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from momma-at-17 :
I would like to have your username/password if you don't mind. It is rather theraputic to read other diarys that you can truly relate to. I am 17 and have a baby on the way, 2 months 3 weeks and counting... My email is [email protected]
from x-play-x :
sweet_irony16 AT eminemworld DOT com
from x-play-x :
Hi. I found your diary reading the answers to the teenmommies survey. I'm 16, and I also have a baby. I would really like to have the username/password to your diary. It helps to have people I can relate to. Thanks -rach
from aliboomboom :
Hi. I would really like you username and password. My diary is locked too but if you are interested in reading it then I'd be more than willing to let you in. PLease email me at [email protected] so I can read more about you!
from stupid-jew :
Hi,I found your diary through boogiebeep's. I would love to read your diary and I heard your baby is super cute. my email is [email protected]
from cassiopeia- :
Hi, please email us at [email protected] so we can catch up! kisses, cassie
from carriem :
Would love to read ur diary :) I am Carrie, SAHM to 3 wonderful kids :) I am 25, had my first at 15. My email is [email protected] :)
from cassiopeia- :
Happy Mommy's Day! kisses, cassie
from nora555 :
Hey there, I was looking at the diarings directory. For my interests and found this one. But your Diary is locked. I'm 30 now but I had my son when I was 17 and my daughter when I was 19. I married the Daddy. We have a good life. Read my diary if you like. Its not locked and you can see how having children so young effects my daily life to this very day. I will be joinging this ring but looking through the diaries they are all locked or not recently updated. Thanks.
from candace8 :
Hey, I found your diary through meg-cntrygrl and I was wondering if I could have a password so I could read it. My names candace, and my email is [email protected]. If you'd like I could give you a password for my diary if youre interested. Thanks!!
from cassiopeia- :
Happy Valentine's Day! kisses, cassie
from bad-kitty-6 :
i Would Love To Be Able To Read Your Diary Again Please Can I Have Your password My Email Is [email protected]
from november9 :
Hey not sure if you got my note..I forgot to include my e-mail address: [email protected] I hope you'll e-mail me soon and let me read your journal.
from redshoegirl :
Hurray! A little girl! I'm so excited Tara! Any ideas what she'll be called? Hope the pregnancy is going easy on you xx
from marlen816 :
Wow! A little girl! How exciting! Any names picked out, yet??
from november9 :
hey remember me?? I keep meaning to ask this but keep forgetting. Can I have the password to your journal?? Take Care!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
from lukeysmama :
11/7- Happy 1st Birthday Riley! Love, April and Lucas
from cassiopeia- :
Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat! BOO! kisses, cassie
from myblacksky :
he is SO adorable!
from marlen816 :
Happy Anniversary!!
from littlemummy :
Congrats Tara!!! Oh my! My first two were 17.5 months apart. You'll do just fine. ((HUGS)) and try not to worry to much about things you "shouldn't" have done. Things will work out the way they're meant to. Riley's going to be a big brother!!! :-)
from myblacksky :
aww! congradulations <3
from broken-bits :
Hey, I tried to signed your guestbook but it wasn't letting me sign. So I just wanted to leave you a note to say congrats!!!! on expecting again.
from cleanstart :
Don't worry about what others think.(easier said than done, I know) As long as you are mature enough and take on your responsibilities(which you have been)...then that's all that matters.
from manda-d :
Can I have your username/password please? Thanks! [email protected]
from cleanstart :
CONGRAT'S Tara!! Some reason, I knew this was the BIG news.I think the age difference between the two will be perfect. I had mine when I was 18 and 21. At the time, I was embarassed and wondering how I would ever make it, but now I'm so glad I had mine young. You can do so much with them, you can actually grow up with them,lol. Good luck hun!
from cleanstart :
Mother-in-law's...can't live with em and can't live without em. LOL... And bring on the big news!! BTW, thanks for the password!
from cassiopeia- :
I did email you, but just in [email protected]
from x-snap-x :
Hey sweetie, you don't know me either but I love reading your diary! At 16, I'm only slightly younger than you but we're so incredibly different, and it's obvious you're the better person because of it. I'd love to know the password for your diary! My email address is [email protected]
from myblacksky :
well. you dont know me. but i like reading your diary. i didnt wanna email you since. ha you dont know me, but. if you would like to give me the password when you lock it my email is [email protected]. t'ya darling :-)
from lukeysmama :
YES, he is getting so big, but oh so cute! Sorry I sorta ran out on you today. I totally wasn't expecting company, as we were still in our PJ's and I just let Lucas terrorize the house, and then he knocks on my door. I sorta went into panic mode, plus he came over to use the computer. :( I will talk to you soon though. Hopefully. xoxoxo
from linnyeg :
Hey I still read it.
from marlen816 :
Riley is so cute! I can't believe that he has so much hair! Kari is soo bald!
