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from cordeliameg :
Sad to see your diary locked. Do you write here still? If so, I would love to read. <3
from partygirl :
ahhh. the adult kelly with the adult problems. welcome to the young adult show: where there is no script nor handbook. Here's a secret: EVERYONE is winging it. No one, including the most pulled together cats u c, have any idea where the F they are going. Sit back and enjoy the ride;)
from kelly :
I shock? I guess. From the new layout. I don't know where to go anymore:( And can I also say, it's nice to see another oldbie still kicking around this place:)
from kaffeine :
I'm still here, but I haven't written anything much lately, either.
from fourpercent :
oh he used to hang out by the door all the time and meow anyway and it always made me so sad! yes, i'm still in california. and you? are you still in MD?
from fourpercent :
oh, that's delightful news! is it hard? is there a special strategy for making it happen? hii miss missy! it's been forevers.
from kaffeine :
i'm still here... nice to see you again!
from kll :
I... um, not sure what to say.
from justjosh :
from marilyn1 :
hi my name is marilyn i am 13 years old your home page is really cool well get back to mw as soon as possible holla back at ya girl
from marilyn1 :
marilyn 1
from voltageshock :
hey. actually i emailed you last summer and asked for the key and you gave it to me :)
from clcassius :
Welcome back to the bosom! Glad to see you unlocked and writing again. Ho Co Public School represent!
from annatto :
hey there. glad to see you are going to try to write more again! ive missed ya. i was gone for quite a few months, but am very glad to be back now. anyway, looking forward to updates...
from pip :
my bosom welcomes you doubly! ;)
from cinnabar :
Nice to see you back!
from thatmarygirl :
you were one of the first diaries i ever started reading, way back in the day.
from myhorizons :
from cultureshock :
kelly! let's trade passwords. email me at [email protected] <3 i miss you.
from mbarestfrog :
hi, do you like old skool? could you read my diary entry called "quest for song" ? have you heard this song by any chance? thanks :)
from kitkat81 :
I'm glad everything's going well, honey *hugs* :-)
from lovely_black :
hi kelly! you should write in your diary more. it's so fascinating.
from fourpercent :
kaka kelly! this is peggy. holy geez that's a lot of news for one entry. i've moved to san francisco... i met a new friend called kelli this week, she's got red hair and i was thinking of you. good luck with school!! xoxox
from kaffeine :
hey babes - we're in the same boat. good luck trying to quit smoking, honestly. if you do, it will inspire me. I've tried the "get rid of half my clothes" thing, and it only mkaes you buy more clothes, so instead, just get creative with what you have. learn to sew, it's cheaper. good luck to you!! be cool, xoxokaff
from kaffeine :
heh, What's Up is one of my favourite karaoke songs ever. keep having fun girl! xoxoxoxKat
from biensoul :
Kelly? As in, former Tower D RA Kelly? What's up sugar? It's Jessi! Floors 13 and 14 RA back in the day and Club Fucker Secretary! Yes, that Jessi! Drop me a line at [email protected]
from lovely_black :
what's up kelly? you are cool and so is your diary. we should hang out again sometime.
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise!
from rainbowkid53 :
hey i wanna join the "crush" diaryring...cause i always write about my crushes!!! pleae...pretty please!!!
from sugarbumps :
MARY PRANKSTER KICKS ASSSSSSSSSSS!!!! not to mention they're all damn sexy!! Rock on my fly brotha! ~Michelle
from boyrepellant :
your work must be overwhelming you!! i have not been online during the days at all because i have to wait for umpteen million different insurance people to phone me. ugh. i miss talking to you and i still love your diary.
from boyrepellant :
My email is not cooperating and I would appreciate being able to read your diary. if you ever have your aim turned on, it would fun to talk to you. check out my site and tell me what you think
from pip :
from artsykelly :
hm. i declare the analyzer open again. uh huh.
from artsykelly :
so like.. i think i'm giving up on this analyzer. i like the guestbook better.
from fuckboy :
Dude, that's not even Shaft up there. If you're going to try and cause chaos, at least get your shit straight.
from pip :
you should go to graceland. BECAUSE IT IS IN A STATE THAT BORDERS THE STATE THAT I AM IN! heh. xo.
from pixiekins :
hey kelly. fear not, das pixie has returned!
from pip :
dear kelly,! today, a very pretty girl came into my department and looked at things for a long time, and it took me a lot of staring to figure out who she reminded me of, but it was you! she was so pretty, and had long pretty red hair and pretty emogirl glasses and a crazy pretty fur coat and was just, you know, pretty. like you. i wanted to grab her, but i thought shed hit me. k love you bye. (xo.)
from christaly :
Hey there! Great diary.. keep it up.. I love reading you. Btw.. you are *so* pretty :) you have such a beautiful smile... keep smiling it! :)
from sweetker :
Thanks for the good words and extremely kind offer and I am technically inept to an extreme. I love your words and ideas, your pictures, ideas and have been following you for awhile. You have a great fanbase from what I can see, and perhaps ~warped, twisted and hilarious~ is right up yer alley. If so, I like you!
