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from benramot :
I'm glad I didn't give up the chance to know you. My life is forever changed for having known you. I just wish I had met you earlier or you had stayed here with us longer. But in the short time we did have, you became such a strong part of my life. What was with those vivian girls i mean? xoxo-ben
from nounverb :
thanks, does this mean you remember?
from mckay68 :
Thanks! And wow, thanks! You rule! xo K
from marygraceful :
I just found your site through echopunk. I read the entry about the Starbucks coffee and the coffee chemist who didn't even look mildly retarded and laughed so hard.
from towelphaser :
i've been thinking all day about the stupidness (stupidity? nah.) of naming songs after numbers, if you do it more than once. IT BUGS ME. i am bored at work. can you tell?
from towelphaser :
"one" is off the newest album. you're prolly thinking of "seven", off the first album. TRY MY DRINK NOWWWWWWWW.
from echopunk :
this is vaguely scary. i just saw i had already posted you a note, and oh well. i guess, youre still really damn cool? damn. ~j
from pixiia-8 :
Awwww yea! Get it ON in the club, that is too much fun. I'm glad you liked my journal! Sweet. Ezra read your's, and she is quite taken. she says she would also like to meet :). Yes, I am a loser who pretends her dog reads and speaks like a human. shh. That maybe is another reason your gange counsel is so timely. :). Pix
from stillill :
Well, I don't recall writing ugly in the entry, but I do remember writing fat in there. Once the shoes are stepped on it's fair game. As an offer of condolence one movie ticket can be picked up between mon-thurs.
from echopunk :
hehe. its about 2 am and you're diary is just about the funniest thing ever. it might be the choc chippies talkin' but im thinking not.
from geekyrobot :
yes yes tigertrap, and anything following is splendid. ! i heart j.otto too! good diary <3 geekyrobot
from girlflavored :
Grinell? Iowa? Where are you trying to drink beer anyway..
from near-sighted :
hey k8! just so you know, it's missthepoint - i've switched IDs!

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