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from ecstasia :
Hey there. I would love your username and password if you are still updating. If you remember - yours was the first diary I read here and what inspired me to start my own. I hope you are well.
from milkmaid :
Oh. Never mind. I saw you last updated in 2003. I guess you're not back... Hope you are well!
from milkmaid :
Hey! You're back! Remember me? I miss reading your posts, so if you are amenable, would you give me a password? Thanks!
from cerebrate :
Where are you? I miss you. Come back. Come out. I think about you more than you would ever believe. Please be well and know that you are missed fiercely. Say something?
from indie-snob :
hello there! I just reviewed Goldfrapp's latest album, "Black Cherry," and thought you may be interested. I have a bunch of other concert and album reviews here, too. Check it out, thanks!
from squirrelx :
Thank very much for the note you left me regardin' my banners. Your kindness is profoundly appreciated. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from sylviashadow :
Thanks for taking my survey! Visit my webpage at and sign the book!--sylviashadow
from raven72d :
I suspect that you and I are quite apart politically, but nonetheless-- the idea for the book of photographs is dead-on. It has serious possibilities. Get a camera. Get down into the Underground. Cities underground, metro tunnels, labyrinths...those are always brilliant. And I do find your entries deeply intriguing.
from of-her-soul :
I suffer from depression and started this diary as an outlet for suppressed emotions, but it's branched out to cover many things. I'm a feminist, bleeding heart liberal and proud of it, an activist, environmentalist, SUV-hater, organic-eater (my mother used to work at Whole Foods, which was an organic grocery store (even their bakery had organic everything) so I'm used to it), vegetarian (for nine years, and still am), an animal lover, a poetry lover, and a film lover, too. Thanks for the Poe suggestion, xo.
from spectralone :
I see you're an Angela Carter fan. My creative writing teacher picked each of her students an author to work on for a special project. Her idea was to make us aware of established authors that shared our individual concepts and writing styles...I got Angela Carter. I just finished The Bloody Chamber. She's fucking brilliant.
from dark-matter :
yes, ayn rand is a little bit fucked up, but not nearly as much as your poe. o_-
from bugbite :
sounds like a fun party i dont think ive ever commented but i enjoy your diary :)
from dramoth :
tee hee! thanks again! libra, eh? I'm gonna scour your diary for a detailed list of your planets and comets, now! Oh, and I'm betting there has to be some fire in that chart. Your answer to #12 on the religion thing is a dead giveaway. =P
from of-her-soul :
I came across your username, and it caught my attention. Your diary is lovely, you should be proud. And I fully understand what you mean about crushes, but crushes come and crushes go, but love will never leave you. Take care.
from dramoth :
Awesome. You rock, thanks for taking my survey. I've got a bunch more. I've got to say your answers are among my favorites so far. And you pose another good follow up question at the end.
from deadthyme :
Thank you for taking my Halloween survey (it's my fav holiday, too). You should tellyour Republican friend (who just wants to pay less taxes) to join the Liberatarians- they're kinda like more fucked up Republicans who want to abolish taxes (although they're cooler in that they want a lot more personal freedoms that would make most Republicans (and Democrats, too) crap their pants).
from snotgirl :
//just wanted to say hi to a fellow feminist. :)
from infrequency :
in a quiet dynamic way, they sure do. but what also rocks is the abominable dr. phibbes. i picked it up on video along time ago, and still watch it. i love the fact that vincent price dosen't have a line untill over 20 minutes into the movie.
from moopsycho :
kewl. it's nice to know i'm not the only one who thinks that. Moo!
from jpeace121 : thanks for stopping by and for leaving a note ..thats so sweet and wonderful of you :)! Im reading are very well Peace Jen
from miraii :
Thank you very much, I always appreciate feedback. Happy Tuesday.
from zerom3ph :
left over prescription pain medication is ALWAYS a godsend in my experience.
from lil-arsonist :
hello! I recently joined your David lynch ring, and I was wondering if there are any Blue Velvet diaryrings out there that anyone may have created. I think there should be a search thing at diaryland where you an search for keywords in a specific diaryring. :) I dont know why Im telling you this. ;) But you like David Lynch, and I was just wondering about Blue Velvet. :) Thanks for your help! ^_^
from missleigh :
Thank you for the kind words. It's true. Sometimes I should just be more accepting. Sometimes I actually am, but not lately.:)
from autumnal :
Thank you Broken Glass! Checking you out...
