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from loveherwell :
awesome! can i get your u/p? :)
from gyka :
Just saw your name pop up in the online list .. I'm just getting back into using my Diaryland and trying to find new journal to read .. could I get your u&p? Thanks!!! :)
from cyber-punk :
dude, ME FUCKING TOO. i can't stop listening to it. i really liked the lyric 'i chose to be happy' 'cause it was almost like, fuck all y'all bitches i'ma do what i want, which is what she's all about but maybe in more eloquent terms. sometimes. >>shine bright like a diamond.<<
from jaysthoughts :
Being yourself- more preferable than being other people. ??
from pharmacists :
HI JEN HI JEN It's Krista! I want to get back into Diaryland, please to be helping me with transitions. Pass? Plz? Loves!
from xxholding-on :
hey i saw you were online and i really wanted the vote/review from diaryland members towards an art contest i joined. It's a coach marketing contest and i need as many votes as i can get! I'm already in 13th out of 2700, please help me out!
from cyber-punk :
how do i unlocked diary?
from enurta :
hi. thanks for adding me. xxx-enurta.
from ladylau :
dudeee no you are not dumb shut up but yeah, i'll send back your book soon
from ladylau :
i was just talking about how i like doing stuff with hanging out. not like items or whatever. sorry
from ladylau :
no dude that's not what i was talking about..don't worry i have one of your books and i am going to send it back. i just need money i don't think you have anything of mine..if it was important or something i'd have asked for it by now lol
from cyber-punk :
from cyber-punk :
ME TOO, LOL. but let's try anyways. i haven't written in forever. i actually can't remember how to write because i didn't use my hands all semester break. LOL. BUT YEAH, I'LL TRY TOO. even if it's about nothing, DEW IT. i actually forgot about this plan, but then my grandpa got me a journal, lols.
from cyber-punk :
you are so there. OKAY, LET'S DO IT. this semester, journal times?!
from broken214 :
Well wanted to see what you were like but I can't so I will settle for saying hi.
from cyber-punk :
from cyber-punk :
userpass? PLEASE?
from ladylau :
yay, thank you. :)
from cyber-punk :
man, she is so cool.
from ladylau :
LOL that part is awesome. I wonder how long it took him to memorise that speech.
from cyber-punk :
that's fucking insane. but i don't think your brother would've done that on his own. that's just really unfortunate, i feel so bad for him, like really. i sympathize with him, but what he did was terrible. that would've been my brother's school.
from cyber-punk :
from ladylau :
i want thoseee! My size is the third from the left in the middle roy.
from cyber-punk :
from cyber-punk :
you do NOT need a sweater for florida. HAHA.
from cyber-punk :
hahahahah. i actually did read over some of them last week. oh man, it was so embarassing. I WAS SO GAY. but oh well, right? our retard years were fun~
from beyourself- :
i found a shoulder to lean on.

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