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from real2reel :
Go look at the Action Item website, its at It would make me happy if you did.
from demonwolf666 :
hey blazeblast, if u really love wolves, i encourage u to read the book "THE SIGHT". the author DAVID CLEMENT-DAVIES is a saint on how he describe the wolves and their cunning.^_^ bye,camille alias:tatokit p.s. could u possibly be one of my buddies??!?!? c ya.
from real2reel :
I've got a message board on both real2reel & alteraction, so please go to both and add a message or four. Thanks. John
from imperfectlyy :
Due to some boredom tonight, I'm leaving a note for everyone that has me listed as a fave. Cool of me right? Oh yes. Maybe I'll stay on your lil list, some bastards have taken me off. Bastards. Wanna help me go and get 'em!? Anywho, this concludes my note. If you're lucky, you didn't get the "generic" one. =)
from no-yes-maybe :
Thats great! I love your diary!
from dont-stop :
That's funny, because I'm typing with a cool towel covering both of my eyes and I've found that once you mess up your positon on the keyboard it's very hard to correct it.
from lezbian :
I have a new diary, well I just changed the name really. I wrote an entry about if you'd like to list me as a favorite, you should now list "imperfectlyy" instead. =)
from brandone :
If you could have all of the things you ever wanted would you want them?
from eviltinkie :
dude!! You are have a great outlook on life...lmao! I really enjoy your shit...just thought I'd let you know...buh-bye!
from eviltinkie :
dude!! You are have a great outlook on life...lmao! I really enjoy your shit...just thought I'd let you know...buh-bye!
from candid-revu :
Hi! Would you like your diary reviewed? If so just click the link and get to requesting =o) We’re always looking forward to new reviews. *NOTE: This isn’t spam, I found you through member directory, which is where I find everyone…*
from jaded-beauty :
Your diary kicks more ass then you will eve know. I love reading it. I'm 80% lesbian, and can relate most of the stuff you talk about. Keep it coming.
from orlandoninja :
haha, that banner was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh
from mellindrax :
Ok, one thing quickly. Read your Profile. Do not, under any circumstances, count the Pokemon movies as Anime. I will personally find out where you live, and rip off strips of your skin till you don't even remember the cursed name of Pikachu. Just that
from kyousha :
You're 70% Lesbian???
from sarcasmaster :
i happend across your diary and wondered, why did you quote a Collective Soul song? no sick, fucked up people(and i include myself in this catagory) quote them. i'd expect more from someone with a diary that looked as cool as yours. thanks for taking the abuse, stop by my diary if you feel the need to retaliate, but you won't be disappointed.
from sweet-blood :
Are you leaving? NO!!!! I'll miss you. You're one of my favourite diarists.
from ciara2 :
hey from one fucked up person to another. hang in there. great diary. leave me a note. k! :)
from missdiamonds :
a dear friend once wrote to me: "You're tearing at your flesh and hoping for blood when all you really want is another flesh and blood person . . . do I need to imply any irony in this, or do you see it?" I've been there. At times I'm still there. If you ever need to talk you can find me on aim: GunshotGlitter09. take care of yourself ok?
from ewanluva :
jesus,ur really f*cked up i feel sorry for you,but i go through lighter experiences of the same sort aol/aim:xsatinexchicx
from jillica :
Weezer isn't a sellout. They are just that cool. So what if they are selling out? They have hella money and hella good music. I love them, and you do too. So do alot of twelve year old teeny boppers, but you know what? If I were Weezer I'd be damn happy about it all. Yup yup. Take care and I do like your page lots.
from bitch-review :
This is Dara from Bitch-Reviews. I just wanted to tell you that your new layout is fantastic, and if you'd had it when we reviewed you, your score from me would have been damn near perfect. So you can take some satisfaction in that, right?
from bitch-review :
Your review is complete. Sorry for the delay.
from sinthetic :
Thanks again for the notes and the thoughts. They do help. I like your diary layout, very unique. :) Thanks again.
from angelpyrotic :
hey, um..i read your diary..and i cant help but notice you sound *exactly* like me in some ways. did you say you're from florida but just moved to ky? thats me!..i lived in fl all my life and just moved to ky in jan. where in ky/fl did you live?.. (kinda freaky)
from sinthetic :
Hey, thanks for that help!! You were the first to help, so many thanks. :-D You rule!
from testify :
WWJD... for a Klondike bar?
from kasai :
OH YEAHHHH?!? OH YEEEEEEAHHHHHHHH?!?!??!?!? Well what if I don't WANT to take that fuckin' .bmp off my diary?!? ....Sorry. Um, yeah, I know it's unattractive, I'll get rid of it as soon as I get around to making my Gallery page...^^;;
from testify :
AHHH! Get the squeegee! Quick!
from drowning-sky :
Waaahkerz! How did you find my diary?! TELL MEE!!! *dies*
from stellarose :
blaze: i find your diary intriguing. and i like the big dawg. excellent. *SR
from acusticshdow :
Hey Blaze, I'm online everyday at school...around 12ish, every other day with the exception of weekends. Anyway...I dunno when I'll be back online. I'm getting 5 week notices on Friday...I'm above 95 on everything so I think they'll let me back on. Actually...I got grounded furthermore 'cause my parents found out I was online with David. Well, g2g...I love you, Blaze
from acusticshdow :
AH! BLAZE YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING UNTIL I GET BACK! I'M GOING TO HAVE AND BUY THAT PHONE CARD AND ANNOY THE SHIT OUT OF YOU! DON'T YOU DO ANYTHING! I DOOOOO LOVE YOU! AND YOU DID HELP ME! STILL DO! (::calming down::) Babe, I love you...please, don't do anything. I've given up all hope with David, believe me. He's only a friend...the truth, I had a crush on you...Um...until I got cut offline. g2g! Adrian is asking questions!
from acusticshdow :
HEY! Te teacher won't let me get into my email anymore. He says next time I go on hotmail I get kicked off the computers and fail. Oh yay...just what I need. And actually my username blocks any diary. So I signed onto some highschooler's name. I'm working on getting myself mom says she has a plan where I can go on the net from a certain time to a certain time- therefore my other family members (as ashamed as I am to admitt, yes they are related me to) and I can get my homework done. Well, I g2g...I love you Blaze! *smooch!* Glad I could help! Oh and with David...I'm not going to try anymore, I'll let him come to me hehe, I'm evil ^_^*
from virgo-faerie :
Hi thanks for signing my guestbook i was reading ur diary and i can relate to it so much ive go to go ttyl can i add you to my friends list thing ? -Seville
from djstrider :
from maxwell85 :
from shadowkittie :
ummm ok... dot. o-O so you're saying you like school, you love school, you hate school, or school's just...there? or e) all of the above? dot. i am confused. dot.
from kasai :
Oh me, oh my....I SMELL A PIE!
from maxwell85 :
from shadowkittie :
you're so mean. and i don't like your layout (sob). i'm kidding, kidding. KIDDING. yes. ::o.o:: anyways. uh what? oh, i is assuming aleish sent that thing to yas. (i'm still not comfortable calling her Al... lol)
from blazeblast :
Mika, you missed it already. I might have another one soon but I don't know - and besides - Glacier wouldn't have come. You also didn't tell me if you liked my layout or not, you bitch.
from shadowkittie :
Unless I'm wrong, I AM ONCE AGAIN THE FIRST! muahahaha. And is it ok if I bring Jade over for the orgy also? Unless I missed it... ._. (sob, choked voice) I FEEL SO ALONE... ::runs off to her corner::

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