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from kizzykim :
Thanks for all the nice comments about me and my diary. I haven't gotten a chance to read much of yours yet, but since you're chubby, you already rock! :)
from opheliatl :
is there any way to remove members of the stargazers ring who no longer have dland accounts?
from typelove :
hello. i saw your link on the love-online ring and i was wondering if you would like to join my diary. it's a place for people who are involved in online relationships to write their feelings and support each other and give advice.
from bizznitch :
I know all about your schedule, since my mom is a nurse. Nurses have one of the wackiest, craziest, kind of work schedules!! My mom says having to put people who are afraid of water in the shower is incredibly terrible lol.
from shibbygirly :
Hey, Sorry about you and Adam. I'm sure he loves you but he feels that he has to see if there is anything else out there for him. If you ask me that is really selfish specially after the four years you two have shared together. You'll be alright chubby girly, we all know you will be. Keep writing, I'm glad your back!
from bra2002 :
I am slow on the uptake, but I was also glad that you came back, even though the circumstances aren't ideal. Oddly enough I am going through the exact same thing right now. This will seem weird, but if you ever feel like venting, and I can understand if you don't especially to a virtual stranger, but maybe that would make it easier, especially saomeone going thorugh something similar, feel free to drop a line.
from c-oe :
Hey there, so sorry to hear that you are going throgh some hard times at the moment, but it is good to have you back writing on D-land, will be reading with interest! Take care, Daisy xxx
from claudette :
oh, honey. it'll be okay. i know exactly what you're going through and what you're feeling. maybe i read this wrong, but are you two still living together? that can do nothing but make the break up worse. it's much easier when you don't have to see your ex. if you want to talk or whatever, email me at claudette AT diaryland DOT com. i know you don't know me or anything, but i might be able to give some words of wisdom. :)
from bizznitch :
I'm glad you are back! I'm very sorry about what you've been going through. Things will get better! You are a great person, and you won't stay heart-broken. I hope you find happiness soon. Tai Bo is fun. I like Belly Dance workouts- "Belly Dancing with Neena and Veena" (Nina and Vina maybe?). They are scary girls who can do an hour belly dance workout with out breaking a sweat and with the same smiling expression!!! They also dress the same, in pink spandex X__x But it's loads of fun and I recommend it!! I can really belly dance like a native Mesopatamian nowadays. It's a great party skill too. I'm booked at bachelor parties. (hehe j.k) ~Hannah <3
from kitchenwitch :
I am glad you are back! I used to read you before, and I wondered what happened to you, and if you were ok. I am sorry to hear about your break up! <<<hugs>>> Blessings!
from claudette :
I'm sorry to hear about your break up. I know it's a hard thing to deal with. It's my opinion that in order for someone to realize what they have, they have to get away from it for a while. Prospective is everything. If you and Adam were meant to be, he will realize what he's missing and come back to you. But don't sit and wait around for that to happen. You have to get on. If you're meant to be together in the end, you will.
from kiki-blue :
I love the new layout, but it's broken :( I hope you've been well, I miss your entries.
from lousrose :
dude, woman! where in the hell have you been? LOL, i don't know you but i read your diary and i miss your entries, i hope you are alright! xoxo.
from not-tuesday :
You like Camryn Manheim's book? You rock!
from wifemotherme :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! send me the link to the new diary???
from s-w-kiss :
hey! just dropping in to wish you a very super birthday! hope it was great!
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday!
from furiouspuppy :
Hi there; just thought I'd leave you a note to say that I love your diary and have added you to my buddy list. I noticed that you haven't written in a while . . . it would be appreciated if you did! xoxoxo Lori
from lousrose :
hey hun you okay?
from daisy624 :
Hey Beth, you havn't updated lately, so I thought I'd drop you a line. Hope all is well on your end of the world!
from firstthought :
Drive through lap-dances ::shaking head:: what will they think of next?!?
from enchancea :
That sounds like almost everyone here. They all have cars that look like they are going to fall apart but they have stereo systems in them that are worth 10 times more than the car
from rdhdprincess :
I'm glad you're back! Love the new layout, and congratulations on gettin married. On an ickier note, I have the skin myself, tummy area, hate it! I know just how you feel about wanting to cut it off! My fantasy is a tummy tuck/lift, how sad is that?!
