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from shoelacepunk :
welcome back
from inca-roads :
looks like you're finally back...can i get a password? please?
from zzdagwood :
Love does bite. ZZdagwood
from allilee :
hey. i joined ur ring sum time ago and put up the link for it on my diary. now due 2 my new layout the diaryring doesnt look as good. do u mind if the link is not up or wuld u like me 2 quit?
from inca-roads :
anxiously awaiting
from a-la-carte :
thank you.
from pianosa :
I had a friend whose mother was like that. Whenever she got a pay check, her mother would blatantly say: "Give me money, give me money!" I'm not kidding. Of course, her mother did have turet's syndrome.. Glad to see that you are back. I've been fiddling with my site finally and idly browsing the few notes and guestbook love I have and thought I'd check up on you.
from petrichor :
Ruth, you need some get-away time, reaally need it.
from girl101 :
i relate too. much. to you. exhibit a: I just need to do those damn English papers. I'm struggling a lot in English this year, which is particularly annoying because usually English is my best subject. But I just can't seem to be able to sit down and read stuff like the Canterbury Tales. At all. I've got the notes from Pink Monkey and I'm trying to start on my paper, but I can't even figure out what [insert my teachers name] wants it to be on.
from cw4418 :
the "fuck" diaryring IS fun~go you!
from tofukiller :
k you get a password. tomorrow.
from heysaydie :
as i reappear, you disappear.. breaks my heart. xoxo.
from guinevere77 :
I'm sorry about what happened, people you didn't want to know about your diary finding it and all that shit... Same thing happened to me not too long ago. If you've moved on to another diary, please consider giving me the address. I really like reading you.
from tofukiller :
aww ruthie baby. <3
from rightvsleft :
you suck. you locked your diary. i guess it's really not any of my business what you do anyway, considering we don't know each other and never have and in all likelihood never ever will. i'll just have to find someone else's deep thoughts to enjoy. thank's for all the memories! be good to yourself.
from veryfairy :
Awww. In those prom pictures you truly look like Miss Juliet with Romeo(from your expressions it's clear how in love you are), especially the one where he kisses your hand. You're changing so much...and always for the better. I'm very happy for you. Smile always.
from godlvr02 :
Did you know that gettin on birth control makes you a lot more in risk of getting an STD? heheh. Just thought I'd tell you that. Not just to be smart. I just thought of it. Well, you seem really awesome possum (really cool), so IM me sometime on aim if you have it. My sn is ChildofGod040887. Peaceć ~*~Samantha~*~ username: outlook password: pentium
from jayw :
Fruck U!
from tofukiller :
roofie poo, get on aim.
from tofukiller :
you dork! you stole hannah's picture!
from bendme : dont know me but i have been reading your diary for a long time and ive just decided to come out and leave a name is lauren and i think you are just amazing. keep writting and dont loose the guy. he seems simply wonderful... so tell me more about your pretty ya~lauren
from fallencupid :
Hi there! I just got done looking through your diary and I enjoyed it. I am sure I will come back frequently to see how things are going. In fact, I even put you as one of my favorite diaries. :-) Hope you get a chance to stop by my diary and check things out. Leave a note if you would like. Hope to see you around! :-) ~Fallen
from brutalsugar :
yah, so... i think you rock. :) consider yourself bookmarked.
from anesthetic :
Just thought I would say...I love your layout. Skulls are such cute objects. Very nice.
from renegadepill :
this is fun. rah rah.
from penguinwhore :
*wines* dude, i didnt relize i didnt have the code up, can i have it again....
from you-dont-see :
Hey, my name's Vanessa. You don't know me, but I've been reading your journal, and in a lot of things you say I totally know what you mean. I understand where you come from, and though you have no idea who I am, and this probably isn't something you want to hear, I'm here for ya. You know my diarylink [though its locked leave a note and i'll open it for you]. I know where you are, and I'm there too. Maybe we can talk. :) You're a great writer, by the way. :)!
from krunked :
Why, Thankee ... *lol* I loved your poem 'The Simple Truth' it was beautiful. I've never been able to write things like that. ~Krunked P.S. Your note made my day ::grins::
from linnyeg :
Hey im really curious as to what exactly went on up at the beach. Im kinda lost as to how the cops got into this and shit.
from bingoguy :
