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from iluvorly17 :
Hey, u have great taste in movies, and I luv ur quote on ur profile. I totally agree old hollywood and movies r the best.
from not-tuesday :
"30, flirty and thriving"
from autumnal :
I love that you dig Tykwer! Der krieger is one of my all time favorite films. I've seen Lola Rennt (ofcourse...) and Heaven and look forward to his other work. Good to see such an interesting mix of films on your diary as well. I just bought Jean-Paul Jeunet's A Very Long Engagement... can't wait to see it...
from where-i-fall :
Let me know if you plan on using it/need help. I'm on MSN now if you need me.
from where-i-fall :
Hello, I have a gift for you: I hope you like it. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not. The images you'll need are in zip file: Let me know if you need any help. possiblydangerous AT
from gotmedown :
i kept hoping you would review the life aquatic. i've gotsta go see that film.
from catz-eyes :
hi, just wanted to say welcome and thanks for joining the 'Movie Review' diaryring. and i agree with your statement about movies.... here's to Other Worlds :) =^..^=
from ummhi :
What?? Okay.
from ann-frank :
It's unfortunate of me, but no. No, I don't. Again, I do feel bad for throwing stones when we all know how bad my grasp of grammar is!
from kittyleopard :
Sup fellow Knoxvillian! Killer diary!
from soulfan24 :
Hey there! Found your page through the Casablanca ring. Great diary. Stop by and say hey sometime. You're more than welcome. ~Hannah
from tuff517 :
This isn't a guestbook, but Happy Random Guestbook Signing Week and I just wanted to tell you what a great idea you have and I think your diary is really neat.
from slumper :
i can't tell you how much i agree with you on Drew Barrymore being a piece of shit actress. She talks like a fucking baby and sounds like she can't remember her lines half the time. She was the only bad thing about Donnie Darko. The poor thing, she probably is under the impression that she's really good or something
from christa02 :
loved your diary...except i fell asleep thru the sweet here was so boring! i like high fidelity though!
from silverbiker :
i love this diary!
from smile4onlyu :
trainspotting and gummo are both really good. gummo is kind of eerie. but then again the herion baby in trainspotting is too.
from ann-frank :
Hey, thanks for the Kevin Bacon-esque trail of coincidence in the guestbook! I knew that Cashmink link would pay off!
from riversluvsme :
I noticed you added me, so.. thanks much!! By the way, I am one of the few who can truly say Weezer returns my undying affection... *wink*
from xdistancex :
guess not
from gotmedown :
oh but personal bursts make it ever more so enticing! b.t.w love the new layout.
from xdistancex :
what do you mean dead or dying? I POST IN IT EVERYDAY! mixtapes are fun
from space-oddity :
umm.. hi. yeah. this is the friend that never sees you anymore. i try calling you, and you're never home. i leave message. you no call back. i call and line busy. why? why do you do this?you majorly losing friend points, bucko. clay and i were just wondering what you doing. my compooter been down for like a week.
from up-yours :
I love the newer Little Women, but think the lder one is so much better (1949, perhaps?) I remember reciting all of the words because I watched it so much when I was a child. I saw the one from 94 and was disappointed because I had such a set image on how it should be.
from leon19 :
hi, someone recommended your diary to me and i thought i would check it out, if that's cool. i'm kinda a movie buff though i'm sure i've probably see the least amount of movies to actually be able to acquire that title. i wasn't really gonna leave you a note until i saw "leon" on your fav movie list and a picture on your web design. it makes me feel good to know a critic loves my favorite movie. although, i'm not sure about your love of "mulholland dr."
from diaryreviews :
Hey this is Caroline from diaryreviews. Your review is up and you're eligible for our 90 and above ring!
from space-oddity :
i think your design is shit. get a life. no. just kidding. really, i like the new title collages with the grey and blue, though i think there needs to be something more visual and more colorful. oh, and also, i can't see your rating graphic or your at the show picture with natalie at work. i don't know why, but the compooters here suck it and won't allow the images to come up. all i see is the cover box to the movie. boo.
from unamerican :
i've seen memento and requiem. i'll definately keep the others in mind. i rented 'mean machine' last night. vinnie jones, ya know. the thing is, i get 5 free rentals a week and i am running out of good movies to watch. most new releases i don't care about seeing.
from unamerican :
so if i told you that my favorite types of movies are those along the lines of "lock, stock and two smoking barrels", "snatch", "fight club" and i wanted to watch more good movies such as those, what would you recommend?

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