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from trishtastic :
I don't have any specific reason for posting a comment today other than to let you know that I love reading your diary. Too often I read diaries and blogs without letting them know, so I wanted you to know :) Trish xx
from kaire :
Apparently your child will be born screaming and giving the doctor the middle finger :)
from bluelights :
Don't close your diary...I don't write much in mine anymore either but I'm up to almost 450 entries. You won't regret keeping it. :)
from drahmaqueen :
Where have you been, hon? Hope you are busy and having a blast at whatever you like doing. xxoo
from montage4life :
I found your diary a few days ago and really liked it. Makes me want to move to the city so much quicker than I can. I'm glad you had fun upstate. I'll be back to read more :)
from drahmaqueen :
Yeah! They do suck. I am doing very well though, thanks for the support! Enjoy the sun. You should be here in Texas. Crispy. :)
from drahmaqueen :
Hey there. I visited NY for the first time only last year. I loved the FOOD! Central Park was amazing, the leaves were all changing. Little Italy and Chinatown had the best food I have ever eaten in my life and the electricity of the City was like nothing I have ever experienced. It's like you are taking me back for FREE as I am living through your words. I needed the break tonight. Thanks!
from kbaa :
from trancejen :
Hey...*whispers* got any weed?? :D
from sullivan40 :
I don't know about being fascinating, but thanks for putting me on your favorites list.
from deb-e-ne-ne :
The song you like is by Shakira. Don't be too embarassed - she's one of the "pop" singers that actually was around for a long time before becoming "it." I have a few of her older CDs from back in the day when she only sang in Spanish. She's cool :)
from splorch :
All right, that's it; I'm writing Andrew and asking what is this plot to mindmeld all diaryland users. Oh, and, er...see message below. :)
from splorch :
Yay you, with the new job! Congrats on the first day!
from bluerainbug :
*lol* @ school leavers; I know just what you mean! aww, thanks for what you said too, appreciated. i can't wait to hear about the chicken and the old lady if it was as funny as the wig story. great stuff. *grin*
from bluerainbug :
"peeking out from behind mortification" *chuckle* - great line. Not so good for you, but it made me laugh because I can relate. Good luck with your job hunt. :)
from eilyn :
Hey bfee! Just wanna know how can I get such a beautiful diary layout like yours? I know this sounds sudden but I hope you can reply me! P/S: Will be waiting~ =)

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