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from excogitate :
Glad to see you back and sorry about ladybird. She was pretty. Hugs
from rotted :
well girlie... you're on your way there! and i will be cheering you from the sidelines anytime you write about it and i see it! lol!
from wilberteets :
Caela, ER was tragic as usual. Ray Liota was on as a man who was dying from cirrhosis of the liver. He was bleeding out from varices caused by the cirrhosis. His life had been full of tragedy and he refused the treatment to save him. He decided to just lay there and bleed out. He had been in prison and hadn't seen his son in many years. Over the course of the show, you find out that he was just a guy whose life was devastated when his wife was killed many years earlier. He started drinking, ended up in prison, lost track of his son... but he loved him. And in his dying hours, his son was angry and just said "nice knowing ya" and hung up when they called to try to get him to come say goodbye to his father. Wouldn't come to him. The dying dad cried, very pitifully, I might add. The whole time, he's having flashbacks of his son from before he went to prison, when the kid was little. He keeps hallucinating that his son is there. He thinks Pratt is his son right at the end when he is dying. Pratt never knew his father and he sees this absent father whose dying thoughts are all about his son. It's all about tragedy and remorse and no second chance. It was sad. And Ray Liota was looking like hell. It was freakin depressing. I posted this in my comments, but I wanted to copy and paste it here too, to make sure you saw it.
from rotted :
thanks for stopping by. i guess the answer to your question is simply that i panicked. i wasn't thinking... and when i was it certainly wasn't clear and i just panicked.
from urbancadence :
Don't feel like the left-out one in the Diaryland community because you're Canadian. Feel proud instead. We're envious that you're not under the rule of a pretzel-choking idiot, and you can live pretty much however you want. I wanna move to Canada!!!
from resrap :
Wow a refreshing layout.
from urbancadence :
Happy anniversaryyyy!!! :)
from freed0m :
Just saw your comment asking me whatever happened with Bro. Actually, after like five days, he still hadn't read the e-mail. So I unsent it. I was starting to feel weird about e-mailing him and accusing him without talking to him about it first and giving him a chance to explain the situation. Have I talked to him and given him a chance to explain the situation? No. Not yet. I need to. I'm putting it off because I don't want to do it.
from rachel-what :
u r a freak!!!
from misspinkkate :
thanks so much! she's a charmer.
from urbancadence :
Okay, let me give this a try... aldehydes are organic compounds with its penultimate carbon double-bonded to an oxygen and single-bonded to a hydrogen, right? Or is that a ketone? ARGH, organic chemistry will be the bane of my existence in the MCATs, I tell you!! :(
from urbancadence :
Yaayy! Congratulations!!
from candoor :
again, I find myself aimlessly wandering around DLand and I am here... smiling :)
from resrap :
That explains it. Thank you.
from candoor :
like an ancient memory, you inspire my smile :)
from myhappiness2 :
What a cool layout! & what even cooler commentary. Good luck on those allergies.
from urbancadence :
I'm torn - on one hand, I'd like for the time to pass quickly so that I'll be done with finals sooner. But on the other hand, I want time to pass slowly because I still have so much material to revise. I'm never happy with anything, heh! :)
from wolfsoul018 :
Hey, saw the the advertisement (if that's what you'd call it) and it said just read it so i did. lol I enjoy theatre, loreena mckennit, and lotr 2. just thought i'd stop by and say hi. lol
from urbancadence :
Yaayyy! Thanks!! NOW maybe I can find the cool-chemist population. 'Cos there sure aren't any at my current college! :)
from kdoestheatre :
Oh yea, I have the BatBoy recording- I've never seen the show, but I still really enjoy the music. I can't imagine anyone who hasn't seen Wicked enjoying a recording of the show- what a snooze fest!
from velvetorange :
i have no clue if i have ever wrote you a note, but this would be the first one. i read your diary everyday. it never ceases to amuse me or inform me. that poor woman. hopefully she was paid a lot. but just letting you know that I read your diary all the time! just a loyal viewer~
from kdoestheatre :
Thanks for the note under misspinkkate....I joined the theatrefreak ring, along with a few other theatre rings...please let me know if you have any ideas for the site! Thanks!
