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from pantrypuff :
Hey! 18 pounds is awesome! Cognrats!!! God, I'm starving right now...
from glumphett :
Saw your note on pantrypuffs diary. You should think about joining Curves. Most of the women I've seen since I joined were more "curvy" but they are all ages and all shapes. I like the atmosphere. I was also afraid of the WW crowd.
from coronagrl69 :
I am an avid fan of your writing, whether about your sex life or just life in general. You are very talented so please keep up the entries, i miss reading them!! I'm happy that you and MRMAN have finally found happiness. I look forward to more stories!
from liviasgarden :
I only know a bit about you from your achives, but I'm glad you resurfaced and hope you stay. I'm really glad you have found your happiness. Congratulations on your engagement too.
from leofire :
thank you for reading and being a fellow liquorice lover. ;)
from gumphood :
Hi. Thanks for stopping by...i mean that.
from badbadbaby :
damn..i have notes! i've really gotta start paying attention. *sigh* sorry ya'll. hugs n love n kisses n stuff. ;)
from ghostofgor :
We share the same problem. Completely naive as to why some people would find us interesting, let alone desirable. And still be miserable about it. Some days its harder than others to find a reason to wake up, but we manage. Right? Are you snoring? o_O
from frknhippie :
hi, i just found your diary the other day and wanted to let you know that i've had a hard time tearing myself away from it...keep writing! :-)
from real-stories :
clever ad- the take my advice thing.
from wifemotherme :
Have a very Marry Christmas and a Blessed new year!
from tearsofadoll :
hey there! i'd always thought dat ppl who r into bdsm r sum kinda maniacs or something. i've found out i wuz wrong! i like reading your entries... check out my if u happen 2 pass by. :)) buh bye! xxx
from wifemotherme :
if you have a stat counter and odd amounts of archive investigation show up, I just wanted to let you know it was me doing the back reading. Just found your diary. What a pleasure!
from pornoviolent :
i love you
from pornoviolent :
feel it when your body starts to rock baby you can't stop this must be pop dirty pop you can't stop why you wanna classify the type of thing we do
from lilchar :
hmm... i liked your diary. 100 things was an intriguing read. thanks for that...
from justsir :
What a shame when sweetness gets in the way of pure unbridaled domination. A slave like you is a rare thing, little girl. To see it wasted makes my soul burn...
from justsir :
I think you need many things, little do most of us. Discipline, attention, warmth, security and affection are some....punishment is another.
from devilishpris :
Mama mia sis, youre making me wet n wet n wet lol. Thought that you and Mr was just a normal couple hu huh. But hell keep that going and tell everything.
from bkitty :
Ahhh. Pain and pleasure, are they not the same? Love your site. Very erotic.
from kristintracy :
Let's talk about how much the back burner sucks ass. I hate being on it, because I am a self-centered girl, and I want to be considered first. On to my picture. You are spot-on. My theory, which has stood the test of time and countless pictures so far, is that in photos I look like I am either going to eat you, or fuck you, or BOTH.
from kristintracy :
spankins WOO! i commented back to you in my comments area, but i will put it here also because i am your first note and that's always fun: i think that the person who would have the stwatberry (brilliant, by the way) is jamie pressley, kid rock's girlfriend who is also a playboy bunny and also looks like a superskeeze.

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