from dana-elayne :
Ohhh congrats on the wedding date :) For hair buildup, strange but true. I wash my hair in baking soda and water. It rinses out any of that gunk. It basically strips the hair back down to the ungunk-d-fied stage.
from chubbychic :
I'm sooo excited about you getting married!! Where abouts in the country are ya having the ceremony??
from luminaryssh :
you could try a clarifying shampoo, that's what hairdressers use to get all the product buildup out of your hair.
from celetra :
Hey I would love to go to your wedding..if we only knew each other in real life! :) Anyway there are excersises that you can do to tighten that skin that is left. I can't remember what they are at the moment though. I'll try to find out or you can look on the internet also. Anyways once again I am super stoked that you are back!
from barenaked500 :
aw, im very very happy you're back! i've missed your entries!! :)
from wild-fire :
Hey girl, good to know things are doing ok with you. I miss talking to you hon. Let me know how things are ok? Loves and hugs.
from no1sgirl :
Hey, I know it's late-coming, but I'm sorry about your grandma. :( I just found out that you've added me to your fave list, thanks! I like your diary, it's nice to see you feel up to making a comeback.
from g3ff :
i feel so guilty that i'm on your list and never came here before. i'm sorry about your grandmother. mine died 5-1/2 years ago and sometimes the fact that she's gone still sneaks up on me and i get very very sad. i wish i had something more encouraging to say, but losing someone really sucks! ((((((blue-candy-b))))))
from luminaryssh :
welcome back:) are you not linking your guestbook anymore?
from luckiestars7 :
It's nice that you're back!
from magic-wand :
Welcome back, hon! We missed you! (((hugs)))
from blue-parade :
Glad to see you are returning! And your new layout is lovely. :)
from celetra :
Yea!!! Your back and I am so glad. I missed your entries. Love the new layout it is gourgeus. Good luck with the fresh start!!
from wildrose1 :
from barenaked500 :
*hugs* beth. im sorry to hear about your grandmother. xoxox
from rmsoboist :
Hey, I TOTALLY understand what you're going through. My grandmother died from Alzheimer's back in February. I'll be praying for you! XOXO
from honestyonly :
yikes! what the heck do you do for a living?
from smileyreview :
Hi! I'm Amby from SmileyReview and I'd just like to notify you that you have been placed in the queue and we're terribly sorry for the long wait, but we'll be getting to your journal in no time! Thanks for waiting patiently! :)
from mbarestfrog :
hi, do you like old skool hip hop? could you read my diary entry called "quest for song" ? have you heard this song by any chance? thanks :)
from g3ff :
from bettyalready :
Oh no. Funeral arrangements??? Already? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
from barenaked500 :
*HUGE HUGS* I'll keep you in my thoughts. xoxox
from cheesedip1 :
hi i just wanted you to know that your diary is the only one i read everytime i update mine...which is hardly ever! ha! so i always have to dig your older entries up. I love you 101 list its pretty funny! welp...hope you have a better day at work with pants that fit heehee! michelle~
from elliorange :
Girlie... I don't know how you do it. Beth, I give you mad props for putting up with people! I really admire that so much! *Hugs!*
from iustitia :
Your confidence & happiness in your own skin is exactly why I added you to my favorite diaries. :) Congrats on the engagement too!
from d-cokewhore :
I think it's great that you are so comfotable in you own skin. I wish I had even 1/2 of the confidence you have! I hope you don mind if I add you to my favorites list.. <<S.I.N>>
from lyricalardor :
Hi..Just wanted to thank you for being a member of the BPD diaryring and let you know I started a yahoo group for BPD survivors...It can be joined by going to Hope to see you join... Miranda
from dana-elayne :
Happy Engagement :)
from elliorange :
Engaged? *smiles* That's wonderful! Congrats! Wooo Hooo!
from claudette :
Congratulations on your engagement!
from rue25 :
Perhaps you could donate your old couch to goodwill or some charity... often they'll come and pick it up for free.
from blushingcece :
aww cool to hear someones in the same boat as me
from claudette :
i'm leaving this because you have me listed as a favorite. just to let you know, i'm going to have my diary locked for a few days due to implimenting a new layout. will be back shortly.