from kitkat81 :
You got me addicted to soulXchange.. grr. i *heart* ya anyway. bye bye.
from returnsender :
hey girl! your last entry about tiny dancer reminded me of a few times when i've had really bad days and 'dear prudence' would come on the oldies station... and it never failed to make me feel really good. tell me what you think of country house on the best of blur. i LOVE it!
from mariel :
I just found your page though Merilily's and I must say I love it!
from virgincherry :
Hey!! I like your diary. Cream cheese in a can is odd, but kinda cool.
from kittay :
Mew! *lix kelbel* I got a new year's resolution, and furthermore...I got one that involves you, somewhat. Does that sound scary or what? Hehe. Nah, kittays don't make very good stalkers anyway, it's not to come find you and steal something random like an obsessed fanatic and all. Nah. Sometime this year, though, sometime I will go find glasses that rawk half as much as yours do. Now I hope I can accomplish this one...happy new years!
from faery :
hi. love your diary, I linked you and all, just though i'd say hi.
from iperchik :
goodness. i just realised that i never left anything here. wer wer wer. ummmm... soon i will unveil the new v of the good old dot net and there you will find a nice show/tell section of my trip. yesh! goodnight! xoxo!
from embemboo :
heh heh, i just read about the want of a vibrator. Go to Brookstone, they have "mini massagers" for 10 bucks!!!!
from kitkat81 :
kells, i have those *same, exact* glasses [see above picture]! scary. your hair is the same color as my sister's. i mean that as an observation heheh. love you lots! ARE YOU COMING TO ENGLAND WITH ME???? :-) - Kat.
from bluekitten :
I *cry* as I see my name slip slowly down the list. As my speed dial rank is demoted. Feh. :) Still love you.
from tenminsfast :
yes me too me too! i have been trying to get into osdlanders for awhile, check me out plz plz!! :o)
from embemboo :
you are awesome! great ness yay i play bubble bobble now ooemilyoo
from artsykelly :
people who take themselves [and everyone else] too seriously make me giggle. /me giggles
from embemboo :
oh kelly, i have tried to join the old skool dlanders, so many times, oh oh, i have code on my page, oh oh, but i still am not a member, oh oh. that person below me doesnt know whats up. beee beee! off to play bubble bobble again (i keep on dying at level 53!)
from embemboo :
allo kelly... my diary is all perty now. lots of red... yeah the girl with the glasses is me! i was holding a toy frog! i like frogs! ribbit...ribbit...
from malkavia :
Ya know... if I werent straight.. and dating someone... and lived 2400 miles away... and dressed better.. and dyed my hair more often. and uhm...was more Emo.. you know you'd dig me!
from notahilbilly :
I own cher's mother. want to rent her for the week? I'll give you a discount if you let me borrow those glasses
from mascot :
hooray kelly
from yosei :
I have found a kindred spirit here. ^.~
from schmez :
KELLY. I like you and I like your glasses and I think I will steal them.
from ragnhild :
I haven't dropped by your diary in a long time, but really it has become sooo fantastic! I love the new (?) layout, and your writing is splendid as always. Will be dropping by often now :)
from apatheticq :
i like your diary more than creamed corn!
from embemboo :
oh my lord, you are so cute! i cant get over it! i wish i was as cute as you.
from sporkboy :
*meanders over and picks a few wallets before picking up his broken banjo and singing old Cat Stevens tunes* Y'know, I figured it was about time my ungrateful arse signed this thing..;-) You know I luff your diary though girl, and damn...I liked all your art, but some of it just downright blew me away it was so good, you've got a knack. I so hate you now...*shoves her and steals her karma to put towards his own devious ends* heh'...keep up the groove dahl, and I'll keep up the strut...sound like a deal? Kickass...keep rockin'. --Skitch/Spork
from qred :
hey there Red . . sorry to here about you technical difficulties. Well, that's about I have to say . . .well, only that I dig glasses wearing, fraggle loving, cigarette quitting, disco dancing, rave craving, velvet underground grooving (I tell ya I feel like Jesus' son), expecting beyond expectations (tea and cigarettes), cool cat monkey bumping, pretty in red said "something", foot stomping, heart stopping, insomnia cooing, chicks who like it all and want to do nothing on saturday night 'cept have a fever (crazy, crazy). I dig doozers. I also dig Saturday Night Fever.
from artsykelly :
oops! did i say that outloud?! [*giggle* i love getting hate messages]
from artsykelly :
God, I'm a BITCH!
