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from bap :
Did you move your diary? If so, can I have the address?
from cheri1112 :
can i get a password to your diary? you can email it to me at [email protected] i have a new diary now. i used to be tamika712.
from sazzydesign :
hey martha. I figured out what's wrong with your code! If you send me an email at [email protected], I can hit you up with either the corrected code or I'll tell you what to fix!
from koymistress :
aww thanks martha. i'm kinda embarrased to tell my friends about this, so i appreciate your input. i'm sure i'll be good in a day or two. ttyl:)
from gangstad0rk :
hey.. been reading your diary for a lil bit and just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work...
from signomifly :
Miss Martha...I found Butta on BP too. He is cute isn't he? Lol. Now we know what all the fuss is about this kid. Have a good weekend, and I'm glad you got some money!!!
from take-two :
hey girl, i just wanted to thank you for the fabulous compliments... i'm like gold? i just want to dance around my room doing the "happy dance" - it's something like the dance i do in the morning when i get up, but with a little more style, as i am a little more coherent. i also got a gang of hits after you referenced me, so the pressure is on to live up to your kind words. i have family in nm, too. but they live in cruces and artesia. i am going to a wedding in santa fe next new years - i may have to go stay at the farm if my family gets to crazy!!
from shawntasy :
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! It's locked! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Why oh why is it locked?? Breathe Shawn Breathe! I'm sure it's only temporary! It is, isn't Martha?
from macfarlane :
Happy New Year
from shawntasy :
FINNTO is definately a word! What's up sis? Hope you had a great visit with your peeps and a wonderful holiday. Did you get a chance to catch that dreamkeeper thing on ABC? Sighs..most them natives were awfully fair skinned, especially the Lakotas. The only one who had some color was Nathan. And he is still as fine as he wants to be. See and he said he wasnt gonna do anymore movies. And why did Charlotte BlackElks' boy have such a small part? That boy is practically royalty! Thats one who is actually telling the truth when he says he's related to Crazy Horse. He look just like his momma! Well chicka happy, happy! You going to Gathering this year? Let me know k-
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from krazieespy :
I like your banner on Dland Top 100. How did you make it? So it flashed like that. I like reading your diary. And if too many people know about your diary, then you have two options. Either start a new one where you don't hold back, or stop caring what people think. A diary is supposed to express your inner workings... not cater to the public. Screw anyone who says otherwise! A wise woman once told me that about my diary... Good Luck. Please if you lock it. Can I have a password. Thanks!
from macdiva :
i'm unlocked... again
from messylissa :
Martha- Here at Gonzaga we have had a Diversity requirement in our core for a number of years. We even have a Vice President of Diversity (the equivalent of a dean or one step higher). If you want any info, there's lots to be found here. Just let me know!
from babygrl7 :
heyy ma i just wanted to let you know that i really like your diary. i been reading it for a while and i really feel you on some of the things u have to say especially about native americans. I am mixed, half puerto rican, a quarter italian and a quarter native american. My grandma is Hopi Indian and her family grew up in New Mexico and I really feel u on everyone be wanting to claim they native american. Well I just wanted to let you know that I been reading your diary and I really like what you have to say, much love
from koymistress :
feel better.:)
from kryptonite13 :
I am sooooo slow, i just now realized u sign my gustbook, well thank you, Hope things are better, MIT can make a sista think she is losing it, but im sure you will be strong and overcome it, stay focus...aight Ms. Martha
from twelvetigers :
I like the new layout a lot, but it takes like 10 minutes for us unfortunate 56k modem people... well, me, at least. Damn crappy internet connection. Is there a way you can make the music so it won't load unless you click a play button? You don't have to do anything you don't wanna do, though, I'm just wondering is all. Thanks. Keep writing!
from kacklefight :
thats wooonderful music, fignut.. -mr kackle
from koymistress :
thanks for the encouragement! :)
from cutie1083 :
I was always left to babysit my siblings...since I was nine I had to watch my younger brother, and during my teenage years I had to watch all five of my younger siblings...I had no life whatsoever. But when I tried to move out, the first thing I heard was "She doesn't love us". Shit, was I pissed. I babysat my childhood away...and they never even gave me a fucking allowance or anything. Your entry took me back...I know exactly what you mean:)
from theemily :
Hi Martha! Love your diary, just thought I'd shout out a quick hello :) theemily
from ladybre215 :
I wanted to ask for some advice...I have this CLEO application I have to turn in for March 31st and I have to write up an essay. I have 3 topics to choose from. One: 21st century lawyers, Two: And justice for all and Three: Freedom is not free. They don't elaborate on the topic at sll and I really don't know how to begin or where to go with these topics. I was wondering if you can kinda help me out?? THANK YOU! My e-mail is [email protected] I would really appreciate it :)
from ladybre215 :
Hey Martha...I was wondering how do u archive ur old entries? I know u go to your left and click on archive your old entries but...what i dont get is the instructions after i go there?
