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from lemonteaser :
Update chica!
from lemonteaser :
Smart chica! I like your NEVER to-do list. Happy New Year! ;o) Laterz! LT
from lemonteaser :
I got a job in the Seattle/Tacoma (Sea/Tac) area in Washington. I am stoked! Well, later alligator. I hope everything's okay... D-land is just not the same without your updates! LT
from lemonteaser :
Where are you? I hope everything is okay. Well, thanks for inviting me to get free movie tickets but I am seriously stressing right now since I am interviewing for new jobs, possibly one in Las Vegas. Wish me luck! Take care! LT
from fadedreams13 :
*smile* i like your diary and your very creative and brave:) for once i enjoyed reading a diary, usually they arent to great *coughmine* but thats ok:) *rachel*
from xpunkettex :
Hey, I really like yer diary. It's enjoyable reading! Yer pretty too *shakes fist* lol check mine out if you wish. Later daze.
from lemonteaser :
Hey girly! It sounds like you had a blast in Jersey or as the locals like to say, "Joy-see." Anyway, I just wanted to say, "hello!" Chat with ya later. I was at work 'til 9:45pm today. I'll let ya know when that happens again so we can be "Chatty Cathys" ha! ha!
from sad82girl02 :
ya damned skippidy we don't hardly talk anymore b/c you don't never be online and when you are your im thingy be acting real shady...get it together girl!!!lol. but i miss talking to you too. we definitely have to work something out!
from gumphood :
you inspired nothing of that last entry.
from gumphood : did you convince him? I imagine that to be tough
from gumphood :
I feel weird about it. I will check them out. I won't comment though because its not my place.
from gumphood :
I wanted to know ... If you want me reading those. Thats a great deal of trust that you are placing in me. I hope that... you don't mind. I AM SAD ABOUT TIKI REVIEWS!!!
from tiki-reviews :
Hi, Just so you know, I'm closing Tiki-Reviews. Thanks for your time and effort. -Susan
from mommymartin :
hey sweetie thatnks for the password and stuff i deleted your note so that no one else can read your private entrys! thanks for giving it to me!!!
from painreviews :
Your fucking review at Pain Reviews has been moved to
from gumphood :
They have Dick Clark like abilty to maintain youth. Connery had this phase where he was young, and then he got really old, and has been that way since. Hehehe.
from gumphood :
Dude. I got beat up at a bar. It was over before I could do anything. I think if I got mugged, I would just get mugged.
from gumphood :
sorry I have been maxed. heheh. I am better now though
from bop-reviews :
Hey Curlysue.. this is Caitlin. I finally did your review for you (, because you've been waiting forever and all. Some updates on Bop-Reviews: I don't think you know this, but I went through the guestbook, and wrote down every diary that has asked to be reviewed. So, I've been doing those lately instead of the ones that are assigned right now. Don't forget that you still have reviews to do. Thanks!
from gumphood :
sorry to clarify. I think you asked for links for you. I stated that I put one up everyday. Thats all. I am very confusing at times though. Sorry.
from gumphood :
Also I try to put a new link up every day and there are ones that I include in the entries. I was just curios what part of my diary you read. That is all. ~Gump
from gumphood :
thanks a bog for the review. I liked it alot. ;)
from gumphood :
Hi there. Thanks for the guestmap signing. I hope enjoy the diary. I just posted a new entry...I didn't make it about you though; maybe I should have. Cool. goodnight. Talk to you later....oh god...
from sad82girl02 :
i always drop you a line but you never really reply . but it's all good. folks be busy so can't fault you for it! thanx for the birthday congrats girlie! i don't know if i'm still doing the disney thing though! girl, i just want to graduate and bring my black ass on home to md for good. i'm tired of philly. but anyway, holla at your girl when you get the chance
from tiki-reviews :
I gave you a different diary. Sorry about that.
from tiki-reviews :
Do you still want to review? I haven't seen anything from you yet.
from prowlingleo :
I know this is officialy random guestbook signing week, but I'm making it a 'thank you for reading me' day. So here is me, thanking you, for continuing to read me.
from tiki-reviews :
I've added a couple diaries for you to review. You can find them here, Once the reviews are done, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll post them for you. Thank you.
from tiki-reviews :
If you want to do a few reviews, let me know, I'll give you some to review and you can just e-mail your reviews and I'll post them. We can do one at a time so you don't get too boggled down. Thank you. Susan
from lemonteaser :
Feel better. I hope things are going okay for you, at least you are feeling better if your entry is any indication. Gosh, that is tough about your job. Well, I hope you find an apartment. Look at my entries, I've had a rough week but it all turns out for the best. Just remind yourself 'ONE DAY AT A TIME'. I know I can get overwhelmed if I think about things all at once. Cheer up! :o)
from neptunestar :
I love the "original, not copy and pasted picture" of you and Vin Diesel. Great stuff.
from diaryreviews :
Your re-review has been relocated to under the original, at Join the review-80 ring. ~Vicky
from iheartboobs :
that picture of you looking all spooked witht he flowers around you is great. it's sort of disturbing, but overall i think it achieves comedy gold, or at the least comedy silver. oh, and if the guy is giving you backrubs and you're not happy just fart on him. you'll both probably end up laughing about it.
from dailyme :
"I'm not paid enough to smile." As to professionalism, whether the relationship is professional or not depends in part on how you feel about it. It's fine, I think, to be friendly on the job with co-workers. On the other hand, it's not a requirement, so it's up to you whether that's what you want. Things like your superior rubbing your shoulders and asking personal questions becomes sexual harassment when it's unwanted. So the question is what do you want?
