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from shinogami :
Of course you're not dead yet! You did choose a course that will cause you much suffering, probably for a good long while, if not most of the rest of your life, but it was the means that you chose to approach your end. And from what I hear, despite some small setbacks, you are progressing well. Kudos! "Humankind cannot gain something without sacrificing something first. To obtain, one must give up something of equal value."
from feathers3 :
Love reading your diary, i come every day. could you add me please? I'll love you FOREVER! your new best bud, Elle
from djinkazuma :
Re: The Confusion. Think I know what you mean, it was painful getting through those PAGES, but in a really nerdy way, I was avidly interested in the way the evolution of economy was described. The author has this amazing way of drawing you to read stuff you would never imagine getting into. I have high hopes for the third, I just hope it's not even bigger!
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words
from robkohr :
Hi bsg, I was doing a google on myself and I hit a little complement you gave to me long ago at: I just wanted to say, thanks! Rob
from ex-stripper :
Why yes, in fact I am familiar with WOD, as I played first edition LARPs when I was 17. My Husband ran a rather large LARP off and on over 8 years. I never attended regularly, but I might start again because I have been expecting Ghenna since 1995, and I think it�s about damn time.
from ex-stripper :
Thanks for the note Bsg, I looked at your journal, and wow! You have great taste! I love Vasquez as well! I am really impressed by your lifestyle, surrounded by animals! Were you comp-lit? I eventually decided against comp-lit, I didn�t feel like studying for all those languages, not my strong suit :)
from raven72d :
Small Mongolian Ponies are Our Friends. They are named Edmund.
from yourmozer :
Yes, it was Tom Robbins actually. Thank you.
from jonathan :
Brilliant. Wierd how I stumbled upon you. But wow! An addictive read.
from itrymybest :
hey, thanks for adding me to your favorites list! i'm really flattered.
from smallraven :
beth my darlin, you are the sweetest person on the face of this planet and while I have been wanting to cry in a bad way all day, reading your journal made me want to cry in a good way (I'm a grrrly grrrl-- crying in a good way is a good thing)
from smallraven :
yay for beth's journal! :)
from lightgardian :
We all know you're a didn't need a test to tell us that
from shinogami :
go for it.... I like being quoted... provided it isn't used against me in a court of law.... that would be ... upsetting.... ;)
from lightgardian :
tsk, tsk beth....i knew that your vulgar attitude was going to get your ass in trouble with Rutgers. Serves you right though
from apatheticq :
water always looks blue to me.

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