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from whystinger :
I am sorry for your loss. I have read and am not up to date as I read days backwards. I read some beautiful words that touch my soul.
from jarofporter :
dangerspouse is right, motorcycles and the open road have that power...
from dangerspouse :
It's amazing how motorcycles have that effect. Even on us guys....
from se7enchance :
Hey. I'm... very sorry to read about your inevitable loss. Very sorry. Reading the words you have the focus to put down during this time makes me feel vaguely voyeuristic. And it is indescribably bittersweet and poignant to read. Thank you for letting us see this, through you. ♥
from the-grey-one :
"home" was so lovely to read this morning, thank you for sharing it.
from mallorysana :
Good choice, go with love and guard it with all you've got!
from achmardi :
from breathe-salt :
"How very Cold War, as I traded secrets with a Russian man beneath moonlit sheets. How very beautiful, as Shostakovich played on to the beat of our fervent hearts." wow. what a beautiful entry.
from sadistiksoul :
from breathe-salt :
you come across as such a strong person in what has to be a very difficult time. i really admire that.
from starting0ver :
You write so beautifully. Reading your diary is like listening to the perfect musical score for a hauntingly beautiful film - one of those films that doesn't make the summer hot list, but gets all kinds of critical acclaim from all over the world.
from sunshine---- :
i really like your diary, just thought you should know. =]
from sunshine---- :
i really like your diary, just thought you should know. =]
from erari :
loving the diary :) and switchfoot is love! x, erari
from breathe-salt :
your diary is really lovely. a breath of fresh air.
from moonsocket :
'c'mon baby, say bang bang'....that stuff right there is the salt of the earth. nothing more needs to be said again, ever. content.

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