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from darkmetal182 :
dont die loser
from thefallofart :
username: sunkship, password: lungs
from darkmetal182 :
hey its your pimp bitch. where are ya.. give me a shout on mah aim: brkenxbeautiful miss ya man *tears*
from painreviews :
Your fucking review at Pain Reviews has been moved to
from painreview :
Never mind, I saw your fucking link.
from taintedviews :
Hey girl, you asked for an opinion, you got it. You should know better to leave such notes on a REVIEW site where you ask for a REVIEW. So yea, you can ask for a re-review when you GROW UP.
from painreview :
You didn't follow the rules as I said you should. Where is the link to my site on your fucking diary? -Eric
from quitenasty :
Your review is up:
from taintedviews :
Your review is up at TaintedViews.
from nakedembrace :
yep. gay guys rock. but i get sad when i see a really gorgeous gay guy because i know i can never have him.
from paperlove :
i like your thoughts on having a gay husband. it be cool cause you'd both still beable to go out an date other guys. if you both agree to it. yes i like how you put it. take care.
from lezbian :
I'm just letting you know that I read your diary! Check mine out if you'd like :)
from nakedembrace :
<3. you rock the world times three.
from aphroditegrl :
avril is a poser....and i thought i was the only one to realize that...thank you for proving me wrong. i guess there are people out there who can see through her act.
from secunda :
i know how you feel about math. i have classes with a lovely boy who is incredibly good at math and i look at his completed homework assignments and want to cry.
from sad-doll :
very cool pretty layout
from fuckflowers :
hi, this is fuckflowers (obviously).. please, take me off your favorites list, i am no longer around to add shit to my diary.. i am deleting it. fun fun.
from preceptionss :
this is random
from secunda :
i'm a pisces, too. and i love three libras. <3
from aphroditegrl : have 31 people that list you as favorites, i dont doubt it, as i listed you as well....i mean, really, lets face it- youre cool and....stuff
from evil-edna :
~breathes sigh of relief~ Good to see you're not closing!
from evil-edna :
~sulks~ You closed your diary!!! Mail me if you have a new one or if you decide to update again - OK?
from sharpsecret :
loved ur diary.i love the way u cud b a book.takecare xx
from spacebabe :
Of course I don't mind random notes-leaving! That's what it's all about....isn't it? ;o)
from evil-edna :
Hiya - you're on my Black Diaryring, woo-hoo!
from fuckflowers :
sigh.. 'this seems like something marylin manson or eminem would sing about' well.. all i would like to say about that is shut the fuck up. seriously, just shut the fuck up.
from liadlaith :
Hello! You suggested I change the colour of my drop down, and I'd love to, but I don't know how! However, I can see you do *sly grin*
Care to show me how?
from darkmetal182 : note.....ooooo.... :looks around: hmm.. where is quatre my baby! oh dere he is !!!!! :runs and glomps him: hehe u kant have him.! muhahaha :coughcough: nopenope all mine..hehe jk. suppose to do a fucking project but im lazy to tape myself. me and my partner tried so much of all dese shit but we kept laughing and screwin up. i keep cussing rite in da middle of my script and she said bitch instead of beach... 0.0 lolz its crazy here. hehe well later alligator. :-P
from drowning-sky :
Yeah! Utada Hikaru ROCKS! And don't forget it! *walks off and then turns around and runs back* Visit my forsaken diary!
from dramatize :
hey mika! .. . : walks off : <3, carly
from the-hutch :
hey hey hey! hola mika! my name's Sarah Hutchinson, but all my people refer to me as Hutch. i love your don't even sound like your twelve, and uh, know a hell of alot more html than people twice your age. well, you can email me if you want to read my diary because it's locked. so feel privilaged! heh heh. adios!
from nakedreviews :
just in case you have read your review result, i want to apologize as i made a mistake in scoring your diary, i've added some score for you. it's my fault, i'm so sorry. *hugs*/tiara.
from nakedreviews :
it's up now. thanks for submitting yr diary!
from siog :
hey-me was a bit slow in getting here! pretty cool diary-like the anime stuff a lot! cheers & toddles Siog
from decieved :
Hehe, you're welcome. Feel da wuv. I dunno-_- Uhmm...hmm..I can't think of anything to say now. Hmm...ok, I shall attempt to IM you, but well I am extremely shy for no good reason, I warn you now. I'll stop wasting your time, heh. Bi
from radha :
I like you diary alot. It's pretty interesting, and even funny(trust me, finding things funny is hard for me...) You can only read mine if you get a password though... so email me if you'd like to read it and I''ll give you a password! Thanx- Aryn
from decieved :
I would say that I love your diary, again, but uhh that's too....egh I forgot. -_- I would continue complimenting you, if I had at all yet, but my niece just cut this necklace I've been working on for three days in half! >_< So uhh yeah no one cared to know that but eh, sorrie. I'll leave you alone now, I dunno what to say anymore. Bai Bai. ("(o.o);;

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