from ciel-de-noir :
Heheh, great diary. I like your photo. Youre definitely a cutie! ^_-
from pattymelt :
i read that article! and it's true, there are TONS of guys out there that like big girls. it's mostly up to the girl tho. if you have the attitude, the guys are there. i am by no means a small girl. and i can have sex if i want to. and boy howdy, this past year, i can have sex with HOT guys! fell better. and dont' work too hard!
from dana-elayne :
Hope your back feels better soon! *ouch* I found my diamond too. He'd love me at any size. Unlike the ex who said, "You know your size always bothered me." Ummm hello!? I was fat when we started dating. It came as a suprise to you that I'm still fat? *L* No wonder he's my ex. ;)
from barenaked500 :
Invest in a foot bath...sooooooooooooo worth it!
from nitejohnboy :
OMG, the new layout is soooo cute !!!!
from honestyonly :
Did you ever check out It's a great site, I think you'll really like it.
from enchancea :
I wish I could find shorts that are decent length. All I can find are shorts that are so short that my ass would be hanging out.
from pattymelt :
i can't believe people say that shit to you. well, i can, but you know what i mean. i am no small wonder myself. i don't know what is so sexy about a bag of bones or someone that pukes into a milk carton. i only know that once a guy has bonced on someone with some padding, all those bones with all the sharp edges doesn't seem so good! chin up!
from daisy624 :
Bethy there are just some really stupid people in this world, please don't feel like you have to justify yourself or your life for them, they are not worth it. You've always got my support.
from leofire :
...loved your monkey banner and clicked on your diary. Great stuff! You made me feel better today. :)
from rue25 :
I have a solution for your AOL hatred... kind of humorous. Also, I've given up no wearing underwear entirely. I hate them that much.
from sad82girl02 :
omg! that's exactly what my mom does. she went underwear shopping for me once and got me a size that was classified "grandma" i was upset that she thought i was really that big and that i actually had to wear them b/c i was running out of cute pairs. underwear shopping is best done by the person wearing them!
from faireee :
lololol I hate underwear too!!! I know exactly what you mean about buying underwear thats too big. *big grin* you make me smile so you win the "hehe-this-person-is-funny-because-they-mentioned-balls" award. =) later!
from honestyonly :
Hey, where'd you get that picture on your layout???? Are you a fan of Les Toil too??? :D
from withkerth :
i like you. i like bananas too.
from sillybeth :
Well I understand your opinion and feelings of the war. I am however in support of Bush. Yeah sure I didnt vote for him, I voted for Gore. But in a situation like this, where IRAQ has biochemical weapons and has a hatred for us Americans, if we did not do anything, whose to say that he wouldnt come over here one day while we're minding our own business and do something a thousand times worse than what Osama did for 9/11. Id rather know that not only my country but other countries are safe from Iraq. But thats just my opinion too.
from wrebel06 :
I think that you are a very good role model for both chubby and non-chubby people. MOre power 2 ya girl! Lots of love!
from dana-elayne :
Good grief...what a heifer that girl is. Oh well, sounds to me like she's more jealous of the fact that you have a healthy body image at whatever size. The nerve of some people is overwhelming. You're a cutie patootie and so is your boyfriend. Y'all got it goin' on (as my students would say *L*)
from pattymelt :
i think you're a great person! and god loves everyone. even the dumb ones.
from fallenorra :
Hey. Thanks for stopping bye mine. I do enjoy reading yours.
from poppyfish :
You're very lovely - I don't think you need to feel so defensive about weight issues. Although, of course, I don't know both sides of the story. So.
from kttn :
you give fat girls a bad name
from barenaked500 :
Remark:"You shouldn't be eating that" My answer:"Excuse me, but did you lose 140 pounds in the last year and a half? No? Well I did so fuck off." - I'm gonna use that. :)
from pattymelt :
i liked the "you're gf will never be as good as me in bed" one! too true. and i'll tell you something, you're young! you'll only get better at it!
from phatgrrl :
I never ever ever want to be thin either!
from nela :
from pattymelt :
girl, i live with it every day. and i laugh at the fuckers who put me down because i am a size 14! thier loss! i am the best sex they will never have! not to mention, i am a great friend!
from keryanna :
I vote for the sex room.
from bmi :
I found you through a banner I believe or maybe someone's diary? Sorry I cannot recall. I am in awe that you are proud of your body, as it is rare in this culture. It is fantastic! Inspiring! You have a great diary.
