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from f-i-n :
from herbgurl :
Hey, Could you drop me a note with your new diary address on it? I would love to keep reading. :-)
from princess03 :
hey it sounds as if the troubles with PL are better now... that's great... it makes me happy that at least someone in this world found that one great person and is making things work... hope everything is going okay and i noticed that you changed your template... pretty cool. anyway, hope everything keeps getting better for you two!
from noophiechick :
hey... you found me through the quebec ring.... although my diary could rightly be called 'anglo-adventures in quebec', why do you write in english? i was expecting to have to do more translating in this diary ring (good for me to practice!). good luck in the romantic adventures you seem to be having lately...ciao!
from princess03 :
hey, i just stumbled upon you from unsentletter, but anyway, i love how you write in french - i speak it sometimes, but not very well and i'm horrible at writing it... but anyway, i love the whole french writing it's awesome, and it's great being able to do that and i think it's wonderful to read. keep up the nice diary.
from buffysfaith :
saw your message in my guest book. I'm attending York University in Toronto. Thanks for signing. Later
from buffysfaith :
Thanks for adding me to your favs!
from tennis-lover :
i finally unlocked my diary!
from herbgurl :
Hey Boutish! It's me, HerbGurl Just in case you don't see the thread on BreathlessNoon, I made a Yahoo group, loacated here: Hope to see you there! HerbGurl
from double-life :
Well, I hoped to chat with you online, but I can never find you. Still, I like your diary, both of them, and still look forward to chatting with you. I tried to sign your guestbook, but it didn't come up. Oh well. Take care, and keep writing.
from tennis-lover :
hey, i will soon, hopefully unlock my diary, but i was helping a friend deal with a problem and some of the stuff is personal. Once that is a past problem i will open it up and tell u. hopefully sooner rather than later : )
from boutish :
yep, maybe that's my problem. I'm not that big of a genius
from keeds :
i have to admit, you're kinda stupid.
from boutish :
yeah right
from keeds :
send your pic
from keeds :
hi. write back.
from hidden-star :
I hope that you end up getting the job. In this one boring class that I have right now that is what we are learning about. Job Interviews.
from ankhesenaset :
Hey, I love the new look! Very nice. :)
from goldenlights :
when i have transparent designs, i usually do that in photoshop - there are ways (search google for a CSS opacity filter code or go to SGD's thread on it - -but the filters arent supported by all browers, which mean the design would look like ass in netscape :P sorry! if you have an image editing progrm i suggest that.
from poppyfish :
Mmm . . . nothing like French . . . such a gorgeous language. My very favourite. I'm going to Orleans in a year or so, and I can't wait to be surrounded by French-speakers. Oh, yes, see? I'm brown-nosing you because you're going to be reviewing my diary. Bad me. But I genuinely do like France . . .and your diary . . . ^^
from jedi-mouse :
hey!!! you peeked! what if I was naked or something *grins* hello to you too :)
from invisibledon :
I like your diary
from katzy-h :
Aiya! Apologies, but due to a rather messy family scandal that's going on right now involving my blog, it has to stay locked for a while so no more nosy people get into it. E-mail me and I'll send you the password for it. ^_~

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