from kittay :
Gah, kelbel! I just came to say...I love your glasses, but now I have to be specific cuz I don't just mean the ones above(I loved those the first time I came here...they still rock of course) butbutbut the ones in your last entry too, geeze do you collect neat glasses for a hobby? Really, what do they term that as anyway? Umm, have any in green? Hehe..okay, sorry bout that. Hope you got my point, I'd probably paw-swipe me some glasses if I could get them through the screen here...err that didn't come out right either. I'll give up and smile sweetly now, that usually works. :D
from tenminsfast :
your diary is so much fun to read, you are so cute! uhh..i cant think of anything clever to say...ahem. so, nice work!! ::::runs out of sight::::
from artsykelly :
Someone once said that when you aim for the moon, if you miss, you'll hit a star.
from kaffeine :
In a cruel twist of irony, ffak mis-spelled the word "spelling" in the previous entry. The management regrets the error. No refunds will be given at this time.
from kaffeine :
*woot! woot!* It's Kelly! And what a marvelous Kelly it is, too! Man, that photo is di-VA! (You have to say it like that, too, c'mon, di-VA!) This is kaff in ffak-mode, proving once again that nicotine levels should be adjusted _before_ using a computer. Don't try this at home, kids. Instead, go to a friend's house, get real good at it, and join the Jim Rose Circus. OK, now I've reached that point where I don't know where this is going anymore. So let's just list reasons I like Kelly's journal: Kelly has excellent grammar and speling. Kelly can make everyday situations sound interesting. Kelly also shares some not-so-everyday stuff with us, too, if we're good. Kelly looks like a di-VA! Kelly has a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling of her journal. Kelly's got a tongue ring, and although it doesn't make her journal any better or worse, it sure makes Kelly all the more sexy! If I could remember the "Kelly" song from Cheers, I'd annoy you with it. Lucky for you I've forgotten the tune. Damn, it's fun to ramble along aimlessly in these Analyzie-thingies!! Damn, I must look like the world's biggest dork! That's Ms. Dork, to you. And now, Ms. Dork is off to have a cigarette. xoxo
from tiffster :
I like your hair. You are neat... like tacks. No, wait... that's not it...
from jewelia :
kelly! I am an oldschool diarylander! I've been writing since feburary. I know you organize this shit. I have applied. I love you. Validate me. (ie: add me to the members list) thank you. I love you. Not just because you have strange on-line power, but because I love that cute little graphic. *sigh* i never joined a clique before
from bluekitten :
i see nate got you, too. slowly crazy going am i.
from annatto :
Aww, you should say who your voting for! We'll love you anyways, even if you do vote Bush. Gotta go obsessivley watch the news now. Election coverage. *Wheeze* *Breathes into paper bag*
from mskaos :
Rockin' diary, girl!:) Cute lil pics on the side there...and the discoball definitely rocks mucho. Gonna go link ya, and read sum mo'. Peace out ~M.
from zarajade :
I love your diary. I think you ruuule...can I have your autograph????
from pixiekins :
come sit on my lap little girl, and tell me, what do you want for christmas?
from fungal-nail :
Oooh yes you have to come and visit :) I'm slap bang in the middle of the country so it shouldn't be too hard to find me, just ask for the strange kid and you'll get pointed in my direction.
from carp :
Type your comment here!
from mangoes :
You don't know me (I don't think) but I enjoy your work. And you set copy to the right. Which rocks. (Sorry, it's a journo thing.)
from jewelia :
kelly! it's my birthday today! I am all of 19 now. I'm gonna buy a pack of cigs and celebrate. You linked me! And you reviewed me! I don't know if I can take all of this lovin'................gonna go die now............
from ferokitty :
I'm gonna share the love! Woo! Yr diary gives me good feelings, and the disco ball makes me think of "Solid Gold". Any disco memories=good! Love, Kit
from sarra :
i would be exited for you...but i dont know who paul oakenfield (yeah?) is...sorrie! i love your hair and i love your diary, mwah! sarra xxx
from i-am-unique :
you're great! i love yr glasses in that picture. woo!
from cordeliameg :
*hugs* Hello dear Snuggle-bug. *grins* I miss your voice messages. Evil e-voice. I loved the Halloween pictures! You looked so adorable. K*E*L*L*Y is one groovy chick!
from beight :
kells! uhm, hi. im on a mission to fill everyone's pages up with sweet lovin' so heres your share! :D b8
from annatto :
yo! um, [email protected] this link: my entry is a little bit after the bunny picture, and right after i signed, they changed it so offsite linking shit works now. you just have to get it down to 15k or some shit. i feel so special! lol, i know im not the cause of the change but well just pretend!
from ornerypest :
Hi! I think I can get my son to sympathize with you about needing a new car. His car just totally broke. And oh by the way, BOO to Bob for wiping out all the comments!
from blurain :
Love yer site, the picture is tres keen!
from apatheticq :
hi - signed your lovable stressball
from merilily :
Why hello there, fellow feedback whore and my sugar sister! I feel the need to re-display my love for all those people who have lost my love from Bob's mistake...*tear* So, here I am! And, for the severe lacking on my part of anything else to say, here I go!
from annatto :
resigning to say i love you! bye!
from sabbydarling :
la la la. hi. *mwah* bye.

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