from elliorange :
I'm glad that you had a great time in Florida! I was just stoppin' in to say "Hiya!" Cute new layout, again! I hope all is goin' well with you, girlie!! <-- that's from me! I was signed in on the wrong name! Oye! :)
from elligantly :
I'm glad that you had a great time in Florida! I was just stoppin' in to say "Hiya!" Cute new layout, again! I hope all is goin' well with you, girlie!!
from angelicscars :
(( Waves )) I'm just saying hi to everyone on my buddylist, cause I've been neglecting my friends and fans LOL. Glad you had a good time!! 54 more days till I go to the lovely Cedar Point!! I hope you come and see me!
from dana-elayne :
Welcome back :) I live in Georgia and I totally love it! I wouldn't want to move anywhere else. Can't wait to see pictures!
from cmkern3 :
Hey! Thanks for stopping by my diary and leaving a note! I'm glad you found my entries amusing!! I checked out your 100 things about me list, and OH MY GOD. I think its quite possible that you and I are the same person. Seriously. (And, since we're quite similar - I think you completely understand just how scary that is no?)
from barenaked500 :
I love your ideas for TV shows! I'd definately tune in. :)
from lyricalardor :
Welcome to the BPD diaryring LyricalArdor
from sad82girl02 :
i must say your confidence attracted me to your diary and i hope to learn from you what i can't teach love me for me no matter what!
from elliorange :
Okay... I like this yellow layout better than the blue! It's adorable... just... AWE! *smiles* This one reminds me more of you. Not that I know you... but just from reading about you! :)
from lunablossom :
I'd visit if we still ived in PA. You sound like great fun. We have a gazillion movies we could bring over and an air popper with popcorn. Course we'd have the two rugrats running around but I'd bet my kids could control them. (hehe)
from bpdgyrl82 :
hi! thank you so much for the welcome! you are the first "ring-leader" to do that out of all the rings i have joined. to answer your question, i do live with borderline personality disorder, but i take things one day at time and i have learned to get a handle on my symptoms. my first entry will tell you a bit more about those. i again want to thank you for welcoming me to the ring!
from elliorange :
I'm really likin' the new layout! Your layouts are always so completely adorable to begin with! *smiles*
from ladybugge :
I really like the new layout, love the picture. L
from lunablossom :
I like it just the way it is!
from maiarayne :
I personally like a white background since the graphic is white. Use color to make the borders around your text area and possibly links area. I love the graphics you have chosen though, they are SO cute!
from blondestar16 :
you are amazing!
from ladybugge :
Thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook (I couldn't seem to get to yours tonight). I really enjoyed reading your latest entry. I'll be back. :-) L
from lunablossom :
They're just jealous, hun. Don't let it get you down.
from lousrose :
*hugs* im sorry your family are being dickheads,but we're all here for u!
from barenaked500 :
I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. :-/
from elliorange :
YAY! That's awesome for you. I wish you the best of luck with the Lane Bryant catalog model dealio! *HUGS* You deserve it, chica!
from plasticandy :
Dude! I hate skinny people who complain about being fat too. I wanna smack them upside their skinny little heads sometimes. Oy.
from shutupmom :
from streetfaerie :
YOU RULE - for being open, honest and proud: I respect that endlessly. Happy New Year!!!
from barenaked500 :
Since I probably wont be around tomorrow I wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great one hun! :)
from lunablossom :
from youdontknome :
aww, thanks man! =)
from trulypoetic :
OMG I just read that you were born in Johnstown, PA. Me tooooo Me tooo.. I'm originally from Johnstown. How freaky! I live in Florida now...but damn... I never find anyone from there. I read your boyfriends site where he said you guys went to Altoona...and I was all like 'no way''m like all excited over this discovery. I grew up in Tire Hill of all places.....woah..... That's it..I gotta add ya now. :-)
from grlygrl :
your review is finished thanks for waiting!!! <b>xx</b> Izzy
from lousrose :
haha what you wrote about the cats had me laughing really hard. i have cats on crack too. one is Pumpkin (i named her that because she's got this orange shittish colored spot right on her nose) who constantly rolls off the top of the couch. i also think shes a lesbian and shes constantly feeling people up to get them to pet her. shes such a retard. then i have Sheba. ever since my cat Patches died on 9/11 (yes it was a coincidence lol) Sheba went insane. she'll only drink water if it's coming right from the faucet or from the toilet. she also squeaks a lot and likes to sleep in weird places like on computer monitors. haha well anyway, just thought i'd share hun :P xoxo.
