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from neckbreaker :
Lemme know how that ejaculation thing turns out in '05.
from asitwere :
A reminder that NY loves you!
from asitwere :
Absolutely dude, absolutely.
from breadisdead :
i am only 3 entries in, lots more to go (woo!)..but it's funny because i read a tiny little article in the paper today about how there is a new campaign to heighten awareness about debilitating knife injuries caused by...DE-STONING AVOCADOES!! so, be careful. and yay for finding your diary.
from deviatedgirl :
Psst... where'd you go?
from asitwere :
from ceildah :
congratulations - that is awesome:)
from neckbreaker :
Congrats on your secret park job! Lemme know if you need any help indentifying birds there. Kind of weak in the waterfowl area but the passerines I can really help out with. -Kate
from asitwere :
Happy Belated Bday...
from neckbreaker :
Happy Birthday to us.
from neckbreaker :
If I did the math right we have the same birthday. FYI: 30 rocks.
from deviatedgirl :
I know exactly what you mean, with the birthday/Valentine deal... mine is two days before V-Day.
from bare-my-soul :
hi. i bunch of nyc bloggers are getting together at SLATE, in CHelsea, next Thursday, February 5th, 6PM. let me know if you'll stop in. i just found your blog doing a search and i really like what i read so far!!! i'll be back for more. best, rose
from deviatedgirl :
I love the Julia Darling quote...
from rae-babe :
A friend of mine had her daughter run away and she might be in the New York area. Please take a look at the picture. It's right at the top of my page and it will only take a second. If you have seen her the contact information is below. Thank You for your help, Rae-babe
from justcircles :
hey, Diane, it's Michaela, and I know exactly how you feel... I'm lazy (but tenacious), and things seem to get done, but not always necessarily for me... whatever. I know exactly how you feel.
from justcircles :
hey, Diane, it's Michaela, and I know exactly how you feel... I'm lazy (but tenacious),
from sexyatheist :
sadly she knows he's not a virgin. yeah, she's heard us before. but i think you're right, she doesn't suspect me. and that's the way i like it. it is sad for him because he does like porn. just not quite as much as me
from idiot-milk :
Oh! If you do? Totally do it in my dressing room! Nothing makes the time go by better than people fooling around in my store all covert-like. Just don't hork back there, is all I ask.
from deviatedgirl : is my email address... I was playing around on the Friendster website for the past half hour and realized I have a whopping three people in my circle. Sadly, one is my sister and another is a friend of hers. (somehow this isn't comforting!)
from deviatedgirl :
Friendster. You know, I just don't understand it. Keep in mind I didn't go too far in depth when I was on the website... but how does one get people added to their circle? Hmmm, maybe I'll go investigate further.
from asitwere :
nice. very nice. can we drop it now?
from cookie-bitch :
I had a blast reading your diary...I hope you dont mind I added you as a favorite
from asitwere :
Wait til you taste Jimmy's meatballs/toasted pasta. Dude we have the same quote of the day! I forgot to say "Michaela says hi" last night.
from indie-snob :
Hi there! I just added a review of Radiohead's new album "Hail to the Thief" and thought you may be interested in reading it. I have a bunch of other concert and album reviews here, too. Check it out, thanks!
from justcircles :
it was good to hang out a little more this weekend, since I wasn't quite as smashed as I was the first time I met you!
from cyanophyta :
not locked! have no fear!
from threeletters :
Hiya! Thanks so much for the advice.
from vancookie :
depends on what you call funny...i was wearing pink socks with an all black outfit. i mostly on;y wear red or pink socks. is that funny? alas, i own no argyle.
from threeletters :
Hello. I searched for diaries of New Yorkers this afternoon hoping to find a d-land member to be my middleman for gleaning something about NY. I found your diary, which is quite wonderful, but wonder if you could direct me to a book or a site or send me a helpful line It'd be much appreciated. I'll be spending 6 weeks there this summer and my sole city experience is that of little san francisco. Thanks, continue with the quality writing, and enjoy yourself.
from vancookie :
not only did you add me to your favorites today, but we already spent the afternoon together, it seems. i too was at the met, spending most of my time in the asian galleries. i took in the great waves show in depth, then went to the american wing to see the show about the history of central park. thanks for visiting me. we are going to be friends.
from asitwere :
hi reader :-). Thanks for buddying me; I guess you must know me through Justcircles. (She's my sidekick). Good to know you.
from snotgirl :
i have 3 weeks until exam hell. right now, it's just academic hell. well, some of my classes are hellish. i enjoy philosophy and health a lot.
from snotgirl :
yr only two stops away from me on the 6 train. xoxo.
from hqt :
hey it's Megan. Heh heh, I really enjoyed that one story ... the runaway one of course! I always pick up pennies btw, well at least the shiny heads up ones ...

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