from serenaville :
Luxurious B&Bs! Yesssssssss! That's more like it!! I am SO there. When does this winery tour take place, hmmm? Deets, woman! Deets!! If I can possibly manage it, you *know* I'll come with. What better way to meet for the first time, than going and getting soused?? HA! :D
from urbancadence :
We should get together next Halloween with dyed-black faces. We could pretend we're members from Kiss or something. That'd be fun :) And by the way, I hate organic chemistry. Just thought I'd let you know.
from ex-stripper :
Your bird is adorable! They are the happiest of pets aren't they. Anything that can be that overjoyed that the sun came up...
from urbancadence :
I dunno about the chemistry group at my college. At this club fair, they had the brilliant idea to hang chemical symbols on themselves (O, Na, C, Hg, etc.). and then they ran around, coupled with other members and said things like "Look! Now we're carbon dioxide! Cool, eh?" So yeah, I'm not <i>quite</i> sure about their parties ;)
from serenaville :
Thank you for the comment sharing in my happiness, and for the support, caela! I am so dismayed by the server issues lately, getting to chat has been a bear... but I've been trying!! Know that I miss you. Thank you also, for the offer of help with that code I need... I'll e-mail you with that! :)
from lifeasme66 :
Hi Caela! Just wanted to say thanks for filling out my survey =) I've added you to my buddy list *HUG!*
from serenaville :
D'OH!!!! I forgot today was the 5th! That's what happens when it all seems like the same, endless day. Time and dates mean absolutely nothing. See you on your return. Break a leg, hon!!! *HUGS*
from moodymelinda :
OMG that face on your template appeared in my latest nightmare!!
from curious-me :
Hi there, I clicked on your banner one day and started reading your journal. Just thought I'd let you know that I enjoy your 'musings'. Oh yah, I'm also your 'neighbour' -I live in Kitchener. I thought it was pretty cool to read someone from the same area - to know the places you talk about etc. Anywho just thought I'd let you know that I enjoy reading your journal.
from serenaville :
oh my goshhhhhhh. assassin asked to read my diary after you left!! COMPLETELY unexpected, much?? caela, I had to quickly edit all my ranting about that other guy in my entry, in case assassin read it! OY. Just wanted you to have the heads-up, because it seems assassin intends to be a regular visitor. One should never bite the hand that tech supports! ;) Talk to you soon.
from pinkyredrevu :
Hi Caela, this is the reviewer for pinkyred, upon inspection of our link on your site; we found that it is in error. Please correct this error and send us a note to let us know. At that time we'll add you to the pending list. Thanks! 8o) ps: hope you read the rules.
from serenaville :
Thank you for the support about my ring! I'm going to try Lauren's suggestion the next time I visit my mom. I'm sorry about the hair confusion. Yes, it was definitely hard to tell in the picture. lol Still, you could be Lynne's slimmer twin! :)
from face-yrself :
i dont know mabye you should put a scoop for your banner that might just make the differance... lol... another freak,
from face-yrself :
i dont know mabye you should put a scoop for your banner that might just make the differance... lol... another freak,
from godmoney :
awww--ur so cute! i love watching city slickers w/my family + the red violin is a good movie 2 (hot!).
from thevow :
Can you share what NDMA means? I'm curious.
from eggshelldanz :
If you are dizzy, you probably have an ear infection, my mom just had a wicked one, so you might want to go get that checked...feel better!
from ex-stripper :
Hey, thanks for the note and whatnot. I have actually surfed to your site via banner before. Alas, I use Netscape, so I can�t see any of your posts:(
from kittyleopard :
Love your diary...its really awesome! band geek here. *raises hand high* Haha CYA. DON'T BE A STRANGER NOW!! :)
from thegreathot :
Wow... I always wonder how drastically different real life theatre (versus my shitty high school) and performing for a completly strange audience would be... What's the biggest difference? can you tell me? ...I'll definetly be back.. Ryan
from candoor :
sometimes life is like that...
from sourballs123 :
damn u wite alot in ur diary i mean entries hey check out my hell or diary wateva
from laurish :
I would have signed your guestbook (I like them much better) but is sort of down. so anyway. I saw your banner and was interested. my mom's a chemist (but don't worry, I won't hold it against you), I'm a theatre freak, (but I'm feeling deprived! I haven't been in any sort of dramatic anything since july. that was alice in wonderland. I was alice. woo hoo!) I'm a musician (percussion!), and I'm a total geek (I've put parentheses [sp?!] after everything else, so I felt compelled to do the same here.. hence my geekness). so yeah. at the end of your latest entry, I saw you were hating forgeting important things. I know how you're feeling. I forgot Monday. And didn't realize it until today-- Wednesday. whoops.