from lunablossom :
Fiber optic trees are great. We got one last year and I really love it. Next year we will get a full sized one. I wholly recommend getting one to anyone who is interested. Have fun and good luck!
from icemagick :
I am listing you as one of my favorites immediately! You are too cool for words, and I especially love the fact that you are proud of yourself despite the snide remarks nasty people make about your physical appearance. I, too, am a big girl, and have suffered needlessly at the hands of intolerant people for a long time because of it. It is unfortunate that more people do not share the same views concerning appearance as you. The world would be a much happier place if they did.
from barenaked500 :
aw, thank you. you are an awesome rocker too. we can just rock on together! :o)
from bytemee :
lmaooooooo...I have those moods too!I'm always holding back lmao at inapropriate times(I won't comment)and I always have a big question mark on my face.�
from cherry-girl :
np. if you want to read my diary the username is person and the passwrod is love. i had to lock it so that a friend would be able to read it. <3
from ink-grrl :
from dearleesa : very careful with those pills,especially if they have "ephedra" in them,it is very dangerous,a good friend of mine had a heart attack at 26 yrs old directly linked to ephedra!I dont mean to sound like a "mother"but I worry whenever I hear about someone taking that stuff,especially when the FDA masks the name with other names so its approved.
from bytemee :
I know what ya mean about those curve balls!I hope they were cute undies! GO girl!!!
from bytemee :
omgggggg I hate that!most people do think fat people sit on thier ass all day eating bon bons and are lazy.I know more skinny people then I do fat people that eat junk all day long!I struggle everyday with my weight,and I watch everything I eat because of my diabetes,Im still fat,but its not because I sit and eat all day.jeezzzzzzzzz.some people need straighning out,or a fat persons foot up thier just had to have that tantrum.I feel better now.
from dearleesa :
hi I added you to my favorites so I can come back!I like your diary girl!
from barenaked500 :
Yay for the job!!!! Good luck.
from enchancea :
from barenaked500 :
I hope you feel better soon!!!
from barenaked500 :
Hmmm. A condom in the mail? Thats a bit random!
from enchancea :
*runs over with 6 bags of garbage*
from punkgirl8241 :
hey, i wanted to let u know that i agree w/ u about the VMA " fat joe comment" totally unnesessary, and poor guy it was his (fat joe) birthday too. and what a nice thing to remember about it, some guy saying u ate someone! (does that make sense?) i'm not the skinniest person in the world either so i took offense to that too! and it sucks cuz jimmy fallon is frickin' hot but i'm mad at him now! i'm probably boring u now so BYE!
from echobaby :
Hey--I just wanted to tell you you are doing a kick-ass job reviewing for me...thanks a site wouldn't be anything without you ya! :)
from muffindisco :
Oh my god. That penis costume made me laugh so hard. Yeah, I'm immature :)
from i-am-a-girl :
hey beth! just wanted to say I love the new look! good job!
from echobaby :
I didn't forget-believe me, u will be getting some! later tonight!
from katt30 :
Hey! i love reading your Diary And I just joined the Stargazers Diary ring!! Nice Bubbles Layout.
from marebear177 :
hey chick! thanks for the note! i just wanted to drop by and say hi & to tell you that you seem like a really awesome person! thanks for checking out my diary! yours is really cute!
from otownlover :
hey chicka! I like your diary and attitude... and your nickname is really cute... Blue Candy B! Yeah I agree with you about plus sized clothing; it's very hard to find a decent outfit that looks good and is not too expensive. I wear a size 9 but I have a few friends that can't find cool clothes in their size. Grr. Ttyl. Sarah
from ripetomato :
Oh, I know! Most plus-sized clothing is horrendous! So much floral print ... elastic waists ... it's frump city. I want to start a protest against ugly clothes for chicks size 14 and up .. and I want to put those ugly tentlike dresses and blouses on sticks, write on them and use them as protest signs.
from miss-l-69 :
Hiya just thought I'd leave you a note to say I think you rock! I'm cute n chubby too and I couldnt care less! I love me! lol! love the powerpuff layout too very pretty! xx Miss Lori xx
from barenaked500 :
Ughhhhh...I totally agree with you on buying clothes! I go to the mall and Lane Bryant is just about the only store I can get anything from because it looks decent and it actually fits! clothes for fattys. What a concept.
