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from formerlymr :
I'm tagging you. Details in my diary. :)
from heelandlass :
Finally Friday indeed! I hear that! I wanted to leave you a wee note to say first of all - hello! It's really nice to hear from you. And of course, to say thank you for your note. You're right - it IS refreshing to know someone else is going through a similar thing to you. I read your run down of your own situation and it sounds really similar. I have a good feeling we're all going to get over our nonsense and get back on track. It must be a trying time preparing for a baby - we're kind of thinking about all that stuff at the moment, so the pressures of 'what will be' are lurking in the background I think. We also need some time to focus on ourselves. Work is a pain for both of us. And I am going to take some of yours & your husband's advice and I'm going to start working out or something. I need more stuff in my life that's just mine. At the moment the only night I get to myself is a Wednesday and I always fill that with seeing friends. Sheesh. I'm totally offloading on you and all I meant to do was stop by, say hello and tell you how grateful I am that you left your note. You've really, really helped me out. Just by making me feel a bit more normal! Have a great weekend. xxx
from formerlymr :
from madisonrae :
kschierbaum at yahoo
from madisonrae :
Turst me. I panic everytime I go to the airport now. Wondering if a morsel may have fell into any of my luggage. Wow...that was over two years ago! Have a great turkey day.

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