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from thebeesknees :
dude! congrats!
from lass :
Yay for babies!
from lass :
Congrats on the new company! How fun! Also, you need to take time out of your undoubtedly busy schedule to write here again because I need entertainment. And really, that should be reason enough. :)
from candoor :
just browsing around and came across a wedding (does this mean I'm a wedding crasher?)... congratulations and a lifetime of happy boxers and briefs :)
from beautyx3 :
What a beautiful bride! Congratulations
from barbiewoman :
I had to lock up so e-mail me at [email protected] to get the password
from marebear78 :
Thanks, I'm just about to head down there.
from completeliar :
The Gods favor you.... and so do the Devils.
from marebear78 :
I haven't been the same since the Heidleburg burnt down. God Bless Columbia!
from gerberagirl :
'Bust' is the best! And thanks for the compliment - hope you had fun at your wine party (I'm sooo jealous)!
from artofliving :
YOU ARE SOOOOO BRILLIANT!! i feel that exact same fucking way about marrieds.
from himfan :
i have been caught talking to myself in a bathroom stall before, it was about 7 am in the morning not knowing that anyone else was up at that ungodly hour... and i was peeing and thinking "what time was i suppose to meet whats-his-face?" well i spoke it out under my breath and i heard a small suprised gasp. i finished up and came out to wash my hands and this horrible women with black stiff hair sticking out a foot from the whole sphere of her head, and bright red lipstick resembling robert smith from the cure... also horrible large gold jewelry hanging off of her every limb. her mouth was somewhat opedned and eyes somewhat bulged, looking at me as if i had just beheaded an animal and had some sort of ritual in the toilet. i just washed my hands and left. i should have taken a shit so she would have been more suprised.
from jimmysworld :
1) Lamar Odom 2) Bernie Mac. Oh wait...those are reasons I want to die.
from jimmysworld :
Hello. Tell me two reasons why life is worth living. Make them good.
from himfan :
guilty confession: i want to see mean girls also. i just enjoy seeing girls getting revenge on eachother, a sad confession. and yes tina fey kicks my ass.
from gerberagirl :
Thanks for adding me as a favorite, too! As your profile suggests, I went out and bought 'Bird by Bird.' I'm a how-to-write-book junkie - it gives me an excuse as to why *I'm* not writing. Anyway, I haven't gotten into yet but read the first page. I'm hooked.
from himfan :
i fucking LOVE the pixies, i would kill to be in that situation... being able to go to the show. one of my favorite bands. it kicks my ass that they got back together... i hope they go on tour more than once... jealousy.
from rockyraven :
from dooki :
Fair maiden, does anyone write you notes here, or am I the only irritant in your life, aside from razor burn on the bikini line? I too have had embarrassing mishaps with anti perspirants. Now I use Mitchum. A man's deoderant, yes, a stinky pit creator, NAY! I'm fucking weird.
from dooki :
I actually had a boss call me from out of town to call her children and relay a message for her because she was busy. keep in mind the fact that this conversation took 15 minutes. 15 minutes she could've spent calling her children her self, rather than explaining the message to me fourtimes. i mean, I'm an idiot and I can't understand English. i require lots of REPEATING and SLOW talking, just to be sure I got it all.
from dooki :
Hey, thanks for adding me as a favorite. However did you find my toilet of borken dreams? (not to be confused with "broken") i think Valentines for family members is creepy and incestuous. But grandma, she's FOXY. You am funny. Is you am comedian? I think yous like that guy Jack Handy, writin' them funny things all funny like. Shpedoikal!
from rockyraven :
Jude Law...I saw him in that space/DNA movie...he's pretty cool.
from rockyraven :
Thank you for all the great advice. I'll check out that book you suggested.
from rockyraven :
thank you. what do you have to do to get published as a freelance writer? do you have to start out with small local publications and then try to get enough exposure to maybe go on to something of bigger scale? what are e- zines? have you ever reviewed anything Manson or Tool?
from rockyraven :
what is freelancing? doesnt it suck to write about oral health all the time?
from deadseafruit :
sorry but ur name is just to good.
from rockyraven :
from rockyraven :
what is your occupation? Do you write for a magazine? Which one? On what subject? What did you do to get the job? sorry for so many questions
from lizasongs :
You left me a note! That's so rockin'. I just found it. Thanks!
from jason75 :
I won 70 bucks at the casino myself theother night! go me
from sarika :
i have been here before. Apparently I didn't leave a note. Oh well, i meant to say I like the diary x
from todzumir :
ha, the sears story sounds interesting.
from blueangelsky :
Hey. You seem really cool. I read your diary and I like it...byez *&*~~JaCkIe~~*&*

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