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from candoor :
so if you are not using your candor at diaryland, and since candor is my name, you might want to just give me the candor at diaryland name and then i'd forever pay tribute to your candor, i mean generosity... whatever you decide, i hope life is fun wherever you may be...
from candoor :
seems we can be confusing (hope life is happy on your side of FL :)
from ariza :
Oh, I'm sorry; I thought you were canDOOR!!! Please forgive me.
from ariza :
Whoa...nice layout. Why are your entries so short now? Not that I'm complaining....last year, there was this guy who had folded a sheet of paper and was talking in it down the hallway. He called it "his razr." I remember those days back in '97 when paper cells were all the rage...
from vix280 :
I locked My me for a user name and password..Yea it happened...
from vix280 :
Hey gimme access...Im not a freak....
from the-book-bag :
I'm terribly sorry to bother you but was it you or "candoor" who left a note for me? -cat
from thefallofart :
username: sunkship, password: lungs
from false-apathy :
Just out of mere curiousity, where is that picture from?
from compie :
I just realized i havent talked to you in forever..where have you been?
from funda :
The classics are classics for a reason, but until we find that reason we just sit and wonder why.
from candoor :
like a real unknown...
from darkcreation :
Happy Crishmash xx
from realitychic :
de nada
from darkcreation :
Hello. I have insomnia. I like your diary. Hmm. Bye.
from watercolored :
My bad, thought you had gone to Live Journal. You're up now :)
from watercolored :
Couldn't find a valid reason to keep resisting, so I added you.
from realitychic :
hello. i saw your diary on compie's fav. list so i though i'd check it out. to make a long story short you're now on my fav. list (p.s. i love your layout..and your diary in general)
from jason75 :
who is she of teh conversation! I think I love her too! .. cigs were my best friend...
from ravieslave :
I also hate phones. But, somehow, it just makes sense in my perverted cerebrum for a girl to submit devotion to a boy via waiting around for hours for a phone call. It's romantic, in a way, if only it could come equipped sans the complaining and hollering. My cell just vibrated. I just hit the "ignore" button. I like the slight quiver of your voice. You don't have to issue a disclaimer, however, when instigating an audio entry. Just speak.
from itsdorkrock :
You make me want to come back to diaryland. You are amazing. I logged in just to tell you this. Stina.
from therat :
i agree. did you know the guestbooks cost money now for new signer-upers?
from candor :
They should date these things really.
from leely :
youre [very] welcome<3
from leely :
hi there. i just ran into your diary. &i love your layout; its beautiful</3
from pennyjane :
My god, that useto happen to me when i was little, except it was a mans voice. I would freeze though. And not move until i fell asleep again.
from k-o-d :
jason... get me the following info asap... name, location (city, state), email address, whether or not you want the email posted on the members page, birthday and a quote you feel compliments your journal. thanx.
from chikbeatnik :
eh. we took you back cos we love you. why do i love you? remind me. make sure your effin icon is up. <3
from missdiamonds :
I have a new aim screen name...x abacinate x...come find me sometime?
from madamdarling :
i miss you.
from missdiamonds :
I...wish you were here. I'm sorry.
from cw4418 :
welcome to the void
from autumnal :
from januaryanya :
shhh if you are quiet in the morning you can hear the sounds of our breathing, vibrant and shaken and afraid of something ahead of us that we've desperately wanted somehow. *listen*
from januaryanya :
from freshsoul :
"he who understands you is greater kin to you than your brother...for even your own kindred may neither understand you or know your true worth..." --gibran
from missdiamonds :
[loving you from afar]
from deadwithbows :
hey, not sure if your aware but i've been reading your diary for ages and have had you linked for a while. was sure u wouldn't mind and just thought you'd like to know. keep up your work, it's fucking awesome.
from pennyjane :
If this death, was related to a knife, or gun, this is actually a dream relating to men's sexuality. Apparently..
from pixiia-8 :
Da-na-na-na-nana..THEY SAY ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!...da-na-na-na-nana...ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOO YEAH!...well, that's not true, its not my birthday..but its yours! Peace on it :)
from ugly-arms :
oh, well yeah, but they're like, 12-14 yr olds, and they say that they love me so i'm not really gonna argue, nahmean?
