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from indy1212 :
When are you guys supposed to find out if you're going to Carson? Are you doing the new Forced Stabilization Units? That's what Thomas signed up for. Good luck!
from a-libertine :
Krie darling, that's precisely why you're awesome--Matt Good never seemed to fly down in the old U S of A, despite being completely rad--neither does a lot of Canadian music... I find there's a stigma attached to it among alot of Americans I talk to, but we have really awesome bands--we have Metric, Broken Social Scene, Leonard fucking Cohen, Auf der Maur, Limblifter, (old) Our Lady Peace, Buck 65... err... er... well... there must be more here... err---errr... Robin Black and the Intergalatic Rockstars. Haha. And yes. LET'S MURDER SIMPLE PLAN. By the way, the baby is GORGEOUS. I keep thinking that everytime I come here.
from indy1212 :
Hi Krie! Thanks for your notes! Yes, it looks like we are heading to Fort Carson come January! I'm excited! I'll add you to my buddy list, I'll be back :)
from jhapster :
Have you tried the sticking them in the car-seat trick and just drive around for a while? When all else fails that often worked for me.
from cassiopeia- :
Thank you for joining the anti-kerry ring. That is a very cute baby you have there! kisses, cassie
from tuluum :
glad you're happy :) had been curious. feel free to let me know if you add a new diary (if you wanna) :)
from sunnibear :
I'm glad that you're happy. There comes a time in everyone's life that they have to close one chapter and start another. The same goes for diaries. I wish you the best of luck to you and your family in the future!
from macabrelove :
fyi: joined yr 'dandysruleok' ring; i intended on putting the code up once i make a 'rings' page [which i'll be getting around to asap]; in short, give me a few days. kthnx. <3
from typelove :
hello. i saw your link on the online love ring and i was wondering if you would like to join my diary. it's a place for people who are involved in online relationships to write their feelings and support each other.
from purr67 :
from sunnibear :
Yay for you! Hope that things go well for you in the future as well.
from tuluum :
I'm SO HAPPY for you :D *HUG*
from simpleplan1 :
I was just looking around then I found your diary. I see you are pregnant! lol. I hope you will enjoi the wonderful life of being a mother as my mom has. Wish you the best of luck!!! Tell me if its a boy or girl when its born!!! lol
from silkandsteel :
i am so happy for you!! :D i'm sure your hubby's okay, and god bless.. and don't worry about the delivery. my granny had nine children, and she used to say "giving birth's like laying eggs, it's easy." :b Heheh. Hope that was a source of comfort.
from way2qt2bstr8 :
Are you truely happy?
from purr67 :
I like that you include pictures. I started reading back issues of your diary. I guess I will have to add you to my favorites so I can read more. I may come up with a question for you soon!
from thevow :
Gorgeous pictures. Nice diary. Has been a pleasure visiting.
from fan4 :
I like the pics in your layout.
from fan4 :
Here's a question for you: Are you a dog person, or a cat person?
from madam-rose :
hello lovely diary. are the pictures at the top you? if so you look an awful like this girl i used to know...elizabeth was her name i believe...anyway its a good thing she was rather pretty. clicked your banner and found myself here. lovely diary. thanks for sharing
from tuluum :
make sure to rub your belly with lots of almond or vitamin e oil :D
from guysinmakeup :
Aww, you look adorable in that picture! And your baby looks lovely, how cute that she's sucking her thumb!
from guysinmakeup :
Hi, I've become incredibly paranoid and have locked my diary, probably only for a couple days. I don't know if you still read it, but if you would like to check in for any reason, the username is 'darling' and the password is 'disarm'. Thanks :) xox
from flirtygirly5 :
i hope that u feel better!! (acid reflux) what's it like in NY?? i REALLY wanna go there! after college, i'm thinkn that i wanna live there! and maybe GO to college there!? e-mail me - [email protected] thanx. bye!
