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from shellbell212 :
and I'm back... xoxo
from raven72d :
Do update soon...
from planet-maxx :
Thank you for your entry. I could have been that man. 33, Married, no brats yet though, but getting no sex, so until now was considering the possibilities of playing away. I'd like to think I would be able to pick up the signals of just a friendship though, as this guy definately doesn't seem able to, and I definately wouldn't choose someone I work with. So I need your help to stop me walking that path any further. How do you tell your partner you want more sex ( some would be nice!! ), without making them feel that they are pressured to do so ??
from raven72d :
I just discovered you... I'm down in the far deepest south...and I find your entries fascinating.
from shellbell212 :
awww I was in NYC just last week. I miss the city so much! xoxoxo
from shellbell212 :
been gone for awhile...I'm back at least for now...loves sweetie *muah*
from shellbell212 :
*hugs* to a beauty....I'm stickin around. Going to take more than some ignorant people to kick my spirits down.
from daydream16 :
Hey blondie, I just got your note a few minutes ago. This weekend was crazy and I'm no longer working in retail. I'm working at this amusement park called Fantasy Island and there are so many hott guys working there, it's not funny. But anway, I don't eat the entire day (I get off around 10) and I'm in the sun all day. So I'm burning cals. and tanning at the same time! It's crazy. Anyway, how was your whole restricting been going? Since I haven't been eating hardly anything at all, I'm losing like 3lbs. a week by restricting. I would probably lose more if I would've been more active before getting this job. But umm, I'd love to be e-mail buddies with you if you want. I need all the inspiration and motivation that I can get! Write back to me soon, thanks for leaving the note. ([email protected]) and I have another diary too for pro-ana called Long2BeThin but it needs to be updated. Love ya!
from daydream16 :
Hey - I just read one of your entries. I know exactly what you're going through with the whole job-deal. I worked at this beach shop in the summertime and got stuck working in the dressing room. I was by the bathing suit section and all I got to see was a) old people that I had to lie to in order for them to buy a bathing-suit b) cute, skinny girls prancing around in string-bikinis. I hated it. I just wanted to not eat ever again and be able to snatch up every single piece of designer beach wear. It was tragic. Anyhow, your diet sounds the same as mine. I eat a few saltines each day and a half bowl of tomato soup. And every once in a while I'll have a spoonful or two of yogurt for the day. It works. And also, if you put a bunch of crushed-up ice and Diet Coke in a cup, you get so full. It's like giant, diet-water ice. Keep up with the diary - I love it!
from pigger18 :
I could have wrote your last enyry. I feel that way every time I screw up, and everytime I see someone who is thinner than me, or I think is thinner than me. It seems that food is every where especially when you are trying to aviod it. I too have entertained the idea of losing the healthy way but it takes to long and I like the instant results. Maybe one day we will be satisfied with ourselves and body. Well good luck....
from shellbell212 :
When's your spring break girl I'm only like 3 hrs from Daytona!!! Tampa is a huge party city for SB much partying to be done, I have to start planning. Maybe we can do a joint restriction thing or something for more support. Luv the Diary!--shells
from xemowhorex :
you have me listed as a favorite. if you're still around and care at all, i have had to locked my diary for a while. the username: emo password: whore
from alwayshard5 :
hey well thanks a lot..and thanks for leaving me the note...i appreciate that very much...i will look into making or trying to make my page of entries look as nice as yours'...i will be lucky if i even get close to that...hehehe..well thanks...i love music...i have such a strong passion for it and i always wanted to have my own band...but i never got around to do so...oh well all things happen for a reason i guess...umm i dont have a major yet in college...most likely it will be like biology or some crap like that..relating to a chiopractor and that is me...i did add you already on my buddy list too thanks and here is my aim and email....OOOOyeahgood and [email protected] k? good stuff, and i dont know bout isnt that great over here..its ok...well see ya laters..and i will be looking at your entries too as well..and readin whats new with you and all k? ok well thanks again...kiss*
from xanacheerx :
I LOVE COLDPLAY TOO!!! you are the fucking coolest!!!!!! haha have a good day! xoxo *Nikki*
from alwayshard5 :