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day. And may all your dreams and wishes come true.
from ktdream :
Aww you've got such a cute layout.. I like how your gbook looks too (but it wouldn't let me sign!) Well happy birthday-- sounds like fun!
from elliorange :
♥ Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!!
from glass-fairy :
Happy Birthday, love! Hope it's great.
from lizblizz05 :
Ok that alone might confuse you, was for the PW. :-D
from lizblizz05 :
[email protected].
from machogirl7 :
Aww, can I have the pw, please? ((hugs)) how all is ok! I miss you.
from marlen816 :
Happy B-day Anthony and Way to Go Riley! 9 Months and Counting! What a big boy!!
from klcranford17 :
Glad Riley's ok! And I wish your hubby well with the job interview!
from why-i-love :
Happy 8 months Riley! Wow you sure are growing fast! The more you grow the cuter you get! And all those smiles your mommy shows us, what a happy little guy! For some reason sign my guestbook was against me so I am boycotting it for the moment, so you get a note instead :)
from teenymommy :
Hi:) I moved a couple weeks ago and now I don't have a computer so I can't update very often. I've been ok, just a little sad because I was suppose to graduate this year and I couldn't because I was 3 credits short. How are you and the baby doing? Mine still doesn't have any teeth
from star-rizzo :
Yayee! Congrats on getting a job. ^_^ Riley sounds like he's doing great. :D
from klcranford17 :
Ha..That's SILLY, not WILLY..LOL
from klcranford17 :
Oh really...? That;s willy! They are obviously not to bothered by the anonymous message then, huh?
from klcranford17 :
Can you not track the IP address to find out who it is doing this?
from mommies :
Hey Tara - the mommies message board is up now:
from babyisblue :
Omg your baby is absolutely beautiful!
from lukeysmama :
Good luck tomorrow! Hope Anthony gets a job soon!
from supermommy :
Hun, I'm so sorry that it's come to locking your diary. Ignore her. She's not getting anymore messages from me.
from shawntasy :
Had quite enough of the madness? Let Tawny know that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we just aren't going to reinforce her negative behavior by giving her crazy crazyhead messages she leaves in our gbs, notes or comments any validation! Join the "Tawny is a Crazy Crackhead" Diaryring bought to you by Crackheads Anonymous
from overlyemo :
Aww, it made me so sad to see the password thing pop up. :( <----- see? That's me sad. Could you give me your user name and password? my email address is [email protected]. If you send it through emil, can you put in the subject line what is is? Thanks, sweetie!
from klcranford17 :
Hay Tara...can I have the user/PW? [email protected]
from cassiopeia- :
If it is okay with you, I would love a password. Take care sweetie.
from guitar-girl2 :
I would like the password please if that is alright.
from why-i-love :
I'd like the password to your diary if that's alright with you [email protected]
from marlen816 :
Hey! Why did you lock your diary??? Please e-mail me the password and user name! I have to get my Riley/Tara fix!! [email protected]
from silence-e :
Hey Tara, ive been a long time reader and would love teh pasword and user names lisa and the email is [email protected]
from yvette18 :
hey there, I would love the password. Email is [email protected] ~Michelle~
from mamarobbi :
I want the new password and name and such! Please!!!!!! [email protected]
from manda-d :
I just started reading you not long ago, but I really enjoy it. Can I please have your password? Thanks! Amanda
from tink2k2 :
i want a password!!! hehe [email protected] :o) pretty pretty please??
from supermommy :
Hey girl, Just letting you know it's not locked forever. I'm working on a layout and want to surprise people. *Hugs* Next time you see I've updated, come take a peek.
from boogiebeep :
hey! im glad that you still read my diary, well you must if you noticed my new layout, im glad you like it!! I love it, and I love my blinke *hugz her blinkie* lol thanks girly girly, im pleased to know that people still read me. love amber
from teenymommy :
I read one of your surveys the other day and saw that one of your favorite girl names was my baby's name so I had to tell you her name. It was even spelled the same. Riley's a cute name too. Thanks for deleating that right away.
from teenymommy :
Hi. Did the username and password work? Write me a note if it didn't. :) Oh, the reason I had to lock up the diary is because I have poems that I wrote in it and I don't want anybody to take them and say they're theirs because they're about my life. :)Bye.
from teenymommy :
I had to lock my diary. Sorry, I'll e-mail the name and password to you and I'll tell you why I had to lock it but I won't be able to until tomorrow. :)
from teenymommy :
Hi. I saw your profile and you were married 3 days before my baby was born! She was born on the 20th. Our babies aren't that far apart in age. Sure, I'd like to chat. It's nice to have another teen mom to talk to! :)
from tawnyraccoon :
Judging by the the hell did you get laid? Ah I see, just like every other teen mother, you dont have a favorite author. Good for you, way to show that you actually have a brain. Too busy jacking off to read huh? Thats how you got like this in the first place.