from guysinmakeup :
Aww, congratulations on your daughter! You'll have to post a picture when you have her, already I'm excited for you. :)
from furiouspuppy :
You call yourself a German whom is strikingly beautiful . . . (minus the umlaut). That is cute and confident! It's nice to hear chicks say good things about themselves, opposed to the negative words that most often pop out. xoxoxo, furious
from sahara29 :
Thanks for the note! I know that there are ignorant or biased people in every walk of life-it's just kinda disappointing to see them even in paganism, too, simply because I'm under the impression that since they weren't dumb enough to follow the "We Love Jesus! And You Must Too!" crowd that they are all around intellegent. But hey, that's life. I loved Glory-that's so cool your uncle was in it. I'm envious!
from cdghost :
i enjoyed readin your words.all the best
from way2qt2bstr8 :
I understand. She is living with a friend not to far from me. You have my e mail, and if you send me a message than I can give you more info then.
from way2qt2bstr8 :
I thought you would like to know that lyn should go into labor anyday now! If there is anyone who you can talk to about this, don't you think it would be lyn. I know she would be happy to hear from you. if you want to contact her let me know, and I will do just that.
from retrovenus :
Oh, and I'm part of your smartblondes ring too, forgot to put that. ^_^;; Alrighty, ~� Retro Venus �~
from retrovenus :
Hi there, I'm part of your nonsmokers ring, and I have to lock my diary for the time being. Is it okay if I just give you the username (shadowfox) and password (tainted)? My cousin deliberately went looking through my stuff and read my diary, and I don't think I could handle the fact of her knowing my thoughts, secrets, and fears...the conniving bitch �_� *ahem* anyways, if this is unacceptable, please leave me a note or E-mail me. Thanks for your time, ~� Retro Venus �~
from newreviews :
Hey, we're a new reviewing site looking for people that might be interested in being reviewed by us, if you want you can check out our website, htp:// Thanks!
from sianni :
Nice diary :) Decided to come check it out after doing your survey and just kept reading and reading! That Dawn/Riva thing was a classic :) ehehe.
from rmsoboist :
Thanks for taking my high school survey! You sure were busy...I think it's really cool that you were cheer captain and drama club president! That's an unusual mix, but in a good way of course! XOXO
from meow-mixx :
Thanks for the birthday wishes. My sister and her family all live in Detroit... well, actually Clinton Township. My mom and dad were both born and raised in Detroit but I haven't lived there since 1998. TOO COLD! Anyway, where are you from in MI??
from meow-mixx :
Just wanted to say "hi" and thank you for filling out my survey. I normally don't respond when people answer it but you seem cool... to me anyway! Peace.
from preciousgift :
Hi! We're not new in town but our review site is. Please cum request a review if the mood strikes ya!
from damn-reviewz :
Hey! I was just wondering if you would like to be reviewed by damn-reviewz? It's a new review site. Check it out!
from starry1086 :
Congrats to Tony...I'm guessing that's your husband? Ell
from starry1086 :
Heya, I love olp, so I signed up for the ring! the code shows up on my most recent entry, but not the one before it. Is that right? will it work from here on in? Thanks! Rock on! Ell
from quitenasty :
Found you through the review whore ring. Stop by for a review, see if you're brave enough.
from lezbian :
I just wanted to let you know that I read your diary. Check mine out if you'd like :)
from caged-freed :
saw you were a member of the anti-anorexia diaryring and thought this new forum at caged-freed might interest you. check it out, if you can, and take care.
from heavenly0ne :
Thanks for the quote. I have posted everyone's quotes in my diary. The URL is Come on by and see what your fellow quoters had to give.
from lilchrissi :
Hi there. I found your diary on the ring so yah I read it have a very talented way of expressing likes =D Oh yah by the way..I didn't get to vote for you... says the page cannot be displayed.. wtf is that? lol Well, you can read someof mine but yeah it's not that umm yeah :) Have a snazzy weekend...and congrats hun! I hope you all the best =D -Scnoodles- Oh yeah one more thing .. may I add your diary to my list of favs?