from oedalis :
hey blue-candy-b! i love your bubbles graphic! i love the powerpuff girls. i notice that you have it in a .jpg format and i wanted to suggest a .gif format. b/c the pic has no gradients and its all solid colors, you could make the pic a lot smaller byte-wise so it loads faster and it wouldn't have that cloudiness around the edges that can sometimes happen with .jpg's. great design, btw! later!
from fuzzmom :
Hi there! You had asked how I put pictures of my Hotmail account in my diary, no? I don't know how you take screen-captures on a Mac, but on a PC you just hit the Print Screen button, and that puts whatever is showing on your screen onto the clipboard. Then just "paste" it into your graphics editing program and crop the picture to include only what you want. Save the pictures, upload it to the web somewhere, point the diary at it with the usual "img src" tag, and boom! Let me know if I didn't explain well enough, k? And by the way, thank you for visiting my diary! I'm glad you enjoy it. :)
from blushingcece :
hey cotton ball thanks for listing me as a favorite.
from blushingcece :
I love your banner. Yeah chubby and cute girls. I'm one too.
from fattichica :
Hey, I just got your message. To be honest, I'm not sure what diary you were viewing. Not sure if it was 'atheists' or 'fattichica'. I messed up the 'fattichica' guestbook, and just didn't fill like fixing it. I only had to change ONE word, but I've been too lazy to do it. It's been linked to the 'atheists' guestbook so I can't tell who's trying to sign what! Either way, your note was VERY appreciated and touching. Your guestbook signing sparked me to go ahead and fix the thing. [If sign you guestbook, but I'm at work and can't access the site]. Have a wonderful day, Beth.
from tv-dinners :
Don't sweat it, hon ;-) anyone who likes both Disturbed and Bridget Jones Diary all at once is OK in my book.
from tv-dinners :
Actually, I was saying that the character Cecil had a liking for Wendy's chocolate frosties. I didn't say it was Adam Sandler himself. Read with comprehension, please :)
from missingpeace :
Hey how are ya? was just lookin for new friends on DL (im trying to use it more often lol) I was wondering how you coustomized your diary,I have no clue how to do kewl things with my diary lol
from goodowl :
I totally can't believe the people who made rude comments to you. Do they not even realize how jerky they're being! Jeez! *shakes fist*
from sexyatheist :
i've wondered about having a penis too. but i agree with you that it would only be fun for a day. poor guys have to deal with it all the damn time. vaginas really are A LOT better. it's nice to see other people have the same weird thoughts that i do.
from beatpoetgrrl :
just as i finished my rant about the lack of quality swimwear for the fashion-conscious chubby girl, i saw your banner. and i smiled, and i feel a whole lot more like the chubby goddess i am. thanks for that. -bpg
from oobersugar :
anything that slaps the face of a powerpuff girl on it is good in my book. go cute things! and go women! I'd rather be happy than conform and try to change myself into something I'm not. found you through the review people - would do it myself, but I'm too scared! ha ha. take care, mx
from autumnal :
from littleme82 :
hi girlie, i LOVED your diary. i like so agree with you 120% on your philosophy of how people are so obsessed with this whole weight thing today. to everyone i know i am "too skinny"...whatever. my sis on the other hand is like obsessed that she is fat...i try so hard to convince her that she is "normal" and i am the odd ball but that is hard with all of the people on tv and in the magazines. i think they should have more variety (like at a grocery store). *sorry* i am rambling now. i am outtie. i just wanted to let you know i agree with you. *and* i love you site...i hope to visit again. bye bye.
from mstwheelie :
Hi, Popped in because of the banner ad. Nice layout. :)
from augustdreams :
Hi there! I just discovered your diary through your cool banner. You go! Screw the media and it's yammering at us to be a size 2. REAL WOMEN ARE HOT! Lovely diary and I really enjoy your writing. I'll definitely be back. :) ~Nicole P.S. My dog would like you to check out her diary.
from i-am-a-girl :
oooooohhhhh i love your new layout!!!!!!
from lay-test :
from i-am-a-girl :
hmm, camping out in a convenience store sounds awfully tempting!
from ughisme :
Thank you for taking my survey!! Wonderful diary layout!!