from ladybre215 :
Hey! Its Sabrina...When u do leave DLand...dont forget to leave me a link to ur new spot girl!!! Take Care!
from buppie :
I hope all is well on your end. I know that sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do, I just hope this gets done fast, cuz I need my daily dose of "oh hellll naw" moments
from lollipop-me :
Hi, I've been away for awhile and noticed that you locked your diary. May I ask why? I really did enjoy reading it. Thanks!
from thirdferro :
Is SG Rho a historically black sorority? I remember seeing Sg Rhos in all colors when I was in school...for some reason unknown to me, they got made fun of.
from zamorak :
Nah, I don't need anything anymore. I've gotten it taken care of. Thanks anyways.
from spritopias :
I love your banners. Be nice to Beyonce, she doesn't have anything going for her.
from vanoonoo :
hi :)
from dont-stop :
Smash his ugly ass for invading your sanctuary. I have a similar problem, but it's with evil spiders. Interesting banner. Not much honesty around these days.
from zamorak :
I got a question. Do you know how to make that code thing to show up under links. Cause I've been getting/making links and I need to figure out how to put that code thing. If you or someone else knows please leave me a note. Thank you.
from ladybre215 :
Hey Girl! I must say I am a faithful reader now...I wrote to u in ur g-book.... -Uno
from godmoney :
"The Bluest Eye" is MY favorite book... When i was little i wanted blonde hair a la Sleeping Beauty for Xmas. Also loved "Bamboozled." Missy Elliot is the shit.
from antireviews :
hi i just made a new review site called antireview...funny name huh?...well i was wondering if u would mid being reviewed, or becoming a reviewer...if so just sign the guest book and let me know... thanks! ~ashley
from zamorak :
Yo thank you for stopping by my diary! Lol.Its always nice to see some one "new" look at it other than my old friends and stuff. Lol. I just read your latest entry about the "racist" That is so true though. Lol. I hate when people do that and I'm not even black. It still pisses me off. Well, must stop this now. Keepin the peace!
from thespark :
I tired to e-mail you from thespark through your d-land e-mail addy, but it didn't work. PLease e-mail thespark at [email protected] with your current address. Please include your username, in case I don't recognize your e-mail!
from bleue :
Wanted to say hello and hope you are well. I have been reading you off and on and I am also from mass. I heard about your issue before with some wank named au and i fear it may have been my ^&%$ed up aunt trying to sign something in my name. I lived with her for awhile and she did a lot of whacked stuff with both of my computers before i realized it. I say this cuz for years i was and it was au - and the ip address you wrote about sounds somewhat familiar. if thats the case - i apologize for her - if not it was some useless WRONG personage and im glad you have lots of respect - aside fromt he occasional insecure person projecting their crap onto others. ciao...
from chi-angel :
I just saw ur banner with beyonce and its hilarious! luv ya diary.
from koymistress :
hey, thanx for the note...yea, i know all mixed girls aren't like that and my friend usually isn't so oblivious to the physical differences b/w mixed girls and full black girls. i'm pretty sure she realizes the difference in hair, so her pressing me about the issue was probably due more to her personality than her racial make-up actually... but anywayz, thanx for wishing me and my hair well, lol. i'll figure it all out one day...
from catzi :
You have a very interesting diary. Supposedly there is some Native American in my family (Dad's side), but we don't have any records of anything, which totally sucks. East Coast beaches aren't so bad, though, it just depends on where you are. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I like your diary. >^..^<
from nessiegurlie :
Hey girl! I got your note and I have to tell you that Ann M. Martin wrote 131 BSC Books and then she wrote a BSC Friends Forever Series with about 13 books and then she wrote that Baby Sitters Little Sister Series with Kristy's stepsister Karen in it and then there's the super specials. She stopped writing the series a few years ago, but you can find the books at used book stores like Half Price Books, which is what I'm doing. Ann M. Martin also wrote a California Diaries series which features Dawn and her California friends. So there are plenty of books to catch up on. I haven't read them all either, but I hope to soon. I've been reading your diary and it seems that things are going great with camp, which is great. Thanks for stopping by and sending me a note. I hope to hear from you soon.