We are the sum our accomplishments and our mistakes. You're not a bad person. You're a person who did something bad. At least you realize that there are consequences for your actions and you're willing to accept whatever that may be. The fact your feel shitty about yourself, it's a good thing. It means you have some concept of right and wrong. It means there's hope for this god forsaken idea we call society.
from veryfairy :
hey.yah i just read ur little convo with cheerhchick and it kinda seemed a bit harsh. although i totally understand where you're coming from, talking to a 12-year-old isn't exactly exciting.just from reading your diary and from comments you make in it, i always wanted to ask you advice, make you feel better to some degree, and basically let u know that even though i don't know you personally i admire how you present yourself so honest and blunt.then again i figured you'd care less about talking to me and have every reason to b/c not only do u not know me but i am not that punk,say-whatever-i-want-so-kiss-my-ass type of girl. my point is, you give much of who you are and how you feel for others to read about and when someone like cheerchick, who you don't feel like talking to nor can possibly relate to, IMs you then it must have been because she truly thought there was something special about you. maybe she didn't say so out right but that was probably the case and she called you bitch b/c she was hurt by the "fuck off ur-not-cool-enough-for me" response she got from you. hope this doesn't sound like a lecture but remember that you might not be interested in the person, but the fact that they actually took even the little bit of interest in you is quite sweet, especially when they are random.
from sadeyes85 : she's not your friend and hasn't been in a long time...i'm still not understanding why you would go say something harsh like that to someone you know is going to tell someone else..i'm sorry she talks about you...but wouldn't it cause more shit if you keep talking about her?? maybe eventually she would get the idea that you don't give a fuck about her... thanx for the note. and you have every right to be defensive..i would be the same way.
from sadeyes85 :
that was great how you basically directed your response to me...i'm not saying there is an afterlife..i don't believe in shit like that..I believe in fate just like you..but I can believe in karma b/c ne thing I have ever done in my life has come back and bit me on the ass. and i didn't just read 1 entry and blah blah blah..I read it everytime you update and i don't have to know your "the history of my friendships with people, the history of my relationships or the history of me essentially whatsoever read one entry in my diary and think they have a right to lecture me on karma and how I deserve everything that I get." and i don't know where the fuck you get i was lecturing you on karma..i said karma was a a lecture! put yourself in your friends wouldn't exactly be thrilled if you heard this thing going around about you ...true or not. so all i was saying was have some common curtesy for your friends and what it your whole goal in life to make them look bad..b/c if that's what it was..hey succeeded!!!
from sadeyes85 :
you were talking how you were feeling betrayed..and to burst your bubble or ne thing..but what you did to your friend was the same thing you are feeling. ok..maybe the 12 guy thing was true..but why tell your bf if you know he's going to tell his ppl?? karma is a out.
from pinkrazor :
if you changed because you were recognised you'd be no better than a pop star. i thought about cutting off my dead dirty blond locks and gettin myself some spiky pink hair but i got the usual "not while you liver in this house missy!" bullshit. gr.
from mojogrl :
Hey chica- followed your banner to get to your site. enjoyed your entry and your background. if you cut off your hair, donate it to Locks of Love - they use it to make wigs for kids who can't grow hair. That way, if someone gives you grief you can say "i did it for charity" and make 'em feel like jerks.
from tracybd :
Just read your entry - don't ever change yourself to become something you think others will like, or that you perceive will be desirable for the "masses" ... people read you because you're you ... you're wonderfully out there - beyond everyone else. I enjoy how honest, real and "don'tgiveashit" you are.
from cimerian :
Hello, cool diary. I especially like your poem, SIMPLETRUTH. Cool.
from badgergirl :
i'm sorry to have to tell you this...but i have your perfect guy. (well i don't know how you like your men to dress, but he looks sexy). i'm sorry...i hope you can forgive me ;) ellie xx
from cerebralgirl :
I am reading about the 1920's in class right now too (Feminism in America) and I am pissed because the white middle class were a bunch of thieves. I don't think it was punk. They weren't rebelling, they were taking culture (jazz music) from the blacks and calling it their own. They were obsessed with beauty and the new sexuality was strictly limited to heterosexual and was only acceptable in marriage.
from petrichor :