from missleigh :
Thanks! We hope it turns out to be a wonderful house. You guys will get a home one day, too. I never would have pictured it a year ago:)
from stopme :
^.^ you have a great diary. it makes me think and learn and i also get to see your viewpoints on some of the things i discuss with some of my friends. keep up the good work
from ciara2 :
hey great name. sometimes i think my life is broken glass. but thanx for your great words. very inspiring. :)
from ravenheart :
Thanks for your great words.
from weatherking :
i think the new layout looks super duper!
from missleigh :
Thanks for the tip. I have found much relief from Cal/Mag, which I have been doing for a while. I haven't tried dong qi before, I guess because I always thought of it as an herb for hot flashes. Duh. Hot flashes are caused by hormones! I'll try.
from goodsandwich :
Removing oneself from the system? I'm not sure what you mean. Tell me more if you like.
from catwhisperz :
your diary is sooo pretty. too bad i cant make mine like yours. im happy for you anyway :) i love your username also.
from bluehair500 :
Hi! Just wanted to say you sound pretty cool because you like the Beatles and anyone who likes the Beatles can't be that bad. LOL. Bye.
from novacaine :
Thank you. Yers is nice too. P*N
from fremenchild :
I have read some new theories about the allergies/asthma thing... mostly about how our immune system is weakened, not due to pollution as previously thought, but more to do with the lack of exposure to microorganisms, ya know, with all the antibacterial stuff we use nowadays, our immune systems are like children who havent been taught anything. Anyway, I just thought it was interesting... Maybe we could discuss it more if you want to email me ([email protected]). Thanks for taking my survey... I do enjoy the more "intelligent" answers.
from heavenlyging :
Minis are great!!!
from missleigh :
I'm so glad to see you back!
from entity- :
Finally tracked you down...I admit, we're a bit slow.
from boodoll :
hey. came across your stuff. coolness! (sorry new at this forgive me if i sound dumb) bye
from milkmaid :
Okay... On your mark - get set - GO! Anthony Hopkins is a free man! Woo Hoo!!!! Ya wanna tag-team him?
from missleigh :
Whoa. I have definately felt like that sometimes too. I recently read something from a hindu meditation that I really love. "You have a body, but you are not your body. You have a mind, but you are not your mind. You have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts."
from walktome :
Hey if you have yahoo join my revolution thanks later.
from missleigh :
Hey, just a note on Tyrosine, I tends to elevate your blood pressure. I noticed it alot when I took it, I had to get off of it. I would get rapid heartbeat and a flush all over. But that's just me. I am doing pretty well on Sam-e so far. As far as yoour therapist, mine was actually pretty good about it. And you ARE strong. You're going to be just fine:)
from operacritic :
Thanks a lot for leaving me a note! I'm always happy to communicate with people. I love your layout. Where did you get the "Quickie" thing? -Floria
from oblivia :
Hey!! :) thanks for leaving me a note.... Always love to hear from people.. oblivia
from missleigh :
Yeah, my links are all better now! I was trying to fix up my fancy-schmancy new Tori Amos template. As far as picture paranoia goes, I guess I don't have anything to hide. (I don't think I do anyway..hehe)
from darcyargue :
Thanks for joining the revolution ring.
from weatherking :
Hi! it certainly is nice outside today, isn't it?
from mindspin :
you know you're just jealous you didn't get to go to jail. *wink* j/p. that entry was absolutely nothing compared to your playboy mansion adventure! talk about an interesting time.
from jodiemartin :
thank you for FINALLY getting a david lynch ring started. i was giving one last check through the rings before i started on.
from kumquat :
^ me: n. A citrus shrub bearing a small orangelike fruit, used especially for preservatives
from scoobykat :
thanks for signing my guestbook, I am glad to know that not all humans are as self-absorbed as some that I know. And I agree about the war too, it is stupid to have more innocent people die, whether they are american or not, they are still human.
from weatherking :
I've noticed how blue the sky is in LA, too.
from twizzle :
Thanks for leaving the note - I only just found it! All these new-fangled inventions!! In answer to your question, yes, we are allowed to de-register the children from school and educate them ourselves in the UK - there are organisations such as Education Otherwise where the families all get together to share the experience. I haven't de-registered mine though, because I didn't feel able to take on the responsibility of educating them myself. They still fall under the responsibility of the Local Education Authority who provide the home tutor and the recent link-up with The Satellite School because my kids aren't well enough to go to school full-time. I'll pop over and read your diary when I'm done here :o)
from milkmaid :
Hey! Thanks for the note! I really like your diary. I love to read the rants. However - I'M SOOOO marrying Anthony Hopkins! Just watch me! XOXO
from katzenklo :
rad layout. i like i like.
from apatheticq :
i like your diary more than creamed corn!
from ragnhild :
hope you will come back and write more...

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