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from volvo-buddy :
Backstreet Boy-licious!! WOOT WOOT!!!! I've been calling my radio station every hour to win a chance to meet them. God I can't wait! I didn't get tix for the NY concert. Did you get tix for any of their shows?
from igotnsboxers :
I need ya right now. I am going out of my mind with this while job thing. *pulls hair out*
from igotnsboxers :
Okay, it has been a while since I did this so I am leaving a note for you. STOP WORKING SO DANG MUCH! I MISS YOU! When are you coming down to party with me? Lamberts is calling and they are going to throw a roll at you. ;)
from volvo-buddy :
Yay!!! Happy Birthday!! Many wishes to you. Just to let you know I still read your diary.
from kitten42 :
Thank you sooo much on the review you gave me i dont usually get alot like that so it really lifts my spirits, how do you get on the top 100??
from beetreviews :
good job on the first review. woot. youre a lot smarter than some of the dumbasses ive had before. word.
from bluepyro :
Hey gorgeous! Hope you have the best time at the lake. Haven't heard from you in a while;b
from snookumsbaby :
HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY There...what ya doing...What about "Nook"? He's my snookums, my love muffin, my man, my babe, my mr sexual, my well MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE LOL! Anyways just wanted to say hi and NOOOOOOOOO you wont get those pictures hehehehe...I can be sneaky too ya know! LOL Rock On, CEEJAY CRYSTAL DRYSTAL DORY BLAH BLAH BLAH!
from bluepyro :
hey you! I know what you mean about the curve balls:\ I've been getting tons of them myself. *sigh* life is just too outrageous sometimes. I saw tomb raider; cradle of life! yey!
from myhearts4aj :
hey I want a new layout LOL...Whats up girl...looky at me, all updating my diary and sending notes, like a good little girl...dang someone pinch me I must be doing this in my sleep, cause I hardly ever do...LOL! Okay anyways I will talk to you laters.... :D ROCK ON, ROCK OUT, ROCK HARD, ROCK NICK STYLE!
from bluepyro :
oh crap:\ that last note was for another awesome person...oh well *shrugs* I heart you too!
from bluepyro :
I love you! You the sweetest! I've heard my heart is strong...which I guess is a good thing right? Well I don't know about strong but I know it tends to be resiliant...maybe not right away but sooner or later everything turns out okay. That's why I love keeping an online diary because it gives you the oppertunity to let people into your most private thoughts while recording your life. Lastly I just want to say how amazing you are! *hugs*
from bluepyro :
I got a new layout too! I love yours it's so *pretty* and reminds me of past relationships too;b It sounds like you get a huge variety of weather all the time...craziness...
from volvo-buddy :
Hey there!! WELCOME BACK! I really love your layout. I sent you the picture for my diary. TTYL
from volvo-buddy :
Hey! I'll send the picture to you's not a problem.
from igotnsboxers :
OMG OMG OMG MY DEAD CELL PHONE RANG! OMG OMG OMG a certian bear wanted to speak to you.
from igotnsboxers :
did somebody mention da lou???? i need a pic of me at the top of the arch...scared out of my wits ;)

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