I think how it works is that what you tell your therapist is confidential. I don't know if it works differently because you are a minor. Good luck with everything.. my silence at your guestbook more denotes my near complete death of energy and will power. Keeping yourself busy, exercising or not, is generally a good thing. Sitting and rotting away like I am generally is a bad thing. Hoping the best for you.. petrichor
from billyidol :
hi. thanks for the comments. melt-banana scares me. o_o
from somastelford :
hi! just saying thanks for leaving me a message, i always appreciate it. your diarie's so great, especially the depression test. your friend meg sounds like one of my friends whose taking like EVERYTHING and still has a 99 average. it's crazy. i think i'd meltdown!
from pippin-took :
thanks. :)
from somastelford :
you're diary is really cute. i love it. whenever i get depressed i read it. it rocks! if you could check mine out i would be so happy (no this isn't a self promotional note-gah, i hate those, from ppl who havent even read your diary-i get rid of them) i just wanted you to kind of critique it or whateverrr. anywayyy keep up the good work ~soma
from caerydd :
hhmm, essay like┐ eeek! essays bad essays bad! *wanders off*
from caerydd :
In-ter-rest-ing. Perhaps only snippets of conversations instead, to help boost your thoughts┐
from xxfadeawayxx :
During WWII the U.S. put Japanese in internment camps as well. I was actually going to write that but I never did. And fadeaway actually derived part from Empire Records when Rex Manning said "Why don't you all just fade-away" and part because I wrote a shitty poem called Fade Away once...It's somewhere in my diary, I'm just not sure where. And I think I will end this note
from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.
from bunnyfool :
welcome to the ring where we celebrate habits of self destructive pleasure! i changed the code thingie today, but you don't have it up on your page anyway so it won't matter.
from darcyargue :
Thanks for joining the anti-hot topic ring!!!
from erica2175 :
thanks for joining the candy-canes diaryring! =)
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the weeeeeee diaryring. Drop me a note or email if you'd like the funny squirrel pic :) WEEEEEEEEEE!
from petrichor :
Well, I am relieved that my frequentness is appreciated. I'm sorry, but I don't see a a conflict-free future with Crystal. I tried to be as polite as possible without just letting myself be trodden upon. So, ya, sorry about that, I might have had a bite or two that I probably, come to think of it, refrained, but well I can't edit my own guestbook enties once the submit button is pushed. Pity. I actually have three internet diaries. One is kept secret and is solely for my darkest or deepest matters. Petrichor diary is pretty personal too, and compared to most diaries on diaryland, it is pretty deep and personal. But amazingly (perhaps) enough, I still have another diary for things even more personal and private than that. The third one I have not written in for many, many months. My advice for Tod for now is to be a ***little*** more forthright to him. See how he reacts. And I can't put my finger on a demonstrating example of this but... but... hmm... damn, I don't know. Maybe the next time he makes you guilty for something tell him that... no... argh... well, here's an idea: write an e-mail as if you were going to send it to Tod and telling him how you feel about the whole thing -- how you he often makes you feel guilty for innocent things or how you don't think you are ready for the kind of intense relationship he is. Don't send it, just write it. You might have already done this, but if you haven't give it a shot. I know you have written about it in your diary, but try it in letter form as if it was a real letter. I don't know. I am stumped for now.
from petrichor :
If I wrote in your guestbook as often and much as I do for my own diary, I'd easily be at my 100th entry by now - easily. And I have tried to learn how to write short guestbook entries, but damnit, its hard for me. I speak my mind and well, sometimes my mind rambles, a lot, frequently, actually most of my time my mind rambles, like right now.
from silverbiker :
you have such a cute diary! :)
from symmetrikan :
i have no idea wut the ice cream was all bout.. o wait.. i think it was when u had the links that read the ice cream flavors?.. or the entry titles that said it?. i have no clue.. =\ i'm a lamer.. sorrieZ bout dat hehe..
from rudey :
Yes, great minds DO think alike. Do you know how fucked up you'd be after seeing that much porn? It would turn your brain to mush!
from tofukiller :
yeah, jewels is pretty good. its what my gym teacher calls them. she's perky.
from tofukiller :
cause cause rezillos were making me all energetic. and the soy cheese i had was okay in a chemical cardboard kind of way, it was like soy mac n cheese.