from keeds :
hi. write back.
from dailyme :
If your pal in your "Anal" entry just likes casual sex, then good for her. However, since she gravitates toward older, attached men, and since she has this anal-only rule with the justification that it preserves her virginity, I'm guessing that she has some serious self-esteem and/or control issues. Her enjoyment, or attempt at enjoyment, comes not from the sex, but from the heady feeling of taking someone else's man, and telling that man what he can or can't do. What she needs for this is not anal sex, but therapy.
from thesanepoet :
I agree, as a male I wouldn't think much of a girl who let me fuck her in the ass(and I don't think I would want to). Like you said if it was someone you have know for a while it is a different story, but sounds like your friend is an ass-slut and needs to know that she isn't a virgin, and can get any STD through the back door that she can the front.
from poppyfish :
Chicks like that give virgins a bad name. But I guess, in all fairness, they already have one. Oh well.
from falenangel :
you have a great diary. i added u to my budy list if thats ok. :) keep it up! its great... by the way I LOVE VIN TOO!!! hehe but u can have him... :)
from fairie-wings :
i love your diary and want to add you to my buddy that okay .. i really love your's so awesome....and inspirational.. well write me back...
from sad82girl02 :
i love the new design girl! HOLLA!
from satisfy_me :
Your journal design is cute. You look so stressed in your photo. I hope you get that raise.
from sweetnlow-xo :
i used to run around the house as She-Ra with a towel for a cape. ahh... good times. :)
from lilmissalien :
Hey love the diary. Got here from the banner. He-Man and She-Ra rock! Big time! And of course, so do Thunder Cats and Dungeons & Dragons. In fact, all of the ones you mentioned! I shall be back!
from ravenlochlea :
you might want to try the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton, they're really good!
from seventigers :
Oooh! Dungeons and Dragons was my favorite childhood cartoon followed closely by He-Man (and She-Ra, damn it!), Pole Position, Snorks, Thundarr The Barbarian, and a few others. Anyway, thanks for the stroll down memory lane. BTW: Got here via the banner.
from bannerreview :
You've been reviewed!
from flyinby :
hear hear! i know what you mean. write for you, and who cares what others' think of it since it's not for them but for you. i, too, hate haters. they spoil everything. take care!
from sad82girl02 :
i 'on know girl. it's just simple shit she be doing. like i be trying to hold normal conversations with her ass and it's like she be carrying me but not really. i just get the feeling that she don't be interested. like when she be telling me bout her day and shit i give her my utmost u know? b/c that's the type of person i am but when i'm tellin her shit it's like "ladidah-ladidah" i don't know what up with the girl. i mean she wierd anyway. like i said she always sitting on the couch stroking this dead ass stuffed raccoon. i mean this poor thing aint got no type of stuffing, no eyes, and barely hanging by a thread but this girl loves that thing to death....please xplain that one to me??????? whatever!
from sad82girl02 :
i've fixed my notes thingy and my guestbook too. so go and enjoy...your diary isn't crappy! you're funny and you brighten my day:)
from sad82girl02 :
girl, i feel you and thanx for the love and support. i didn't get it the wrong way. i know your intentions were genuine and believe it or not, i appreciate it soooooooooo much. it makes me happy that other people out there actually give a damn about pathetic ole me! i swear i didn't know you actually went through ana. i would never figure you as that type of person b/c you warn me against it. but it's not my first time doing ana and though i hope it's the last, i'm sure it won't be. like all diseases, they tend to recur over and over again. i think sending me the pictures would provide inspiration for me and not in a good way. but actually, i've been doing some hard thinking (after watching oprah yesterday) and i'm gonna do more exercising : b/c that's the only way i'll ever see results. just not eating is not cutting it. anyway, thanx for the support and believe me, it's not going unnoticed. i love you too :) ps: i still can't see shit on your diary and it's driving me insane!
from sad82girl02 :
um all i'm doing is clicking on your name when you leave a note or when you sign my guest book. i swear all i see is your pic, your navigation on the right and these columns with flowers in them... maybe its the computer i'm using but i dont' think so. i mean on my buddy list it says you updated but when i go to your diary alls i see is a blue screen with the things i listed above. no words whatsoever .
from sad82girl02 :
girl, everything is not working. i still can't see nothing. i like your new layout though......*sigh* just wish i could read about your day that's all!
from sad82girl02 :
damn, i thought i turned it on? i never turned it off! oh well, i'll fix it.... nice shout out in the diary! i likes!!! u make me laugh and that's rare. thank you and since i dont' have a computer, i can't be on as much... i have to figure something out with the compute i have at home... i'm rally upset he took out the back of it...oh well. we'll chat later, once i find out how! ciao!
from bagsofbeans :
sadgirl I don't know if you'll leave another note, but you don't have your feature turned on i don't have a way to get in touch with you so I will write to you in my diary. Tee hee
from sad82girl02 :
hi girl! ur crazy but in a funny way! kudos on up and moving away from a situation that makes u sad. i look up to you. i enjoyed reading your entire diary....yes girl, the entire thing! i'll be back! lol bye!
from bagsofbeans :
This is myself leaving a message for me to remember to pack my uptight curling spray. I also want to thank anyone who reads my life and doesn't tell me I am crazy. Thanks Heather.

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