from heavenly0ne :
hello. I just wanted to go to all of the quoters diaries. Visit my guestbook or notes page with one of your favorite quotes. I want to do a diary ring showcase in my diary. I want the whole ring to participate, so please submit your entry real soon!
from ruhee :
happy new year!
from clairenicole :
Hey, it's nicoleclaire. I'm just letting you know that I got this new diary due to paranoia & stalker problems. There's nothing in it yet but I'll get around to it soon enough :)
from almostlegal :
Hey, just to let you know, there are new questions up and available for answering at Almost Legal! Feel free to stop by!
from unlucky13 :
thank you for joining the alone forever diaryring. <3
from way2qt2bstr8 :
I'm proud of you! You have now become the women I knew you colud be. The One sroung enough to live her own life. A women stronger than me. I wish you and Cane All the happienss in the world together.
from starscry138 :
your diary sure is swell if i could, i shall recommend an author to you by the name of michelle tea...your diary somewhat reminds me of her eaily greatest work, valencia..check it out if you can, i think you'd rather enjoy it
from goddessdevi :
"The Stranger" was inspired by the Cure's song "Killing an Arab"... Just a thought :) -Devi-
from angryquail :
And the honesty ring as well! I feel like a dolt for not seeing that earlier! At least I'm being honest. ; )
from angryquail :
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for joining the snood diaryring...ugh, I'm so addicted... Have a great day!
from goldenboy :
hi... thanks for joining the anti-guns ring. i like your diary, catchy layout and interesting writing. i notice you are an fan of kevin smith as well... he rocks. i love all his movies.
from embem816 :
Thanks for the pointers but what do you mean by another page? As in another diary? I thought there was an easier way to do that. Well I don't know, I know nothing about HTML, etc. I also don't know how to link it... Yeah I know I'm an idiot 8)
from uc-reviews :
*sheepish look* Apparantly I'm stupid and forgot the msg you had left when you asked to be reviewed. 1000 apologies. very sorry. forgive me! =oP
from uc-reviews :
you've been reviewed! come see at thanks!! PLEASE LINK US SOMEWHERE ON YOUR DIARY. thanks again. =o)
from desirereview :
your review is done..good job!
from alanna-faye :
Hey, my name's Kendra if yer wonderin'... I'm here in France and no one's ever heard of it.
from tweckie :
thanks for joining the Dogma diaryring!
from mach5 :
Thanks for joining the breastsrule diaryring, and getting the code up so promptly. Peace!
from evil-monkey :
Thats not a prob...i was introduced to them a couple of years ago my mate Dan....i've got an album...the happiness one..i feel the armageddon soundtrack is only worth listening to...for them.. snoochie bootchies Lauren
from sugarsnapp :
hey there...well i'm under construction so that's why my ring codes aren't on every page yet...right now i've got them all in one entry called "finally a separate rings entry" (pretty creative of me) so that's where it is for now!
from march-hare :
thanks so much for joining the original breakfast club diaryring!
from orlisgrl :
thank you for having a nonsmokers diary ring!! i was looking for one...
from crazygoddess :
Thanks for starting an Our Lady Peace Ring. They totally deserve one.
from march-hare :
welcome to the pretty in pink diaryring and thanks ever so much for joining!
from march-hare :
welcome to the pretty in pink diaryring and thanks ever so much for joining!
from pink-bin :
YAY!!! I was just smilely happy when someone created an idlewild ring... mmm luff them :)
from rilkesrose :
Hey! i alreAdy added the link of your webring in my diary, just wanted to let ya know! bye
from scooby1982 :
No prob. bob. Ok, I know your name isn't "bob." It's a cliche. (Just to let you know) I don't need hate mail. :) But hey!! Your diaryring was cool. I had to join! Well, I am going to let you go. BYE! BYE! ~~Lisa
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the weeeeeeee diaryring. Drop me a note or email if you want the squirrel pic :) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
from wiccadru :
sex is addictive...??? nice *gg* have fun Wicca

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