from battled :
Hey Ruth, I love the new layout! (Just thought I'd add that...) Hope all is well.
from petrichor :
Now, if you were ugly, do you think you'd feel the same way? I personally don't care either way -- my life ambition is to be a hermit and live in a forest. Heh. Sad thing is, I'm not kidding. You know what I am going to say: you're getting/are depressed. When you kid about dying et al and were laughing about it, I've done that and do that too. I took a life expectancy test a couple of years ago that stated rather bluntly that I was going to die by age 21. I often joke about that: "Oh, damn, two more years ago!" and the likes. And just over the course of a few days now, well, put it simply, I may have cancer. And I really don't know what to think of it. It really hasn't changed my thinking very much. Maybe I am just in shock. I wouldn't be able to tell either way. And I am not here to inspire you to live. I don't know why I do any of things I do. And I don't even know where I am heading in all these words. You're smart, attractive, and have the quality where people can love you, like Steve did or does. And, maybe, maybe I even envy you. I do not understand when I read certain things. It is probably because I am naive or dumb. I do not understand why people want love, but then they avoid loving someone because they don't want to hurt them. Is withholding love, loving them? And I guess by love I mean in all its degrees, crush love too. Anyway, I'll end this rambling.
from emeraldmound :
excellent news. your life is complicated enough without that to add to your angst. Seems today everyone had a bad start to their day...Seems all those intelligent people forgot that they alone are responsible for their own behaviors. In other words, if you get screamed at for being late, it does not help resolve the situation to scream back.You are still late. You end up feeling bad and hating people for the rest of the day Your sleepless dad is not your problem. Take responsiblity for youself to get up in time. . How about getting a better alarm clock system so you can wake up in time? One simple change of behavior that will generate more positives. I am still trying hard not to be too preachy - trying to be helpful with suggestions and maybe a differing point of view that you have not considered before. One of the things I admire about you is your willingness to consider differing points of view.
from emeraldmound :
Pregnancy comes to mind as symptons can include fainting, hormonal mood swings -- such as today -- and fatigue.
from emeraldmound :
have you eliminated the obvious reason for fainting?
from petrichor :
Duller? Actually, I find your latest entries interesting. The ones around the period where you wanted to "walk on the wild side" were the ones that rather bored me.
from biglizard :
let's travel 'round the world. just you and me, punk rock girl.
from petrichor :
The thing si, a part of him is in you and vice versa. No matter how much I bitch at everything and/or you -- compared to what I've had in my life, you still had something special. And you do. And perhaps you did experience true love. And I'm not saying this to be the optimist, but simply to correct a silly Hollywood myth, that true love can only happen once. Sure, it doesn't happen left and right, but is there some written law out there that its "only once". And I don't doubt that some people will never experience true love, that some people will experience it and lose it and never have it again, but -- but I bet there are some people, somewhere out there who have lost true love and, later in life, find it again. It won't be the same love. It can't be. But just because it isn't exactly the same doesn't mean its lesser or even greater. It may be just different. Now, you also have to consider that this entire philosophy is based on entirely no experience of my own. So, eh. Good luck.
from forgiveness :
Is that you in your diary? The girl in the background of your entry page is lovely. Have a good day.
from emeraldmound :
I would like to share my latest diary entry with you. I have been trying to follow the suggestions. Suggestions! Not commands; not advice. I thought you might want to think about these suggestions as well. I hope your encounter with Steve was not as awkward as you feared.
from nakedthought :
i think i've visited your diary before. did you just change your layout or something? :)
from emeraldmound :
Congratulations! You indeed sound like you are starting to pull your act back together over the past few days. Sounds like you have been doing some serious thinking. The quality of your writing -- your unique and enjoyable viewpoint on life -- is beginning to emerge again, after being gone for so long. Seems to me that you are enjoying being "in charge" again of your life -- instead of being a typical girl, you are indeed emerging as atypicalgirl.
from heysaydie :
there is no need to worry...

