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from ghostiness :
So whatever happened to that GMail invite? I never got one... in either of my email accounts, as far as I know..
from ghostiness :
Wheee I placed one out of one! Go me! Hee. Thanks, Bruce :)
from saamba :
Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, we pretty much knew you were going to be on our favorites list within 15 seconds of visiting your page. Keep up the good work.
from saamba :
Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, we pretty much knew you were going to be on our favorites list within 15 seconds of visiting your page. Keep up the good work.
from sourballs123 :
you are so right
from ghostiness :
Bwah! I was just playin' around, you didn't have to do that. *blush*
from jesbohn :
ha, welcome to the team dude. hope to see you around. love, me
from ghostiness :
Hee! Glad you enjoyed the traffic. I'm always willing to help promote anyone who makes me laugh. And yeah, I'm tweaking the layouts, learning the program and seeing what works. All one big learning experience. :)
from banefulvenus :
nice site!!
from ghostiness :
I've totally seen that before. That's so funny. And thanks for the notes, whether you mean them by now or not, hehe. Helps to get encouragement somehow or another.
from jesbohn :
ok, it is a fact that I love your diary. Hope to see you around bohnertime again. I can tell you you are gonna be seeing a lot of me. I loved the pic of you in the hole. ahahahahaha. so damned funny.
from ghostiness :
I couldn't help but notice that you added... ME! Oh god! *has trouble breathing* Well, okay, I may be overexaggerating just a teeny bit, but seriously: Thank you for...finding me worthy? *giggle* Seriously though, you rock. :)
from ghostiness :
Aw, much thanks, and a happy belated birthday to you too. And, Just kidding! April Fool's! :)
from banshee-rose :
great site lol
from sourballs123 :
i have a joke and im gonna put it here cus i dont kn ohow to psot it on ur site i got it from a friends so say u got it from sweetestpain its a dumb blonde joke an dits in no offesnse to al blondes there were 3 people in a elvator a blonde a burnette and a guy the burnette notics the guy has lice in his hair so she whispers to the blonde he needs head and shoulders the blonde answers i kno how to give head but not shoulders its nto funny to me but u can post it if u wnat
from sourballs123 :
cool site and diary hey come to my hell which isnt as funny as yours but its hell hell in menain diary
from living-lulu :
Funny site! Thanks for stopping in and signing my guestbook : )
from easyreviews :
Hey! you review is up... thanks for using easy reviews:)
from hadassah :
funny site. Gotta love it! Keep it up, just think, you're making people smile and laugh. That's a gift.
from sistercookie :
You are a funny, funny person. Have you looked at some website like or because the world needs more humor. For other funny people I recommend squirrelx (funny southern stories). If you have time you can take my funny survey as well. Humor is contagious. Tag Your It.
from pengin :
omg, ur site is soooo funny! hope u dont mind but I linked you from mine. ^_^
from brucedowns :
Bruce, you have some sense of humor! signed, your loving wife

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