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from minstrelite :
I found you through sadmaroon and am adding you. I think your clarity might inspire me to clean up my diary.
from littleamelie :
I almost got to meet Bobby. I sneaked into one of his concerts by pretending I was a VIP or something and was well on my way backstage when someone stopped me because of my huge camera. I could've taken pictures of Bob in his dressing room blowing smoke rings.
from imatwin :
Thanks, it's the longest I've gone before. What's more funny, is that I didn't even notice when I read the note that you spelt it that way. Haha. I wish AtU was still in theatres :/ My computer is too slow to watch videos online. Than again, I can always use my friends computers. Haha.
from imatwin :
Oh, no I didn't get that impression. Personally, I have never gotten high before because I don't like that sort of thing; I've seen too many people destroyed by drugs, even if it is just pot. Not my kind of thing. Drinking... well that's a different story. I'm an alcoholic (sober for two months now, quite proud), but that's for just other reason. Besides, I don't see what would be so exciting about drinking and watching a movie. Haha. But yeah, if I had the funds, I'd probably go see it over and over just like you have. :)
from imatwin :
Well, I've seen few movies that have caused me to spend over thirty dollars seeing it in theatres. So that must say something. ;) The only thing that bothers me is that they're quite a few people in the theatres with me who are baked, and they think the movie would be boring if they weren't. Just makes me sad that people can't enjoy something so beautiful with a full state of mind. It's just... BAH! Anyhow, I keep saying I will check those rings out but I keep getting distracted. I really will go check them now. :D
from odetta :
Love your Beatles diary so very much!
from imatwin :
Lengthy note are always nice to read :) I would have to agree with you, Max is one of my favourite charcters in the movie. Though, it is rather strange how much he reminds me of my older brother. Haha. Female character wise I loved Saddie. I saw a lot of myself in her, I suppose. Prudence as well. The visual factor in the movie was amazing. When I first saw the movie I think I nearly passed out from holding my breath. I just couldn't breathe. I was in this frozen state where my mind didn't seem to want to work. Haha. My twin and I do get along most of the time. We can be best friends, but we know how to get on each others nerves easily, espeically my sister. I think her favourite 'sport' is to drive me insane. Well, she is the younger one :) She and I have become closer than before, though. But I'm sure by time we're twenty we'll never be able to spend a day without speaking. I suppose we have a strange bond. It is quite ironic that your twin is named Margaret. My friend, Margaret, is practically like another sister to me. I can't remember ever not knowing her, just like Christina. She just has no blood relation :) Oh, and back to the ATU diaryrings. I may go check those out ;)
from imatwin :
If I had the money I would definitly see Across the Universe six times (like you want to). I've always loved Ringo. It's really between him and George.
from imatwin :
Hi. I found your diary randomly. I'm glad to see I am not the only person out there who has seen Across the Universe three times, maybe a fourth if I can find some money by next saturday. Haha. But yeah, don't you just love that movie?
from brokenhands :
i don't know if i bugged you about this already: brokenhands is a public diary. you should write in brokenhands. the idea is stream of consciousness writing. no editing or backspacing. if you do write something there, let me know and i'll add you to the prestigious/purple older.html page. love, kirk
from pinkgur147 :
from vintagepearl :
Haha, no, definitely not your fault. I'm reworking my profile because I'm going to add a quote page to my diary at some point. Usernames will probably have quotes from their diaries instead. I'm goood, school's almost out here and I'm pumped, but pretty sure I may have to take some classes again next year :[ I lack homework motivation.
from vintagepearl :
Lesson learned: read notes before reconstructing profile. I forgot which quote you had. Most of them are things my teachers or friends have said, quotes that represent good times. Most of them do require explaination. So I apologize, haha. How are you?
from geeked-out :
oh Daniel. He's so beautiful. I watched Meridian again this morning before work and depressed myself. I just thought I'd share.
from sallydallydo :
Orlin is pretty darn cute, imho. ;-D Are you ready for the last season?
from vintagepearl :
Heyya, thanks for the add :)
from for-you-only :
Hi! Welcome to the for-readers diaryring. The idea behind the ring is that you at least read one entry of all the other members of the ring and see if you find anyone you like, and hopefully they will do the same for you. :)
from vintagepearl :
Hello :) It is, but I guess it hasn't been working well lately. I just made an alternate: username is vintage and password is pearl ... hopefully it works this time! Incompetent computer . . .
from for-you-only :
Welcome to the buttons diaryring!
from eloira :
Just a note to say welcome to the Altered diaryring :)
from vintagepearl :
Thank you :) If you want to hack in my username is vintagepearl and my password is this, feel free! I felt compelled to lock because I wondered if ever someone I knew from around here found it...... DASTARDLY. Anyways. :)
from for-you-only :
Welcome to the vocabuary diaryring!
from stephielove :
Thanks for joining my missingyou diary ring :)
from poolagirl :
Thank you for joining my ring! I look forward to reading more of your diary!
from xontopright :
welcome new user
from missfickles :
Thanks for joining the fuck-fashion diaryring! :3
from sallydallydo :
You ought to find someone who can play them and then put up some mp3's or something. Those lyrics are really good. I especially like "Sheep".
from sallydallydo :
Well at least they weren't REAL Furlings, they were Martin's imagined version of them. We still haven't glimpsed the real ones. ;) I LOVED 200!
from suspiriagirl :
From what I understand, if Vala gets to gether with anyone it will be Mitchell. Michael Shanks has said that there won't be any romance between Daniel and Vala. But I hear that Mitchell and her are going out on a date in a later episode.
from geeked-out :
Really? I quite enjoyed Season 9. What is it about Vala that you dislike?