i've learned my lesson from my past 2 journals that i've had on here & deleted ALL the entries because i flipped out.. but ahhh yes, i'm nowheres near dematerializing from here!


from halfdevoured :
I'm still here and I still love you as much as ever, Ruth. I'm coming back to my diaries very soon... a lot has been in my head and I've been busy, but my thoughts are never far from you. I've been reading your diary everyday. I guess I've been playing the part of the spectator lately. But, I'm excited about writing again and I'm going to have 1... 2... 3... 4... 5 diaries to write in on diaryland, plus at least 3 paper diaries/journals. Whew!

As always, I looooooooove you so much and you'll always be my goddess!
from drew1986 :
Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you are the only person whose diary I read regularly that I am not personally friends with. Best of luck with everything!
from carebear0068 :
hey! can i add you to my fav diary on my profile?
from cretingirl :
stop being mean to ruth! now! i demand it! blech. i really hate holier than thou type people. icky icky icky
from ripetomato2 :
So ... your ex-boyfriend dropped you and started dating a girl who apparently can't even string together complete sentences. I must say, I question his judgement. But what do I know?
from veryfairy :
Jenny sounds very jealous of you.haha. Take that as a compliment that she actually bothers to even get to you in any way, and don't feel like you have to explain yourself because some psycho bitch labeled you with shit she got from ages ago. You sound very honest, you are pretty (and there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with stating that as many times as you want because it's true), and I totally get your "punk rock" sarcasm and have a feeling you're into it b/c YOU like it, and not Steve. If others don't get that, then screw them. Seriously, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone, especially people like Jenny. As for Steve, it's funny how people here ( who leave you notes) think they're so smart and have all this life experience and leave you notes critisizing and telling you what you're better of doing. Don't listen to that. You are who you are. You do what you feel like doing. I respect that. Yes, maybe there were other "better" ways to deal with Steve, but you did what felt right to YOU at the time.As far as I can see, you're fine and still a strong girl regardless of what Steve has or has not done. Anyways, I really respect that and don't change as long as you're happy with who you are.
from emeraldmound :
Friends with benefits? One of the most idiotic things I read in a long time. This Steve guy is playing you like the fool you are behaving like - instead of the interesting person you used to be. I started reading your diary because you had a "way with words". You wrote well. Now, it is filled with whiny butt comments. And stupid indecisions -- "I hate to drink" "Oh good I can get drunk". After you had broken up with Steve for awhile, you began to realize you were happier with yourself than you had been in awhile. And then you have a fuck session with him, on your friend's parent's bed. Stupid as well as incredibly tacky. And again you are on the whiny butt mode because he doesn't want to communicate with you. Wake up! he is communicating with you, he does not want to be involved with you. You are just a convenient fuck. On top of everything else, you will probably get pregnant with this loser's sperm. Because if trashy people can do anything, they can breed. And by begging this guy to contact you, you have reduced yourself to his low life level. You are, now, furious at me. And will tell me that I don't understand. How could I understand? I understand fine. I have experienced what you have been going through. I could help you through these tough times. And most of the outrage you will spew like vomit towards me will be coming from hurt pride. How dare I criticize your decision? You made a mistake getting back with that guy. You know it otherwise you would not be trying to justify it as "friends with benefits." It would be pathetic if it were not so tragic. You can pull yourself together. I hope you do.
from paper-bag :
i :O
from petrichor :
Friends with benefits eh? Oh boy -- be forewarned. I haven't heard of a case thats worked. I feel like an old maid for saying this to you but you gotta decide -- you gotta decide whether you want to be friends with Steve -- friends being with no benefits, cause benefits is like doomsday clock, once it ends, so does the friendship.
from outloud :
"hats are for brats" :-( not a brat..i just like them, that's all...
from veryfairy :
Can totally relate to school frustration, but you'll get throught this...just stay in there! I forgot to ask you, in one of your older entries you wrote, " Fuck tennis. Conflict anyone?" What was that referring to? I didn't think you played tennis...I love your entries. Good luck with the exams too!
from x1013 :
I still have you on my favorites, and you won't be going anywhere. =) And I feel your pain regarding grades, my math grade and my english grade, ouch ouch Owwwwwch!
from halfdevoured :
Did you know my favorite band, Mr. Bungle, has played with Melt Banana? I didn't know either. There's a Melt Bana Tribute album with a song cover by Mr. Bungle, too.