from ugly-arms :
did i abuse the caps lock? thats not like me.. and thank you for the spellcheck.
from januaryanya :
you remind me...of something almost faded, almost just beyond where my memory stops and my ideas begin. you remind me of someone, someone i loved and hated and wanted desperately to die but also to be saved. there is power in pain, and something deeply frightening about light; but there is a peace in the absence of either. thank you
from missdiamonds :
i came here to write wonderfully pretty things but i can't find the words to do you justice so i shall go to bed safe in the knowledge that i have more of you left to wake up to tomorrow. take care. xoxo.
from phatgrrl :
from soul-mixture :
ur writting are really deep and beautiful! u really do deserve a bigger praise then this. Keep up the good work. take care.
from heartshaped :
beauty = you.
from ghanima :
I would have (might have) passed you diary by as another too-succinct minimalist, but for the plato is alive/plato is dead links. An iconoclastic classicist, I am an avowed enemy of said, and was piqued by the interesting reference. Invitation extended for conversation, in hopes that my dislike for minimalism will not offend.
from fille6 :
banners, effective as hell.xo
from deadwithbows :
your writings are good. i've linked it from my own. thought you'd like to know.
from autumnal :
oh and i loved truffauts les 400 coups
from autumnal :
your words touch me down deep. lets ... know ... eachother ... somehow
from georgialee :
It's a ghost town around here.
from coat-hanger :
come back, punkface!
from soulepiphany :
She is sorry if there was a certain Surreality of a Crimson girl who chose to talk to you without you knowing her that is a part of why you are closing your diary. This Surreal girl will now begin to fade out. ~sara
from pennyjane :
Hey there, i like your diary.. (you like Weezer hey, i went to seem them in April) woot -cj
from georgialee :
Optic Nerve! Adrian Tomine! I just bought that comic book for myself the other day. I sat in a little diner, drank coffee, wished I smoked cigarettes and read that book. It was beautiful and sad and poignant. Wild to see it in your journal this morning.
from conclusions :
yes, I do feel as though I have a lot figured out.
from chick-lit :
"hot legs"? you cad.
from trulypoetic :
I really like your diary and while trying to figure out what font you're now using, because I just like it....I noticed your email address is I live in the same area. No wonder I think you're so kewl. ;-) Hang in there, keep writing it all does help!
from entity- :
Not bad.... a Speaker for the Living.
from alioth :
i lost myself awhile ago. i might be hiding in my closet, somewhere with the skeletons. hanginthere.
from simplymine :
i love the layout, and i love what you say.
from minrho23 :
Nice to know that by candor, you're willing to admit both the good and bad about yourself. The result kinda twists and smooshes the heart. A nice mix of honest and entertaining.
from bridget29 :
Invisible people embrace me with your words... Candor truly has a gift.
from georgialee :
Candor... I like saying that word.
from anglezdust :
hey i justed finished an essay for my film class about the conversion of the cyberpunk novel by philip k. dick into the neo-noir film "blade runner". i like the image. i think it is classic.
from trulypoetic :
I like the new image. Despite other's thinking I'm a pure bitch after saying someones layout sucked lemons, at least you know I'm not blowing smoke up your ass by telling you that I truly like the image. It's just a little too far to the left. But so am I still dig it.
from trulypoetic :
you're right you know. So it doesn't matter that I think you're one of the few gut wrenchingly honest diaryland inhabitants then...
from jinnyv :
Arg. I didn't know how to put it. But I figured that's how it was. I really suck at stating things the right way. Arg.
from jinnyv :
I'm back. And my oh my. That suicide bit was...? Suicide never solves anything. Guilt. Augh. Guilt. Anyway, my dad does that time thing too. "Get up! It's 1:30!!!" Get out of bed, look at clock. Reads, 12:15. What the hell is my dad talking about...? Arg. Crawl back into bed. Sleep for five more hours.--Laughed my head off until the end of that entry. But life does that to us, huh. Yeah. Hang in there. Life ain't so bad....
from ayatollah :
Are you a snub machine? Snub machine . . . I just realised I'm stalking you. Arg.
from fuckingdrunk :
we should certainly have a discussion. -TJ Lee Williams.