hey well i am new to you and your diary so i feel like there might be some catching up to name is trevor and i am a 19 yr old cali college student..and i am on this site as well..i have been updating my entries like twice a day when i can..yeah a lot of the things you say in ur latest entry make a lot of sense...i had sex with an ex gf and we ended up breaking up and the whole situation was a horrible experience for me...but yeah i watch that sex show with that old lady on tv all the time lol...i think it is i take im playin...but i am a relationship type of guy, besides not being ready for a family or anything i feel we have a lot in common..if that was ur pic..on ur pro then ur a hotie...and i wanna know how u do it did u customize ur diary page with pam on it? that is sooo soo cool...u sound like ur sexy and u seem really cool...i have aol and yahoo and msn we should chat sometime when and if u want to....drop me a line and or check my diary...and let me know what i can do to make my pages look nicer...thanks and later kiss*
from irishdream :
Just glad you like my diary! ~J's
from xanacheerx :
I think you are so much hotter and damn sexier than anyone!!!!! ;) hope you had a good new years eve, i did!! I also love john mayer! anyway, xoxo *Nikki*
from irishdream :
Hey I saw you added me to your favs list, thanks! What made you? ~J's
from xanacheerx :
aww your soo sweet!!! you listed me as a favorite! your so cute!! yeah like dani said, do you go to bdf? I do!! hehe anyway xoxo *Nikki*
from pigger18 :
okay I just got that, everclear rocks, I have a feeling that I know you, maybe from BDF. if you have never been there then just ignore it, but if you have please let me know... I'm racking my brain...
from bbitch :
To me being skinny is a beautiful thing. It's complicating because I've tried everything to be thin. And Some things have worked but the pain just comes back. I just want to say good luck on the fastin' 'cause I haven't been too successful.
from pleasediana :
i've moved xredbracelet
from pigger18 :
Well, i'm wishing you luck on your fast and i hope that you can make it through and avoid the food temptation. Good luck!
from shrinkodebt :
are you talking about the tf? as in the futurebird site? Didn't you know that it moved to Maybe that isn't what you were talking about. I wish your picture worked, I'm so curious about you now :)
from anawanna :
OMG can I just say you are absolutely an AMAZING person and I have never felt like I can relate to someone so fucking much. I cant believe you managed to get all that out, god how I know how you feel. That entry made me realize, WE CAN DO IT GIRL! god how sick i am of complaining about the fat, and looking at my perfect friends. I hate it so much. But i know that fear of staring my ED again, that fear knowing its so wrong, but its so right..leave me a note or e mail me if you ever need to talk. [email protected] I luv ya hun, you can do it!
from sickfreak :
Hello, I just thought I'd tell you that your journal is awesome! I'd be pleased if you allow me to add you..? XoXo.. I'm Janai by the way. Goodbye.
from tiffanyjo :
hey if it makes you feel any better I'm not locking my diary. What a lucky girl you are to have two guys after you at once :) Well I 'll be back to read about you again soon Bye Tiffany
from jennstarr :
great diary! xoxo Jenn
from djrawkstar :
What's up Grrl! How's it going? Thanks for making a note on my page, the encouragement really helps! Keep your head up, kiddo! You Rule!! Sm:)e *star*
from blanged :
i cant believe how disgusted i am with all this. its ridiculous - really how can you even think about pro - starving yourself. get some self esteem - eat some donuts ben
from tiffanyjo :
hey I just wanted to let you know that I read your diary every so often and I like it. Congratulations on the weight loss. Tiffany
from fatisnofun :
after realising my life was going more and more down the toilet decided to go on yet another diet an prove them all do you keep going when your not eating anything? the ask.with diet coke as my savior i can do fucking anything!at least on the internet theres some useful info about pro-ana,good stuff!
from ana-tomic :
I did a pro-ana search and you came up. I'm just looking for more people like me as I am new to diaryland. If you have any good site info, or just ana-mia info in general...PLEASE feel free to drop me a line Ana-tomic
from hess01 :
i defend pop bands because i like pop music.... my favorite bands change all the time, depending on my mood -you can look at my info and see that the bands listed will change... the backstreet boys are another of my favorite bands - and FYI - they do write a mess of their songs.... have a nice day!
from hess01 :
before you diss pop bands you should know that they do write alot of their music and put alot more effort into their music than you give them credit for. and no, i don't only listen to pop bands.

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