So, um... what's Melt Banana like? I'm curious now... naturally.

Oh yeah... I love Ruth!
from veryfairy :
your hair is sooooo pretty the way it is right now. Although the mohawk idea sounds fun.I've experimented with my hair, but then I always missed it after a couple of days it being short or whatever. The pictures are the cutest too! Keep smiling.
from piscesgirlie :
i just discovered your diary. you're so cool and your diary kicks ass. i'm gonna come back again... and again... and again... haha, kinda like the energizer bunny... but.. not quite. whatever. what a great read!
from outloud :
hey, thank you for the compliment! the reason my pictures are links, shh..dont tell anyone. i dont have a gold membership and the pics are on a database on the way their site works is you link back to them, but i changed the links to random sites i frequent. now that i think about it, they may not have to be link at all...ah well. rock on.
from veryfairy :
YOU ARE GORGEOUS thinkning anything less than that shouldn't even come into your head. So smile babe :)
from confetti :
i want to be perdy like you.
from tofukiller :
eee! the return of steve? maybe? who is the girlie in the diary?
from confetti :
i drew you a picture!:
from veryfairy :
"You can't regret being true to yourself." Ruth, that's the best thing I've heard in a while.
from angryquail :
I <3 your diary!!! ahhhhh! anyway, thanks for joining one of my diaryrings. ahh, i got so caught up i don't remember if it's alphabetize or honesty, and i also forgot to check if you put the code up (so i don't have to take you down hehe). anyway, peace out.
from invisibledon :
How you doin' ? I was just surfing around and thought I would check out your page actually I linked to it from another page -- I like it, your page that is, the other page was nice too
from invisibledon :
from confetti :
from confetti :
from milkmaid :
Ahhh - you prolly get so many people telling you what you should do - I should just keep my mom instincts to myself... You're gonna be just fine!
from milkmaid :
Oooh girlfriend - don't apologise for being who you are! You were a GREAT girlfriend to that Steve. HE needs to do a little apologising to you!
from scentedrose :
you don't know me and I don't know you but if you go and read my diary you'll see...that you just said everything somehow in your recent entry that I am feeling. I did the same thing. Wanted him to be my everything. Thanks for writing it. It helped me tonight. Thanks...a lot.
from incessant :
hmmm.. rock lobster?
from incessant :
i'm the only one in your profile without a comment. what does that say about me? haha
from halfdevoured :
I'm sending you love in the mail. I should have done so sooner, but it's coming. I love you more than you know, Ruth. And I'm always here for you. I hope to talk with you again soon.

~your Stephen
from paper-bag :
why why WHY is there a password? i better get it!!!!!!!!!!! :X
from heysaydie :
just as a warning...
once you dye your hair,
there is no going back!
from heysaydie :
melt wha??

oh for sure.
from outloud :
dude, you rocketh! Thanks for the note. Your diary is awesome! i am definitly going to have to read some more of it....:-)
from confetti :
from heysaydie :
that quote is from the one & only fredrich nietzsche... my absolute favorite philosopher. it's from "thus spoke zarathustra"...

you should totally check it out.
from halfdevoured :
I'm glad that I'm yours. It's nice to know that I belong to someone. It's especially nice because it's you. I love you.
from heysaydie :
you are schizotypal.

i am a schizoid.

everyone is doomed.
from larrielou :
Hey. I found your diary while randomly reading updated diaries. I have to say it's fantastic - great layout, and your writing draws you in. I'll definitely be back for more....I hope you feel happy soon.
from confetti :
lets make out.
from chigau :
Just so that you don't think halfdevoured is the only person that signs here, I've just popped in. You've evolved some, I don't know how, maybe it's the layout (which I love), or maybe you've just grown up, but you seem older than before, ableit still as mature and cynical and dry witted as before. I don't know how to say it, but when I read your old entries and compare them to your new ones, it just feels different. But then, I'm weird. Good luck on finding your stalker.
from halfdevoured :
I jus got your note. Wow. Thank you. That makes me feel so good inside. I love you so much. I'd kiss you too if I could. I'd hug you 'til you squeaked, too.

I love more and more all the time, Ruth. Thank you so much for loving me.
from halfdevoured :
Punk Grampas! Ahahaha! I love For Better or for Worse. Such a great strip. Do you love it, Ruthie? What other strips do you like? I dig Peanuts (I am Charlie Brown and Linus in one), Calvin & Hobbes was the best, Boondocks is great and Liberty Meadows is hilarious.

