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from arletterocks :
Oops, should've said only four styles. Eh. Like A-cups need anything more than Scotch tape for their nipples, anyway.
from arletterocks :
Wooha, Frederick's! Girls with big tits selling trashy, gorgeous bras that push your boobs up to your chin! Man, I love that place. Beats the snot out of buying bras from department stores, one row over from the massive granny undies, with stick-figure salesgirls looking at you like you're some kind of freaky hedonist for sprouting anything over a C-cup. Not to mention the bras come in only four sizes: A, B, C, and Ugly. Yecchh.
from arletterocks :
Yup, I picked up the blazer � it was only six bucks. But you gotta actually try it on and see if you like it before you worry about reimbursement. Such are the rules.
from arletterocks :
Oddly enough, today I found a jacket you might like. It's a grey velvet blazer and pretty fuckin' nifty, if I do say so myself. But I may have a black short coat in storage somewhere. Lemme dig around in the many inaccurately-labelled boxes I have in the shed and take a look.
from arletterocks :
For boldface, put the stuff you want in boldface in between <strong> and </strong> tags. Like this: <strong>Arlette rocks you like a hurricane.</strong>
from arletterocks :
Black short-ish coat. Check. Dunno how long it'll be before a coat like that finds me, but when I do, it will be yours. Oh yes, it will be yours. And oh yes, I have seen "Wayne's World" more times than I can count.
from arletterocks :
Coat, huh? Any requests? How 'bout I keep looking out for something you might like? My kung fu is that good -- the jackets find ME.
from down-we-go :
hey, just to let you know i've changed from maddiew to this diary, down-we-go. maddie xxx
from beneathroses :
wow, nice diary. I love the layout! *drool* your airport entry is a good read too, stupid Dubbya.
from krazieespy :
Hey I would love a webcam! And I enjoy reading your diary keep up the good work!
from btchelicious :
from btchelicious :
by the way, thanks for the credit.
from lydibug :
Hey hun. Finally you update! Anyway, the trick is to make your guestbook easily accesable and then go and sign a whole bunch of people's guestbooks so that they come check out your diary and return the favor. And you do too have a URL. Its
from teheteha :
I love Baja Fresh too! I don't eat meat but the vegitarian tostadas are "de-lish"! Mmmm I want one now.
from apunklilgirl :
Your layout is gorgeous! How ever DID you do it?

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