from bubbleyumgrl :
i got the image hosting!! woo hoo! coool cool so when i finish exams (2days!!!!) i can fix u a layout!! weee sorry im like sooo excited here! haha. toodles. Jess
from ceruleanblew :
Hey, I'm glad someone thought enough of my dumb little diary to actually say Hi! Love your layout!
from cheesedip1 :
hey there thanks for visiting my page:) glad to know i have one reader heehee! I will be reading often! Thanks
from goodowl :
Heh, reading that entry made me think about my old elementary school. Sooo embarrasing. Childhood... yikes!
from fancyass :
thanks for signing my guestbook. I like your diary too!
from beamqueen27 :
Wow, I like your layout, so cute :)
from shadow-self :
Try Glitterscars diary. I think she designs diarys for the HTMLly challenged. Good luck! :)
from berrysncream :
sorry i know i know i just wrote something. i noticed i keep saying keep up the great entries/good writing.. yada yada. but damn i mean it! lol. yea.. hehe toodles. Jess
from berrysncream :
hola again.. i wouldnt mind whipping up somehting for you.. altho i dont know how to do fancy backgrounds like you currently have.. but if u want something i can try.. hum.... yea. ne wayz.. keep up the great entries! Jess
from goodowl :
Yay! Happy 200th entry :)
from berrysncream :
haha hey. i just read the mad lib. funny funny! cant believe what (what im guessing) i did to the poor cat tho! hehe. i just re-read my last note to you. i realized i misspelled note. i wrote not. silly me. ne wayz. keep up the great writing and awesome entries! Jess
from lusciousme :
Thanks for the kind words in my guestbook! You're diary is lovely! You must be an amazing person. It's nice to have someone write so honestly and hot feel like they must hold back (not that I ever do) Well thanks again!
from squashpie :
You're too cute.
from screamingout :
cotton candy pink?! thats awesome! my blue rocks, i love it :))
from queenjanice :
Hi. I love your rules, especially number 8! I'm fat, and guess what? I'm getting married in July! Boo-yah to all those skinny people I know who seemed surprised. :) I signed your guestbook the other day, but my computer acted like it didn't wanna go through, so I'm trying this. :) I made a ring you might like called dolphinlover. If my guestbook signing worked, well oopse for repeating myself. Have a nice day.
from mp95 :
Just wanted to say that I think it's great that you are proud of your weight! :-)
from celerygirl :
Wow your uncles sounds like an ass-ash
from shadow-self :
I see said the blind man to his deaf wife as their crippled children ran up the stairs!
from mymomhatesme :
hey thanks for the guestbook signinggg. it made me smile. good work on the site, it looks marvelous <3
from celerygirl :
Hey thanks for the note! I like your diary a-lot. The boyfriend thing isn't a big deal guys kind of suck anyway hehe. Well I gotta go later gator-ash
from berrysncream :
Hey thanks for the not. i read ur (recent) entry, omg i wish i was like u! u are so confident with ur self that is just so cool. i wish i was seriously that happy with my body. u have got to teach my some of that! seriously. ur a totally cool person. stay true to ur beliefs and keep in touch! Jess
from me-the-star :
hey you left my friend heather a note (supercutie13) and i thought you seamed to be very cool and i was right ....i hope you don't mind but i copied a few of your rings (they were just to darn cute!!!!!) well i hope you will stop by my diary and sign my G*book or you can leave me a note......*MLE* P.S i think all your star stuff is super cool ...... i love stars are you can see in the name...hehe ... well i have yammered at you enough now so talk to you lata.........hugs and luv you way.......^*^*^*^*^*
from lostnfallen :
Thank you for your note :) And it seems things are getting better. I feel a change in the air & I think I welcome this change...
from carabeara :
howdy. you seem like a cool person so i decided to leave ya a message. hope everything is fine with you and that you're happy, if not, i hope you become happy soon =) see ya around!
from cocktails :
Thanks for signing my GB. It was a pleasure to Join. Stop by again soon. :o)
from soulkitten77 :
i tried to sign yr gbook, but i don't think it worked, so i copied and pasted my message here! (hmmm... love is a beautiful thing* i hope yr wishes come true as well! heart)
from boyrepellant :
you seem to have a lot of similar thoughts/tastes in music that I do. check out my diary and let me know what you think!

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