But enough about strips. I love my Goddess Ruthie! She rocks so much more than strips ever could!
from halfdevoured :
And another note! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't contain all my Ruthie love! I just can't!

Hug me, Ruthie! I need one! Just don't squish me!
from halfdevoured :
This is just a note that says Ruthie is the best!!!I love her and she's the most wonderful, amazing, and fantastic Goddess there is! I live her palm and you don't, so I rock, too! Ha ha!

Ruthie, you are incredible. We should talk again soon. I looooooooove you! Watch your mailbox for some mail soon, too.
from emoviolent :
i don't believe i have entered your world... we have entered OUR world... our planes collide. *not aeroplanes either*
from halfdevoured :
I got your letter, Ruth. It made me so happy when I saw it sitting in my room! Thank you so much for sending some happy my way!

LA... let's run away there together. I have a friend there, Erika, that we could crash with. It will be an adventure!

Actually, I want to go to New York. I have Blaine, Josh and Teresa there. I think perhaps, in a year, I will make NYC my home.

My! I do babble don't I? Do I have anything of any importance to say? Anything at all?

Yes, I do!


That was very important. Because I love you so much.I do. Thank you for being there, for your love and for making me smile.
from theotherhalf :
The love I get from you is so wonderful. It's returned to you 1000 times. I love you.
from never-again :
Hang in there. Somehow, things always manage to work themselves out. I love your poems, by the way.
from longest-line :
Hey, thanks for you html help. I was so puzzled by it all. I've been reading your diary for a little while now...I enjoy it.
from hapithoughts :
i read your diary every day, and i haven't signed before cause i don't know what to say.... i hope everyhting goes good for you, and you're far from typical, you're special... oh, thanks for the map love, crystal
from halfdevoured :
I miss the description for the link to my diary that says I'm all yours. Because I am.

And I love you SO much!!!
from halfdevoured :
I love you. Forever.
from milkmaid :
Hey kidlet. Just a word to the wise from somebody who has been there (on both sides of the fence), if your man has a drinking problem - there's NOTHING you can do to help him. He has to want to put it down. You should tell him how you feel about it, and ask him to think about what he's doing. It will be up to him. You just need to take care of yourself and use that smart brain of yours, because being in love with a drinker is a hard, hard road. I wish you both much good luck!
from halfdevoured :
I miss my Goddess Ruthie. I love my Goddess Ruthie! Feel better soon. And send love, just so that I know you still do love your noodleboy palm-tenant.
from milkmaid :
Here's an old saying I like to recall at times like these: "Everything I ever let go of, had claw marks all over it!" HA!!! Good luck!
from cretingirl :
you are rock. heh.
from bug2099 :
Your right, I don't know what it is but Autum makes me feel so much better. I like the coolness of the air, and it seems fresher. ~shaan
from bug2099 :
Yeah becareful on what you take. But whats so wrong with the condoms? ~shaan
from paper-bag :
Eeek about the shot.. It's not really natural to not have a period and I've heard that it can make you really depressed.. soo.. be careful! <3
from la-the-sage :
Hi! Congrats on being sexually responsible! Heads up about "The Shot", it will make you insane. No lie. No PMS??? How about constant, wailing, twitchy, nervy, bloated, paranoid Depro-version non-PMS? Every friend I had that went on the shot, was a sniveling, snarling psycho from the day of the shot until it finally wore off. Not an isolated one friend "survey" either, I'm talking about 9 reasonably sane women who went loony while this stuff supressed some hormones and exaggerated others. Also it usually takes at least 2 cycles of shots for your period to go away. 2 friends reported theirs were WORSE while on the shot. This may not be your experience at all, you may breeze along and think, "That LA is cracked, this stuff is great!", but I felt I should chime in with what I know. In the mean time, make sure you use good quality condoms and squeeze a bit of lubricant inside it before it's put on. Helps a lot with that tight sausage casing feeling, making things happier for both of you. ~LA
from chigau :
*plain and simple* You rock! You rock more than the rockingest bunch of rockers!
from halfdevoured :
Goddess Ruthie! How about that cable? I need a new couch, too...

