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from toris-trick :
Sorry to hear about your accident! You weren't hurt seriously were you? And the job thing... majorly sucks. I hope things get better for you. Take care and glad to see you that you are back. :)
from glass-arcade :
I seriously hope you still check your notes! I want to know whats going on with you? how's the little peep? Send pics!! I moved my digs from Dland to so you can see Rymer in all his glory cluttering up my server. Hope you are doing well and are happy.
from toris-trick :
Did you move Belladonna? I miss reading you :)
from ray0flight :
Did you move somewhere else?
from ray0flight :
If you are in your comfort level screw what people think. I know that's very hard - if you rememeber any of my entries from last year people used to say shit like that to me all the time. People are assholes. You just need to be happy with you :)
from ray0flight :
How did I miss this entry!? I know you wrote it a week ago but I just wanted to see how things were. I hope that they have improved - let's talk soon k?
from starlight42 :
I love your diary design!! Oh- and that sucks about the mice & your hurting your, ahem, ass. I fell on mine last year and had the worst bruise, thank god I didn't break anything, that would have really sucked!
from nxd-lamb :
belladonna is a porn star, you know that though right? btw, I LOVE no doubt and ur so lucky, I wish I was named gwen =( . anywho, smoke it up!! sublime rocks
from glass-arcade :
Hey Gwen, I was just wondering how you were doing :)
from belladonna- :
Sorry guys, I tried to add all my faves and buddies to the password list. Just drop me a line at [email protected] and I will send you the pass. Gwen
from foxgirl0925 :
Aw, whenever I find new diaries to read they always lock them! Can I get your password and username so I can read? I just started reading a couple days ago.
from glass-arcade :
Locked? Is that a permanent thing? Because you've got gold right? So if there's just an entry you want to keep private you can put in your private folder, it's a gold member feature. I hope every thing is okay, email me :)
from bytwilight :
Locked? Locked? ::sniff::
from ray0flight :
I tryed to read your update but it appears you are locked... can I please have the pswrd/user if you are sharing.. thanks :) [email protected]
from foxgirl0925 :
Nice site - I added you to my favorites!
from sweetreviews :
Your review is done! Sorry that it took me so long, I was really busy there for a while. Great job on your review! :)
from potireviews :
Dear Reviewee, It has been a while since Pretty on the Inside has inquired as to whether your request for a review still stands. Please understand that we do not mean to rush you, but because of the backlog of requests, if we do not hear from you by December 31st we will have to remove your name from the request list. Please understand if this occurs you will lose your place on the list and will need to reapply if you�d still like a review. If your request for a review still stands please either leave us a note or email us at [email protected] Please forgive us for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you- Pretty on the Inside.
from potireviews :
u requested a review from Pretty on the Inside a very long time ago and I was just wondering if you'd still like that review. If not I understand, please forgive us for the atrocious delay. If you would still like a review please leave us a note. Thank you.
from lunaadored :
Well, I just started a few days ago, so, Im gettng there. Yeah, and Im not too keen on the whole html thing. I can do the copy and paste bit, but thats about as for as my "html skills" can get me. So, the template was just an easy opt out. Any help would be warmly apprecitated. Thanx..
from halo-reviews :
get reviewed
from iamabeachbum :
hey! I'm really sorry to hear about your baby. I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you. And actually, I'm doing realy4Life. This will be like, my third year. But my second year singing the National Anthem. But yeah...I'm prayin for you. Lauren
from rebelchic13 :
your diary is beautiful. found it off of a banner. lovely picture in the front.
from zerom3ph :
it all sounds familiar really.
from solstice36 :
thanks for stopping by, i've been reading you for a while, you write beautifully. now for some blatant advertising...i'm sorry to hear about your mother in law's breast cancer, i've been dealing with my fiance's luekemia for the past year, tough stuff. i really hope everything turns out okay. you should check out my cancersucks diaryring :-) well, save the frogs.
from janafaerie :
Hello Bella~, I just stumbled upon your diary and I thought it was beautiful. You sound like a fascinating person, and I'll be stopping back more often in the future. Is that you in the picture on your page? Keep writing--you have a lot of interesting thoughts.
from erato :
thank you, bella. it is always a pleasure to know others enjoy my endeavors and the trails of which i braid into an entry.
from suzigrrrl :
I just happened to find you r diary but I totally understood where you were coming from... I will see your toughts much in the future
from suzigrrrl :
I just happened to find you r diary but I totally understood where you were coming from... I will see your toughts much in the future
from cuillin :
no clue how I found you. but i like the layout. and i think that a certain good pain can be found in both of our diaries, real... or real-imagined. nice work
from shutupmom :
i get that a lot.
from shutupmom :
today i told my boss that he makes me feel bad. i am a hard worker and it goes unrecognized. he offered to buy me a beer. SCORE!
from fallencupid :
Hi there! I just got done looking through your diary and I enjoyed it. I am sure I will come back frequently to see how things are going. In fact, I even put you as one of my favorite diaries. :-) Hope you get a chance to stop by my diary and check things out. Leave a note if you would like. Hope to see you around! :-) ~Fallen
from firefly2201 :
I stumbled in here at random and was drawn in at once. Your writing is simple but honest and I will be back. Keep writing. :)
from belladonna- :
How lame is this, leaving myself a note? Naw, I'm just here to tell all you crazy fun readers to LEAVE ME A MESSAGE...

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