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from fatcowww :
Saw you listed on "recent public entries" and clicked thru for a look. Realised pretty soon we are just about neighbours, or used to be, perhaps - though I say that loosely. It's rare enough to find an active diarylander from Australia these days, and it's been a very very long time (approx ten years) since I've found one who mentions places like Enmore and the Townie. I've lived in that general vicinity for the last 20+ years, so that's "neighbours, loosely speaking", imo :)
from suffer-never :
Oooh. I saw REM twice.. what did you think?
from punkispink03 :
you dont know me but i just wanted to let you know that ur diary is pretty cool ♥ caila
from gymclassrope :
*woot woot* kick ass profile.luv it
from pacifier80 :
I'm boooored! Write a new entry for me to ponder over! Don't forget to call me tonight, I'll be free until about 9:30. Going to the espy to see Gen maynard play:)
from blueshoe :
Hey man, thanks for your guestbook entry... you know, I did think of it, but I thought you'd be asleep. I'll know better next time :) Thanks for being there.
from carraway :
Aw you guys are so sweet :) Damn blueshoe and I've been trying so hard to escape too ;)
from blueshoe :
So... girlfriend, eh? Good stuff. Sounds like things are going well for you... and you deserve it :) I'm thinking about a road trip this year, not sure when, maybe towards the end... Sydney will be on the agenda, rest assured... you haven't escaped the Muffin Fairy yet, bwahahahahaha! I have no idea where that came from *smiles sweetly*
from ophelia :
Yay! While I feel a litte strange following your ups and downs like this, just wanted you to know I'm glad it's working out. Jane sounds lovely. :)
from ommani :
Hey! i saw that you're a fellow whitlams-fanatic and thought i'd say hi!! are you on the FOW list?!?
from ophelia :
Merry christmas... may it always be about the good things.
from ophelia :
Your last entry was beautiful... song lyrics or just unadulterated pure talent? And thanks for the spell-check... you've been duly referenced. :)
from ophelia :
Thanks so much. :) Now i've got one of those big useless degrees like the other grown-ups. ;) Glad to hear your weekends have been much with the fun!
from ophelia :
Hey... *sniff*... where'd you go?
from ophelia :
Ohh come on... I was just easing you into SFK mode ever-so-gently. Q&A would've scared the pants off you if you hadn't listened to the others first... show-off. *grin*
from ophelia :
Beautiful Sharks? *sniff* I'm so proud. Now all you need is Elsewhere For Eight Minutes. ;)Right... back to my thesis. Wishing you a week of the happy and other wonderful things.
from ophelia :
At the risk of sounding like a crazy person who keeps leaving you notes... Oh my god, we even share the same weekend.
from ophelia :
I spent the afternoon listening to Bob Dylan records and Whitlams CDs, so I'm rather impressed with their placing on your list. Still... Something for Kate were 13th? Not to sure about that one at all... ;)
from ophelia :
Ohhhh wow. Anyone who credits the Whitlams for making them who they are today is quite clearly my kind of person. Your extensive musical knowledge is astounding! Please keep writing, because I think I'm hooked.
from vjmolloy :
always knew you'd see my true colours one day :P
from carraway :
About 3 by my calculations, but I'm flexible.
from blueshoe :
Hey, man... I think we've definitely got a few more years of craziness left is us :)

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