I love you!
from bug2099 :
Stop taking tylonol( well i cant make you stop. But if your sick again, just relax, stop for a while, clear your head, and drink some tea, perferably just hot water some honey,lemon, and ginger, and a drop of echnanica ( don't know if I spelt it right), But that usally works for me. Also I think you rock.
from peth :
skritch skritch! hello!
from linnyeg :
Hey! my younger brothers on ritalin, he's actually been on it since he was like 2 1/2 (he's almost 7 now) for him it's absolutely amazing. It works miracles i swear! when he hasnt gotten his ritalin he's off the wall but when he's had it he's able to concentrate and isnt so crazy. check it out w/ your doctor.
from halfdevoured :
Ruthie, are correct. You are the greatest. No doubt. You're not just my goddess; you're my Super Goddess. And I'm smiling for you. (Your email made me unbelievably happy). Thank you for all your love. And, of course, you get all of mine.
from milkmaid :
That story was AWESOME!!!!
from diaryreviews :
Your review has been posted ! Check it out, right here: ... Thanks for submitting !
from itcametothis :
ummm...rice krispie treats (?)
from halfdevoured :
I love you so much, Ruth. So much. And, honestly, although we've never met face to face, I love you like one of my very best friends. I only let a few people really get inside. And you're in there. And I really think we understand one another... don't you?

Best of all, I believe it when you tell me that you love me. It's often hard for me to believe it when someone says that to me, but I believe you, Ruth. I feel as though you love me like few people do and more than most. And that, Ruth, makes me happy. Thank you.

And, oh yes, I love you. And I'm still yours.
from mandimoron :
you said you wanted some one who could reflect you on some level? well you sound just like me when i was sixteen (two whole fucking years ago, my god...), cept my bfs name was luke. i loved him to death, omg... but i was so depressed all the time too, and i had the exact same spaz attack you were talking about... we were having sex at the time, and all of a sudden i thought i was being raped. ugh. well, im here if ya wanna bitch to someone whos been there and made it out in close to one piece.... btw, youre an amazing writer, im sooo jealous!!
from gdpunk :
welcome to the chuck pride ring! thanks for joining! rock on...
from sparklecore :
i know, i know...*hangs head in shame*...i will update soon, i promise. my brain has just been filled with fragments and pieces that haven't been cohesive enough to form a single entry :p. *heart*
from jaundiceface :
Wow, you're going through some crazy stuff there. I mention you in one of my later entries so check it out if ya get a chance and see if you can give me some more advice. talk to you soon. craig.
from milkmaid :
Okay, I guess it's time for some motherly advice... After all my years of experience with men, it seems that a great majority of them suffer from what I like to call BAD MANNERS. I think the man in question feels so safe and comfortable with you - and knows so well how you feel about him, that he simply doesn't get it that you require as much common courtesy as his other friends. This is very common. I'm not good at getting what I want from a relationship, so I'm not going to give any lessons here - but, I will tell you that the women I see who are successful, do so by letting their men know, unquestionably, that they will NOT put up with this type of rude behavior. How they do this is a mystery to me. They are very brave women. Secondly, and most importantly - Don't hurt yourself because you are angry with him. All that means is you are hurt twice. First by him, second by you. He goes on his merry way, completely unaware... It's not a good idea, sweetie. Hugs and Kisses (sorry for the long note), Honorary Mom
from jaundiceface :
Hey dude, i was reading through your stuff, and was really into it; it sounded alot like stuff i'm going through too; i'd love for you to read through some my stuff when you get a chance and throw some advice my way... thanx alot. craig.
from halfdevoured :
No craziness or silliness this morning. Just a simple statement:

I love you. I'm so glad that we are friends, because friends like you make my life so much better. So, thank you for being one.
from halfdevoured :
Extra money in checking account + looooooooooove for Ne Plus Ultra Goddess Ruthie = gold membership surprise. And I got myself some Spidey comics, too.

See? I am all yours! I looooooooooooooooooooooove you so much!
from krispiepop :
trying to read your diary gave me a fat headache a sore neck. have you no consideration?
from halfdevoured :
Just letting everyone know that they MUST worship Ruthie, the Almighty, Spunky, Foxy, Super Sweet, Mega Cute, Awe Inspiring, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, Beyond Brilliant, Coolest Ever, Amazing, Colossal, Miles High and Growing, Rockin' Ne Plus Ultra Goddess. I'm currently organizing a group of devoted servants to fan you and feed you grapes. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you!

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