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from annivate :
happy miami. for sho. gnometits has moved. just incase you missed it, probably not, but i thought i'd give it a shot.
from lizbjrddnr :
Hey, sorry you're sad to stay in Ohio so long, but that just means you can visit me more often!!!!! :)
from gnometits :
my best friend and my "boyfriend" hate each other. lonliness sucks. i went into movie gallery last night and thought of you.
from solieri :
Dude, that makes me smile. We're playing in November, so that makes the chances of doing a show in December at The Dawning near-impossible because of the number of bands that want to play there. However, we will probably have something in January as well, and if you have any connections where you are, ask around and see if there's any club that would let us play. Email me your address and I'll send you a CD of our next live show as soon as I have it, so you can give it to club runners around there.
from gnometits :
reggie and the full effect does the closing song for undergrads. you should check him out. he rocks the fuckin house and kicks some ass.
from dont-stop :
This might sound a bit obscure, but there was a Japanese metal band by the name of Dead End and they had a song titled "Blood Music" on their Shambara CD. It sounded a lot like early Van Halen.
from gnometits :
yeah, you have to have the modem because they come to make sure everything is working, but if you decide to do it, you hook the splicer up to the cable comming out of the wall and then hook one wire up to the tee vee and the other to your modem. you can get modems pretty reasonably priced on ebay, or if you look in room, 110, or is it 101, in gaskill, on the message board, a lot of people sell them this time of year.
from gnometits :
i live off campus. i have cable. this is what you do. pay the ten bucks a month for road runner, get yourself a spicer and hook that shit up to your tee vee. voila.
from gnometits :
tidles are fun, yes~~~~ but so are ----- hyphens... if i spelled that right. i'm starting a new revolution. hyphenate EVERYTHING.
from gnometits :
alright dude. i'm the weird miami chick. you know it, i know it, it's NOT news. anyway. i think you are in my geography class with medley, but thats beside the point. yes, at this school i'm social outcast. not a newsflash. this is what you do bloodmusic, you get tanked, then you go crash parties. me and my two buddies crashed FIVE, couth them, five, parties. do it man. if not, we'll force you to come with us!!!!!! and lots of these!!!!!!!! (exclamation marks) don't ya love drunken notes?
from sufferours :
I absolutely love the name of your diary.
from gnometits :
found your diary through an "oxford" search on d land. doubt we're in the same oxford but i thought i'd say hi after reading some of your entries.
from solieri :
C',mon, man. . . . . . How hard is that?
from solieri :
Dude. . . Excalibur is AGELESS. "Looking at the cake's like looking at the future: Until you've tasted it, what do you really know? And then, of course, it's too late. . ."
from glassmuzzle :
I agree with the person before me. interesting name caught my eye. if you get bored, leave me a note.
from wallawina :
hi the username was intriguing so i checked out the site only to find we have a lot in common with the film photo stuff and haha, harry potter and seeing it twice, well yeah keep writing...
from solieri :
Dude, I totally agree with you. I've been thinking of buying that game simply for the Nightmare level. I have the movie, and when I was younger I even had a Talking Jack doll, though I can't seem to find it now. Bah. Anyway, great, great movie. I like how you've integrated it to your site.
from solieri :
Make that "all 3 of you" who read this diary *grins*

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