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from laciryl :
jake-y's a cutie. you see moonlight mile?
from laciryl :
hey, just tried signing and it wouldn't work. anyway, about this: "she shunts me for people who are just as foolish and stupid as she is, but who does she come for for help, when it all falls apart..i do the best i can, but i can't save you from yourself."--amen, sista! i have a friend just like that. frustrating, isn't it??
from nicedream06 :
WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH YOUR GUESTBOOK? it won't let me sign :( anyway, laciryl is my new home
from wonderwall :
boys named adam are yummy.
from nicedream06 :
you're just a wealth of knowledge!!! if i had to guess, i would have said that it was from life less ordinary, i just wasn't sure. i figured trainspotting and moulin rouge, but i haven't seen any of the others. lithium-yes! thanks for that. and i'm glad you liked the tobey pic, i know i do! :)
from heidiann :
Hi and thanks so much for joining the Christmas Story diaryring!! xox Heidi
from wonderwall :
p.s. do i get some kind of a prize for being a psycho note-sender?
from wonderwall :
oh my! you went to waterfire too?! i went a couple of weeks ago. it is pretty cool. i feel like we're kindred spirits or something, tehe.
from wonderwall :
well, you can catch it tomorrow on the travel channel (saturday) at 1pm est. i reccommend it :)
from wonderwall :
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!! i love your layout! i just watched "ewan's jungle adventure" on the travel channel. did you see it? quite exciting i thought. he's so cute, and well, adventurous. now i'm going to read your diary, but i just had to get that off my chest. :)
from faithnomore :
quick that guy on your new layout Ewan McGregor? cause god, it looks like him! hah. I really like your stuff by the way I STILL like your stuff lol. haven't been here in awhile...keep it up! =)
from nicedream06 :
i thought this might be a welcomed change from the guestbook. lol (seriously) about the CD snapping in half, that's classic. like the title of the entry, too. don't you love it how right after that, lucas goes, "mm hmm." i think it's that part. gosh, i need to watch that movie again. "what's with today, today?"
from xcorix :
Hello there. My name's Cori. I found you on the sXe ring and I was wondering if you have a site(or a blog). If you do, please visit my new site Straight Edger. All the info you need on the site will be there. Thanks! Cori
from nicedream06 :
oh no, i feel bad for chris. i was originally amused cause of what had been going the fact that lisa was kind of obsessed with him and then she's not? and maybe part of my amusement was a coverup for my guilt about being such a baby about it when i found out. (all dramatic and such) no, i'm not heartless. :) and they didn't really date-just for about 2 weeks. maybe that explains it more? p.s.-you need a guestbook!
from angrystarlyt :
Oh, God, yes...have you been digging through my CD collection?
from nicedream06 :
nice going with the 2am AIM chat. when that happened to me (and, oh yes, it happened a few times), i got all sappy and gave into the missing me junk. i wish i would have pretty much ignored it like you did.
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the backstage diaryring!
from nicedream06 :
wow. i think we might be long lost twins. :) don't you hate it when people say stuff like "cheer up"? or even worse "smile" grr... i had a guy at a mcdonald's drive through say that to me once. why don't they let people have their own emotions? ah, well. just wanted to share your frustration. :)
from nicedream06 :
hey. here's the link: but now that i can actually see the picture in your layout (because i'm not at work with a thousand year old browser), i can see why you like it. just another option for ya, though. :)
from nicedream06 :
y'know, i just saw a virgin suicides layout last night. i'll find the link to it when i get home (i'm at work). i guess this doesn't help you much now then, does it? haha. sorry.
from nicedream06 :
blah to whoever said you're boring. and make sure to not tell them about my diary. :)
from mssassypants :
HI! Randomness has a new feature! Its called the Randomness is a special chat room designed for Randomness members only. Dont forget to check it out. Drop me a line and let me know how you like it! Stevie randomness owner
from pansyreviews :
Hey, I guess we did overlook it! ^^; Sorry! =)
from nicedream06 :
be strong. i don't know circumstances, but talk is cheap. words are only words. "i miss you" is in no way "i'm a jerk, i'm sorry."
from mandypandy83 :
Thanks for joining the Made in the 80s ring.
from aviclark :
Thanks for joining the Aragorn diaryring! :)
from faithnomore :
hey, I found your diary through diary reviews and I just love it! the design is adorable and I've been listening to Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American CD non-stop too. I am in love with that band ;) I see you like Radiohead as well. Yay! Keep it up and I shall definitely keep reading. Cheers.
from nicedream06 :
hey-thanks for signing my guestbook, and for putting me in your fav. diaries. if you're interested in getting your very own mousetrail, email me. it's not that hard to add. :)
from nicedream06 :
i just read a few of your entries, and from what i read, i i think i know how you feel. (or maybe i don't know what i'm talking about:) i guess that's all i wanted to say.
from gilneas :
Thanks for joining the lilacs ring! -jessie

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