from missamantha :
Hey man its Missamantha checking in wit u. Hope you're doing well xx
from poetictoad :
Poor you. I wish I lived anywhere near you so I could act or be camera person for you. Actually, I can't really act, I have been taking classes for camera work, though. I'm sure it will work out. Because your so dedicated to it, you want it so much! And don't listen to people if they tell you it's crazy, or stupid or whatever, because you seem so smart! =) Im sure the movie will be marvolous!
from ayatollah :
Dear Candor, hi. I'm ayatollah. Your diary was recommended because I'm awfully confused about love at the moment and you have a superbly appropriate quote to ease my troubled mind. I love your entries; and took particular heart in coming across a crowded house quote on your page (They're new zealanders; as am I) along with all the lyrics to What's Going On. My entries are avaliable to you under the password Inigo; I'd be honoured if you checked them out/wrote back. Persever with them; the latest ones are poorly written and emotional but some of the ones in the archive may interest you. In any case; you strike me as a very cool person. I want you to know this because too rarely are people aware of their own fantasticness (That is not a word; incidentally). More than meets the eye; Ayatollah. Cheers
from taziza :
thank heaven for vain masochists~ walk in beauty
from neon7c :
*sigh* i love that song.
from prologue :
oh, how i know that week before finals feeling. heh heh. best of luck to you.
from georgialee :
hang in there darlin. Life's good, you'll see. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. ;) G
from poetictoad :
Hey, hey, I'm sure it will turn out exactly how you want it; if you want something enough you can do it. Good luck, even though I'm so sure you won't even need it.
from xashesx :
beautiful design. your banner caught me, what with the incubus line and mr. hartnett. keep it up.
from jinnyv :
I've been rackin my brain. Where is the line "a kind of hush all over the world" from??? Arg. Oh, and I don't think you're that whiny. Hell, whoever wrote that down there hasn't read MY diary. Plus, if these are really, truly diaries, there's gonna be a lot of whiny crap. :) S'all good....
from minrho23 :
beautiful! Elegantly designed and elegantly worded
from jinnyv :
hehe... well, you know what? You'll never figure girls out. Because you'll maybe finally get the main stereotype, but then you'll run into some girl. And you'll be so intrigued by her, because she is NOT like every other girl. :) But it's okay that way. Well, I think it's okay that way.
from aesthesia :
oh my god, you're funny...
from aesthesia :
right on! you can do it. i haven't watched TV since 9/11. i don't even own one. it's good for the imagination (and the sanity, to a degree, perhaps) to go without, methinks.
from aesthesia :
exactly! how lovely you describe it. if only i'd been there ;)
from eyesonthesky :
I have never heard anyone use the word "lanai" except my family. I even started feeling stupid saying it, because I thought no one would know what I was talking about. Finally, I have found...I am not alone.
from simplymine :
I read you, and I wish I could write like that. Sadly I'm jealous and still lost.
from aesthesia :
you, soft and only... you, lost and lonely... you, just like heaven.
from freshjoy :
A winter's day In a deep and dark December I am alone Gazing from my window To the streets below On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow I am a rock I am an island I've built walls A fortress deep and mighty That none may penetrate I have no need of friendship Friendship causes pain It's laughter and it's loving I disdain
from grlscout :
You're pretty whiney sometimes. Waah waah, poor me, I'm so bored, poor me, I'm so lonely. Yet somehow you have all your limbs, money enough to have internet access and lonely Diaryland gals pledging thier love to you in your guestbook. I think I even complimented you in there once. Life's pretty short to be so brooding all the time, I reckon. Whatever works for you though. Yaaaaaaaawn. ;)
from poetictoad :
Your awesome, I think I'm in love.
from neon7c :
flashes in mirrors are a bad thing :)
from weezer1d :
safety pins are cool, deconstructed. have some on some old army pants, to keep the hems up
from candor :
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
from pixiia-8 :
Yes! I dig that! My little shiny red cafe :). I can't get into your guestbook today, sigh. I'm on a crappy computer. I sigh because I love seeing my messages looking like little indie rock albums like they do there. The layout you've chosen makes everything we say look so poetic and on the fringe of society. It's awesome.

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