from misspinkkate :
Pleaase join the new Musical Theatre diaryring, MusicalT, started by me!
from avira :
Hi! ::grin:: I just found your diary at random on the icanspell ring... not exactly the most relevant ring, but as I also happen to be a theatery person I thought I'd say hi... and I'm really enjoying reading your diary! okay, I really ought to say something intelligent. :-D
from captvfirefly :
Hi there. :) Thanks for the note - I'm always curious when I see tons of page views....brings out my paranoid side. Glad you like the journal. Sorry to hear you're going through the same thing I am. If you need to vent, feel free. We can swap stories. :)
from vocal-magick :
Love the diary! I'm in your theatrefreak ring, lighting girl and proud ;-)
from satens-life :
hey me being the concer stange again soz. im a bit worried about the drugs you've been put on. they cant be right if your not hungry its bad for you to eat so little. if youve read my diary this will sound very hipocritical. next time you go to talk to this counsilor your should tell him/her -lisa
from satens-life :
hey dont despair even if life is etting you down there are always friends you can turn to. even if its a strnger you find easier to talk to. im sure other people have offered their support but i can always chat if you want but i think you being in america that would be hard unless you email me. im sorry if im like the thousandth person to offer an ear i know how it feels to have lots of people saying oh you can talk to me. but i dont mind either way. if you wanna chat you should find my email on my diary some where. -lisa
from thesidekick :
you need to check the html code for your teatrefreak ring. you are missing a </center> tag somewhere.
from godzgirlz :
In searching through some of the Dairies on here I came across you...great diary peace xo Piper Anj
from ediblmercury :
Ha. Thanks for, well, kind of explaining the weird link thing. Ok, I'm gonna go delete the note you left now cause if someone sees that and doesn't know what were talking about it's gonna look pretty bad :P
from ediblmercury :
I see this oral sex donation thing on peoples diary, adn I'm just kinda wondering, what the hell is it? I clicked one once but htat's as far as I got. I was a little scared to go any further. So if you could just explain to me in full what it is for, I'd be grateful :P
from lilmissalien :
p.s. Love the diary too!
from lilmissalien :
Hello! A Brit Cognitive-Scientist/theatre junkie here! I see AFTHOTWTTF mentioned in the note below mine - how excellent - I'm currently rehearsing for a Sondheim revue being put on in London's West End in 2 weeks! Hurrah for the science/theatre combo!
from rabidliberal :
Heya. Love the diary. Love the subject =) I'm a Biology/Theatre freak. I'm always running the lights during the 3 or 4 shows we have a year. Next up: The Crucible, after the very very funny... A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. =)
from soj :
I'm that way with Chinese food. There's never enough :)
from katehackett :
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice diary luv. Nice. And...yah theatre! Give my ring a gander.
from alethia :
Yay for theatre! Theatre kicks bum (though yes, I agree, the stress, oh the stress!). Peace out.
from kbaa :
from allie-ballie :
I came across your diary my accident today and I'm glad I's very interesting and the layout is very nice - i'll definetly be back again :) see ya
from xxmizeryxx :
hey thanks for joining my diary ring chick. rock on ~Misery
from kimchery :
I worked as a techie at a non profit theatre growing up, and it became my major. Nothing else is better, and I'm so glad I found your diary ring!
from lilybeebrite :
thanks for thanking me for joiining your diaryring! nice to have someone be so friendly. see you around xxx
from diaryreviews :
Hi! Your review has been posted at Diary Reviews. You can check it out at Thanks for choosing us!
from oedalis :
hey! a fellow charles de lint lover! just saying howdy on behalf of the james-lover ring! i'm the moderator-person-thingy. welcome!
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the backstage diaryring!
from cairli :
Ooooh! You found my D'ring! Woohoo! Thank you so much for joining and I shall return for more diary-reading. Muhahaha! ;)
from kissesfrome :
im new 2 this whole diary thing, but i joined ur diary ring
from davenh :
I know it's been a while since we talked, but... Lintilla? MacLeod? :) (which I imagine will earn me an immediate black-list, but... *grin* juuuuuust kidding)

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