from sallydallydo :
Hey! Email me! sallydallydo at gmail dot com. Doesn't the new season start this Friday? WOOHOO
from beagle47 :
re: your banner. yes. indeed. all my best to you, blue'. -=b47=-
from myramains :
So check this out, Lucy. I actually came to your page after having glimpsed your banner, which said "bluelucy" on it and instantly caught my eye. Here's why: I just broke up with a person who quickly turned into (or finally revealed himself to have been all along) a completely insane stalker, doing nutty things such as sending me emails claiming to be someone else named, canyabelieveit, "lucybluehappy". I see now that this is not you, as you are a perfectly normal jewish woman who writes, and not a crazed blind man who oozes lies when his yapping piehole is in the open position. Just thought you might enjoy a little slice of my wretched reality.
from geeked-out :
YES but what about Gatecon? Exactly Suspiragirl. I mean did you sneak into Michael Shanks trailer and take naked photos for me? Erm Not that I would condone such did you?
from suspiriagirl :
I'm glad you liked Canada and congrats on the new pet. Did you take any pics at Gatecon? Who else did you get to meet?
from geeked-out :
Tell us more about Canada! Congratulations on your new pet. If you are in the market for a naughty puppy I have one I'd be more than willing to let you borrow/have/whatever.
from geeked-out :
Hey I sent you an e-mail to the account your guestbook kicked back. I don't know if you got that, but check that account just in case. I haven't gotten an e-mail from you yet.
from suspiriagirl :
I agree that there wasn't enough Daniel in "Crusade". Hope you enjoy the season finale.
from geeked-out :
Hey I started a tv Recap blog and Stargate SG1 is one of the shows I'm doing, Me and Suspiriagirl are writing there and I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping do some of the SG1 recaps. My e-mail is androidtomato at gmail dot com. Later.
from razor-vixen :
Hey, don't worry about what others think. Just keep believing what you believe.
from geeked-out :
teehee Michael Shanks. I was worried when the show first started because I didn't know if anyone could replace James Spader. But he does such a great job as Daniel Jackson. Go Stargate. Thanks for the add =)
from green-kiwis :
i'm very impressed. we agree on a lot more than i would have guessed about that. bien, bien.
from green-kiwis :
i personally think that bush's movements into iraq have not provoked any action by terrorists. they don't like our lifestyle(s) (egypts, englands, usas) and it would have happened anyway. but that's just me.
from candoor :
go with it, you emotions deserve the time whether they are based in physical touches or visual stimuli... how else could artists create :)
from erunamagrnlf :
hey! i was just browsing and came upon your oh-so-cute daniel jackson template. love it! - Weller.
from sbbabe :
no problem anytime! in Him always, Lin
from green-kiwis :
i saw this great sg-1 episode with a time loop. have you seen it? very funny. anyway, i don't entirely understand you, but I used to have a devotion to harry potter much like your love. i cried a lot when i finally realized that harry potter wasn't real :( anyway, i read your short description, and for some reason read "tea" like "te-a" as in Tea Leoni. Thought you should know. Have a good day!
from green-kiwis :
Did you know that Sci Fi Channel does FOUR SG-1s every Monday? That's a lot of Daniels! :)
from love-fatal :
i admit, i'm honestly a bit frightened that you' love.. with the character of daniel to such a degree. but um, my advice would be please dont dismiss real life crushes, even if you dont find them as appealing. in the end they will be much more fulfilling than something that doesnt physically exist. you're in highschool. you should be liking hot boys with guitars & lying to your parents. do it. now.
from brittbrat :
Got to your journal via your banner. Boy was I shocked when I saw Daniel in your layout! I'm not alone! I don't have a pic of him on my layout, but he is without a doubt my favorite SG-1 character ever and I must confess I've had many a daydream featuring that gorgeous man. I'll be back again to read more entries (and stare at Daniel).
from sbbabe :
i luv ur banner! i've ditched real guys, fictional can be made perfect.
from suspiriagirl :
I only read 'Hitchhiker's Guide' last month and I can't wait to read the rest of them. I hope you enjoy it.
from suspiriagirl :
I love that Avril song too. I think it's the only one of hers that I do like.
from suspiriagirl :
I still can't watch 'Meridian' to this day. I cried myself silly last time I saw it. Broke my heart.
from thewayirock :
Your commentary on the Sponge Bob is not exactly in-depth.
from maria-laura :
I just realized you're jewish... co0ol, that makes two of us! lol, well.. your sister- sooo 3 I guess lol, plus la family! lol... I'm computer challenged and can't figure out this wholeeee imood business, but thanks for the note, write one back if you want? I think I sound like a big creep:| - weird! aha... This is a random note, I know...
from list-alive :
Hello, I just started a new listing site. Come get listed (no rules)!
from maria-laura :
Hey bluelucy, I was reading your sisters diary, and realized you're her twin sister? anyways, just wondering how you put your imood on your d-land entry, and how you got your links page that way? leave a note if you want... Thanks :) ps - lotr <3
from beatlesfan29 :
Hi, I'm a good diaryland friend with headinacloud, and she told me that you left her a note. I was suprised to see that someone writes about George in as much depth as I. If you browsed through a few of my diaries you'd see how huge my love for George is. I <3 him
from headinacloud :
thanks much for the note--it's nice to see more Beatles fans on here! adam & jamie are the best, love mythbusters, definitely one of my favorite shows, ever!
from death-bloomz :
YaY! You like LotR!! I thought the 2nd book was really hard to read, but I thought the 2nd movie kicked ass, lol. CyAz -|- Death-Bloomz -|-

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