from darkfairy13 :
Do you like our NY? I love living here :-) too bad work sucks
from chicabella8 :
Hey gurl, thanks for the note. Your one of my favorite diaries i think you were one of the first people on my favs list. I love your Beyonce entry! Thanks for the intrest and concern. lata
from sillybeth :
So apparently from everything Ive seen so far, you have the best banner in the world! It sucks people in (Me included). So I read some of your diary, and I liked it. No really I did. So I am adding you to my favorites. NOW this doesnt mean you have to feel pressured into doing the same, but it would be nice if somebody added me to their favorites. *PRESSURE PRESSURE*
from twelvetigers :
Oh... duh! I read thigs too fast. Well MIT ain't anything ta spit at, y'know! Well, I'll keep up with your diary & stuffs. -_o;
from twelvetigers :
Hey! I clicked on the Beyonce-weave banner of yours out of pure morbid curiosity, and got a rather pleasant surprise. You write very well, and it's always a pleasure reading a diary that's not filled with internet chat lingo and typos, or just plain bad spelling. Besides, you seem like a cool chicka from what I can tell! I'm going to add you to my buddy list, if that's okay, but just so I remember to keep up with your diary. And I'll read back in it when I'm bored. Anywho, just dropping you a line. ^_^
from penmaster :
i LOVE your banner because it's funny and TRUE!!!! LMAO...i never realized that. anyway, rock on! 'bout time we got some color here on d-land.
from peteypuke :
girl you need to be careful with that animal crossing game. that shit is more addictive than crack! seriously i have not been able to put stop playing it since i bought it about 8 months ago. i have taken days off of work to participate in some of the real time events. of course i do have a pretty stylin animal crossing pad to show for it. unfortunately not too much of a social life sometimes, though. BE CAREFUL WITH THAT SHIT! don't get hooked!
from asha006 :
Hey martha Im back !!! Thanks for being so sweet and caring..U are one Crafty Bitch! Bye mAmAz XxX-kiNDreD+HEarTSXxX
from asha006 :
Hey martha Im back !!! Thanks for being so sweet and caring..U are one Crafty Bitch! Bye mAmAz XxX-kiNDreD+HEarTSXxX
from slynn :
I just read your "fake indians" entry and I think I know what you're talking about. It's amazing how many white people(and others) say they're part Native American. My own family has always said we are part Cherokee but when my grandmother did some geneology research, she couldnt find any proof of that. I think an entire generation of people decided to lie to their kids and say that they're part Indian so they feel less guilty about white people stealing land or something. That's just my opinion anyway.
from writerchic88 :
sure! no problemo, i think ur writing rocks!
from bellamante :
Mine's Alpha Chi Omega! BTW, I really really liked your entry from today 5/30/03. Very well put! LoL :)
from myhorizons :
OMG! Your Beyonce banner is hilarious!
from chadmuska :
i just saw your banner about beyonce and i laughed so hard i almost peed myself. you rock.
from crystallball :
I love your diary. Its honest and I agree with you 100% of the time. It's also great that you update on a regular basis And as for letting Tyrese pass....celebrities love attention. So next time just wave or say hi.:)
from darkfairy13 :
Awsome diary and template, and you are right black is beautiful (I can say even though I am not black) .
from sad82girl02 :
i absolutely love the cosby show! i mean they were a superficial family (not to mention black family) but i think they had some part in my upbringing and alot of others. they kinda threw away the notion of a dysfunctional family!
from vickiholiday :
LOL!...damn beads....
from bonkersquipy :
welcome to the orange county diaryring...and thanks for joining...
from babygyrl02 :
Thanx for wishing me a happy b-day. Well, anyways I love music also. Music can put my mind to ease when I'm under stress, feeling sad, lonely, and etc. There are certain songs that remind me of certain memories.
from koymistress :
opps...i am one of the guilty ones stalking your diary but never leaving messages! anyway, i added you to my buddy list so that should tell you something :) great diary.
from earthangel07 :
im feeling the cry me a river remix entry. I listen to that song just to hear 50 and life. Your diary is interesting. I went to a step show at my school i dont know how you survived a sorority without a headache. all that screaming gotta but secrect i wanted to be a delta but they were banned at my school holla
from loveme2night :
i was reading 'black paranoia' and i found that funny i be thinking things like that every day. even today, I really think they be thinking that shit but its ok because i be thinking shit bout them. they stereotype me i stereotype them. i havent read the diary but im gone check up on it sometime. luv ya.
from shawntasy :
Thank you for joining "Tawny is a Crazy Crackhead" diaryring.
from shawntasy :
dang sis. I'm going to remove the entries you wrote in my guestbook k.
from a-divas-life :
You locked me out....How can I stalk you if I'm locked out. lol, let me know what's up with the password or if you diary is going to remain locked. Happy Easter chica!
from shawntasy :
I feel all left out. :( All those years in college and not once did I think of joining a sorority. You think it's too late now?
from a-divas-life :
Hola chica! yeah I'm stalking you, lol. But if you get a chance read my entry from today, "Where's the sisterhood." I know you're a part of that life so maybe you can shed some insight. Holla
from blackmartha :
I love me. you love me too. leave a note!

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