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from alienor :
Wow, thanks for posting those definitions. Are there any other links or books you recommend?
from elsworthy :
The clothing bits are lovely. Thank you very much - I *adore* the rabbit-fur collared cardigan!
from candoor :
Happy V-Day :)
from ayo :
Congrats on all your hard work paying off! What wonderful adventures. It is very inspiring to read. You look fantastic!
from celynen :
congrats! you look great :)
from elsworthy :
Hey - email me. I want to know what happened, at GW, and also to talk about other stuff. :)
from elsworthy :
Um... this is going to sound really nit-picky, but when you quote other sites or people (as in the lists and inspirational sayings you post), could you pleasepleaseplease say where you got it from or who the author is? It makes me really uncomfortable to see stuff I've seen other places quoted without attribution. Thanks!
from alienor :
Check out the exhibition catalog for "Creating French Culture", it's HUGE and a great resource. The Amazon link is too long to post here, but search for the editor, "Marie-Helene Tesniere" and you'll get it right off. They have a bunch of used and like new copies for good prices.
from inlondon :
Hey there, I don't have your email but I wanted to talk to you about possibly serving at a feast we're doing in April? *grin*
from candora :
found you looking for diaries listing Harry Chapin... you sound like a survivor, keep inspiring us :)
from moirarowan :
BWAHAHAHAH! The squirrel story was hysterical! It made my day!!! Thanks!
from alienor :
Just wanted to drop a short note to thank you for sharing your wisdom. I've really enjoyed reading your diary.
from elsworthy :
'sokay. Just getting flashbacks to the haze of exhaustion. Actually, I think we were never so glad as when they decided they weren't going to make Lochmere run that damned event anymore - the Four Quarters one was held during a year where we didn't host a single event within our own borders - every one was at least an hour outside Lochmere. We were fried - fried, I tell you! Especially Robert - who ran three of them, I think - all because people requested him as autocrat, or because he stepped in at the last minute to cover someone else's ass. *No-one* was surprised when he got a Pelican. :)
from elsworthy :
Hey! Some of us worked very, very hard to make those Pointless Wars good, sometimes against ridiculous demands from the Kingdoms involved, and difficult odds. The one in the East Kingdom at Four Quarters Farm made over $1000 for *each* Kingdom, and was done with the work of about 15 people because every other group that was supposed to help bailed on us. That post hurt.
from inlondon :
I just wanted to say that I had a really nice time talking to you yesterday. I guess there's been issues between us in the past, but it was nice to just relax and tell funny stories. Thank you. (Keilyn)
from alienor :
Hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE gossip. Thank you for your words and your grace. This must be a hard time for you, but you are inspiring me to do better with my troubles. Thank you.
from alienor :
Another waxing newbie (first time was in July). Gotta say I'm hooked, too. No more broken skin from shaving. The morning dilemma: what's worse, the pain from irrating freshly shaven skin with deoderant or the smell if I don't? I usually went for irrating my skin rather than my neighbor, but so good to be done with that dilemma! No more! Yay!

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