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from sweetresent :
I felt the same about this summer. I expected it to be as good as last summer, but it's pretty much over, and it's been very dissapointing to me. I can't write... I'm completely blocked, and I feel pretty lonely. So we're on the same page. Hang in there... It'll get better. It has to. Besides, school starts soon, no? Thank God for that. Take Care... sorry it took me so long to respond to this entry.
from sweetresent :
Funny... funny. Simple, but so funny. I loved the tie comment. I love men in ties too. I'm still chuckling.
from mister-cope :
Good stuff. Nice, quietly unusual comic. Consider it bookmarked.
from siopup :
ha, fuck cute. i laughed!
from sweetresent :
OH MY GOD!! I just did my laundry naked last night! I like having it completely done as well... Nice to find a kindred spirit. Ha.
from sweetresent :
I wish the quiz said I belonged in Paris! I love Italian men though... and pasta, so I can't whine too much. It's all good. And thank all that's Holy that you shave your armpits... I thought I was the only one. ;)
from sweetresent :
I understand totally. I remember when I first got to school. I didn't know a soul. My roommate was nice and all, but I didn't know her. Everyone I knew and loved was back home, and from what I could see, not one person around was like me. I cried a ton at night. Probably more than I'd ever cried in my life and had no idea why. I was just feeling alienated I suppose. But it turned out okay. You go through things and people just sort of flop into your lap, especially when you stay non-judgemental and just talk to other people. Wow, that entry reminded me of that... lol Now I can't wait to leave home and go back, its a big change. You'll get there.
from sweetresent :
Ha! K'.. I'll just wait. Do you mind if I order Chinese every once in awhile though? Maybe see a movie in the meantime? I get bored ya know. ;p
from sweetresent :
I understand the urge to be creative when you are extremely up or extremely down. I get that myself. Your current drawing, is brilliant though. Evocative, poetic, emotion drips from it. Very telling, and relatable. I loved it. P.S.- I just re-read the previous note I wrote and realized that my saying "hilarious" could have been construed as me laughing at what you wrote. No I meant hilarious in that it paralled with what I was like so much that it was funny, because sometimes I act the same way in the same circumstances. Basically saying, I understand. It was just the wrong adjective, I'm sorry for that.
from sweetresent :
Ha. Your last entry.. hilarious. I find myself becoming evasive and unfeeling towards guys that I'm starting to like. After I had a bad break-up... It made me much more hateful as well, and bitter. I trust men a lot less. I think I'm just a bit scared of getting hurt, so I evade and lash out before they can. Ah well. I feel ya' is basically all I wanted to say. The pic is awesome too. Gotta love a man with a guitar.
from sweetresent :
I just got the note you left. Thank you for your comment. The thing about numbness, is that it's usually welcome after you've gone through hell.. but when it lingers you're scared if you'll ever feel again. And yet, you're scared of feeling because you have no idea how you're going to respond. Thank you for the encouragement... it's nice to recieve some understanding. Hope you're well. -Asia
from sweetresent :
Anytime. It was just the truth.
from banefulvenus :
from fridayfilms :
It's about damn time. You've got an instant fan on your hands, by the way. Be seeing you.
from sweetresent :
I started college not too long myself.. it was scary a bit. But a really really great experience and worth all the fear. I will say this.. you will probably miss your family more than you could ever imagine. But as soon as winter break comes, you'll miss the new friends you made.. more than you ever could imagine. LoL Anyhow.. I like your entries, and your drawings are (however silly and girly this sounds, I apologize beforehand) cute, I like them as well. Take care and have a good one.

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