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from sasori-gal :
I know you haven't been around Diaryland lately, but just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Hooray for November 14ers! Hope all is well. Take good care!
from sasori-gal :
*yikes* I hope everything is all right.
from bucky-o-hare :
You probably need vitamins
from sasori-gal :
Welcome back! It's fun going for a new look, but just don't go to the hairdresser I went to unless you want a drastic change! *haha* Take care!
from sasori-gal :
*yikes* scary nightmares! I sure hope they aren't premonitions of disasters to come! I better pay close attention to my dreams too this week. Take care and be safe!!!
from sasori-gal :
That's great news to hear about Win's mom. Hope she continues to make a speedy recovery. Now it's time to nurse your Mac back to tiptop shape! I too am eagerly anticipating the results of the election.... Take care!
from sasori-gal :
What you wrote about today is so true. Life can be so unpredictable that we never should take anyone or anything for granted. My thoughts and energy are out there with you and Win's family. I'm sure with everyone's love and strength, including her own, Win's mom will make a speedy recovery! Here's a *hug* for you.
from sasori-gal :
Random hair in soap?! *eewww* I'd hate to tell you what some of the teachers at the schools I work at do in the sinks. A lot of the male teachers don't seem to use tissues and prefer to blow their nose over the sinks instead. How gross is that?!
from kut3nkrazi3 :
lol blur! u use to be a raver or are u a kandy kid? well yea ur layout is really cool great desing did u make it urself and i got to give you credz fo your name. lol juss return the fav... k denz juss check bak later bye bye!
from sasori-gal :
Tadaima! Hey, thanks for the nice message. I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who does rituals before traveling! Always nice to be back in the ol' hometown. Clicked on your link to the White Lotus! Wow~ looked great, sounded yummy, but very $$$. Hope all is well with you! :)
from sasori-gal :
Omigosh...that is TOO funny! I stumbled on ordering a Tazo Chai Tea Latte too, but that mistake deserves an award. I give you credit though because I don't think I could have stifled my laughter! I'm still cracking up!
from nudeplatypus :
In my humble opinion, all spiders should die a horribly, painful death...especially the one that bit me on my arm...that wasn't pleasant at all.
from lilpeanut80 :
I love love love your layout. So whimsical. It makes me happy. Yay. ckb
from sasori-gal :
Thanks for your message and words of support. The attitude of some of the people here drives me insane sometimes. It sounds like your GM fits right into that category. I still can't believe how paranoid yet hypocritical Japan is at times! Thank goodness there are women like us who at least stand up for what we believe in! *yeah!*
from uncalledfor :
hey there, i just came across your diary and i wanted to say that it's soo cute!! =)
from nudeplatypus :
I admire your ability to not watch teh Matrix commercials. I, on the other hand, am fascinate by them.
from sasori-gal :
Welcome back home. Hope you had a nice trip to Japan. Take it easy!
from sasori-gal :
Hi there! Thanks for joining me on the Guest Map. Nice to finally have someone from the old hometown on the map! Also, good for you for making a stand at work. It takes a lot of guts to speak out and I know how it feels going up against those brick walls posing as Japanese supervisors! Be proud that you have the courage to question and challenge and fight!
from grrldreds :
hey thanks so much for letting me look at your survey. i know how anal some people can be about there work! thanks again so much!
from grrldreds :
Hey, I am doing a study on ravers for my university and if you would be interested in filling out a survey it would really help me out. Everything is confidential. If you have any questions or would like to take the survey you can email me at [email protected].
from sasori-gal :
You go, girl! Believe me, there are plenty of bosses like yours here and sometimes it takes ultimatums before they realize you mean business. It's so aggravating! Good luck and good for you for standing your grounds!
from tripeyes :
Dear fellow Neruda fan, We are in the process of making the first ever documentary on Pablo Neruda in English, narrated by Isabel Allende. In this limited space I cannot explain the whole project but I hope you will visit our website, This is an independent production and we are $35,000 short of being able to go down to Chile and shoot. Any donation you could make, be it $25 or $25,000, is vital. And tax-deductible. Please visit the site. Gracias. Paz, Mark Eisner
from nudeplatypus :
Those Pepperide Farm bastards...I'm telling you, they lace those goldfish with something addictive...that's the only way to explain it.
from sasori-gal :
Oh my gosh...I have a twin! Wow! Thanks for your nice message and for making yourself known! I'm enjoying catching up on your past entries and it's almost spooky! I know exactly the song you are referring to! *heehee* Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I'm going to do the same! Say hi to LA for me! Cheers!
from jadedmist :
Thanks for joining the asthma ring. :)
from casperwoo :
there's also no fiber in ramen so i'm sure irregularity is another problem!
from addieplum :
oh my. safe travels to you.
from nudeplatypus :
Sure, your cousin wants the picture of David Hasselhoff...nice cover story.
from addieplum :
oh, send lorenzo to visit me! he could meet my lizard and thy cold perhaps run off to belize together. what do you think?
from weaselofdoom :
Hang in there, junk food just seems to have evolved into jedi-like life forms who whose to their mental powers to brainwash us into eating them. Wow, that would mean suicidal sloppyjoes and Kamikazi tacos. Scary.
from raverfaerie :
Thank you for being a raver :) Though Id never know it maybe Ill see you at a party some day!!
from annabanana9 :
thank you, thank you, thank you! reading your entries made me want to write again and more i am bored at work, with my boss who's an asshole just like really made that last hour sooo much better!
from plume :
no worries :)
from cairli :
Your Q: your car *must* have a name. describe and name your car. =) // My A: Well, since I don't drive, I don't *have* a car. Although, if I *had* a car, it would be named Quixote - y'know, like Don? Because I'm kind of a nut and I tend to chase "impossible dreams" - and I *looooove* road-trips. I would have to name my phantom car "Quixote". :) Thanks, again, for filling out my mad "oddalphabet" survey! LOL
from blustarr :
dude . . . i signed up to be in your blue diary and you love DDR too . . . you freakin rawk! i used to think it was stupid and made fun of people for playing it, but they got me hooked. good stuff. you rawk!
from blucarnation :
hey, thanks! i love your diary. the layout is really unique.
from raversweetie :
hii. belated welcome to the raver-ring! i really love your layout and how simple it is. :)

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