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from love-me-more :
hey darlin'. i haven't been doing much reading on diaryland lately, but i noticed that you said something about your blood sugar and insulin. i went through that when i was pregnant. email me or leave me a note if you want to talk. *hugs*
from justmouse :
you, my dear, have serious depression. i know. trust me. i don't know if you can take medications while preggers...but please, please see your doctor! it's important! *hugs*
from justmouse :
it's good to hear from you again! life has been pretty crazy on our end, too. good to hear nothing terrible has happened (we were worried), but it's too bad that nothing fantastic has happened either (like winning the lottery! lol) i'm in such a rush today (we're moving) and don't really have the time to spend typing, but i just thought i'd drop you a note. hope to hear more from you soon! take care *hugs*
from iluvjessee :
from iluvjessee :
Hey girl! Congrats on the 5 years of marriage! I think my fiancee and I might be getting closer to it!!! Drop me a note sometime!! God bless! *Christina
from iluvjessee :
LOL Thanks for the tag! It made me smile:) (about being 28 and no liscence). I do need to get mine one day..I want to..But Im lazy..arrggg hehe God bless you! *Christina
from iluvjessee :
Hey! Please read the entry I typed in for August 16, .. I want people to get to know me. Im sending this to a lot of people. :) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you
from rosereviews :
Hi! This is Val from Rose Reviews, a recently opened review site. I hope you check us out, either to get a review, or to become a reviewer (which we're currently looking for.) Thanks!
from iluvjessee :
Hey! How are you? I'm good. Hope all is well there. I have made a neat webpage and if you would like to check it out and possibly sign the guestbook that would be wonderful! Thank you! God Bless *Christina The link is also in my diary
from iluvjessee :
Thanks! :) God Bless!
from iluvjessee :
Hey! What was that book about? I might have to try it out. :-) God Bless!
from justmouse :
I totally know how it is-not paying one bill so you can pay another! my whole life is like that! i'm glad you think i'm so positive! mostly i'm just a big firey ball of stress! really i'm not so insightful..i have a brief thought every now and then, but mostly i walk around in a complete state of confusion! LOL! i wish you lived closer, i think we'd get along great! take care!
from iluvjessee :
*Sigh* LOL If you get a message like this twice its because I tried to put it in your guestbook but I couldnt sign again so fast..LOL So, as I was saying, if your birthday counter is accurate, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your new friend Christina God Bless!
from swimlady0 :
John Edward is either the real thing or a really good cheat. You have to decide for yourself. He literally contacts deceased family members who have crossed over and provides powerful messages to people. If you have the tv can watch him on the SciFi channel at around 11pm EST. His show is called Crossing Over with John Edward. check your listings. I realize you are in Canada, so they might not even show it up there.
from vilks :
hey there :-) 'nother albertan diary got to like that. As to what I write in my journal ya they can be issues outside of my day to day shit but they are the ones that bug me most. I figure a person needs to vent about gets to them personally & not worry about if they are to "self centered" or not worldly enough. Thats a load of horse poop :-) ! Write about the stuff you need to get off your chest and feel better about yourself & you've done what matters most. Gonna add you my diary list & you keep writing about the stuff you need to feel better. GL
from auroraline :
thanks for adding me as a favorite! I read your entire diary and I like you a lot. Keep writing!
from calico7 :
thank you my dear for taking time to fill out my survey; your answers were delicious!
from wasteland1 :
"drink is a great provoker of three things: nose painting, sleep, and uring. lechery, sir, it provokes, and it unprovokes. it provokes the desire, but takes away the performance. therefore, much drink may be be said to be an equivocator of lechery. it makes him, and it mars him. it persuades him, and disheartens him. it sets him on, and takes him off. it makes him stand to, and not stand to. in conclusion, equivocates him in sleep, and, giving himt he lie, leaves him." Shakespeare said that.

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