from desenchantee :
Hi there, I can't remember how I got to your diary, but I just wanted to say that the pictures of your son are just so adorable! And I am also 16 and from Pennsylvania, living in Westmoreland County. Just thought that was neat, I've never seen anyone from PA on Diaryland besides me! Best of luck. -Desenchantee
from cassiopeia- :
If you don't stand up for yourself now, you will regret it later. You are teaching Anthony how he can treat you. He won't change later, or on his own.
from silveringrid :
stumbled upon your diary. beautiful diary, beautiful family. all of my congratulations to you!
from stratsbabe :
I'm 16. I'll be 17 this June. Sheesh, everything is in June.
from stratsbabe :
Hey, thanks for the welcomes. I had no idea that you ran both rings(I don't pay attention I guess)until after I joined, lol. I joined the teen mommies ring, even though I'm not yet(technically)a mommy, although I will be in June(I'm 24 weeks pregnant). Best wishes to you, Tara
from heaven02 :
wow, hon you know alot of pregnant girls... I was reading your profile. I like your diary, and I know where you are coming from as a 16 year old mom.
from boogiebeep :
BUT you've just had a baby!! I dont have an excuse!! Im just plain old fat! by the way, I love the new photos, riley is a spunky munky! :P i tried to sign your g'book but it wouldnt work, it kept saying, sorry you cant sign that fast? whats up with that?
from luckiixme :
holy crap, you're kid is so effin' cute! heh. i like your layout, the blue is splendid. thnx for the not thanking me for joining. heh, that was awkward.
from lukeysmama :
Hope Riley feels better today. I am sick now (thanks Clay!)... stupid sniffles. Blah.
from machogirl7 :
Don't worry about it! I really like it like that. I don't think anyone will notice. I love my blinkies! :)
from lushis-lisa :
hey i know so many people want the pass,and so do i but also, why the sudden need for a pass?
from youngblood20 :
Feb 26,03~ Please email me ([email protected]) your user and pass. and Im not locked anymore.. =)
from mamarobbi :
Hey I want the password and user name PLEASE!!! [email protected]
from marlen816 :
I want the password, please!!!! [email protected]
from dorkus17 :
Hey, I'd love the password to get in! Sucks that one person ruins the party for everyone, huh?
from boogiebeep :
heya did you check your notes? hehehe well anyways when your on next please email me, cos I really need your help with my archives pages!! I cant seem to fix it!!! ta baby
from dropsofyouth :
is it legal for a 16 yr old to get married in PA? so i won't have to run away to utah?
from bytwilight :
I'm sorry about the money situation, and I'm really ticked that Anthony is being so irresponsible and selfish! He needs to put you guys first. That's part of being a husband and father - sacrifice. If you ever want to talk, my aim name is meancandace, and my yahoo name is evilcandace :)
from boogiebeep :
thanks tara, im not sure about the trying part, its all good in theory, its something i really want, and I could deal with it, but then theres people around me ya know? all my friends would look down their noses at me, and i am so sure my mum would be so disappointed in me. thank-you for being supportive of me, its never expected from people, let alone young mommies themself, i find that most tell me that its selfish ya know? you are doing a great great job, keep it up much love beep (or really amberlee!)
from joy-rider :
hey tara. i just found your username in allyson's notes. i'm not a teen mom or anything, but i guess i'm very supportive of them. congratulations with your baby and a happy belated birthday to riley matthew!
from machogirl7 :
Hi Tara, I have spent basically all day at work reading your diary. I am so impressed at your attitude and just how down-to-earth you seem. I really admire you for that, because I don't know how I would have handled being pregnant, but you have surely made me smile through your diary. Riley is such a cutie! I love the pic of him, and hope to see more on your diary. Thanks for adding me to your list also. You're such a sweetheart! Thanks for letting me read! ~Jen
from ambimuffin :
hello, how are you? I dont know how, but i found your diary, its very interesting, and even tho you are so young, i think you are very mature! :-) I would love to see your homepage you can see my diary if you like, its not that great I am a 16 year old girl with a fiance. We don't have a baby and we both live at home with our parents. Email me if you want to [email protected]
from mamaness :
I know how frustrating it can be when you can't get breastfeeding started. We took our son to the chiropractor for an adjustment (one who was experienced w/ newborns, i had been seeing him in my pregnancy so we knew him) & he finally latched on properly. I've heard stories like that before, maybe you should ask your midwives if they can reccomend a chiro? We took Jer when he wasn't even 24 hours old yet.

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