasses, and I can only eat cereal out of these glass bowls we have. There's just something about milk and glass.
from sorandom :
Hey again. Yeah, my friends are real asses these days- i act tough, but i'm actually very hurt. But anyway, i'm still keeping up a diary- but not alyssian. it's called sorandom. and- feel free to read it, of course. =)
from alyssian :
I took your advice and put my e-mail in my diary. Also- thought you should know- i've been downloading bonaduces songs because i love the lyrics you put in your entries. i'm listening to them right now.
from alyssian :
God you're interesting. crap. it just...makes me want to curse. i'm drawn to smart people...too bad you're not, ya know, real. you're just a dude on the computer. suck.
from linds :
Aren't those two Air videos great? The one for Kelly Watch The Stars is very fitting, and the Sexy Boy one is hilarious! I love that gorilla.
from linds :
I love how you quote everyone in your profile, what a great idea! It's really interesting to see yourself quoted, too - thanks for the grin that one put on my face! :)

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