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from skarekrow :
areyou still around?
from skarekrow :
So, totally was thinking about you the other day, seeing as how I'm going to be in Atlantic City in October (and I saw a costco in Arlington). Realized I missed you and wished I could talk to you. Everytime I play a Dashboard song. Like the time I played Hands down and called you. little things like that. Send me an email or something to let me know youre still alive
from nycsexpolits :
Hi.... saw that I'm one of your faves, may I have a peek? pretty please?
from intofantasy :
i miss your writing. may i have the password?
from skarekrow :
Hey it's Vasquez...called you earlier... I don't think you could hear me. Wanted to see what was going on because I haven't talked to you in awhile. Hope to get a hold of you or vice versa, talk to you soon..( i hope)
from huocer :
i can't see you!
from be-my-heroin :
"the person i try to hide my feelings from has mind reading capabilities" god, that always happend to me. <3
from salazabr :
Thanks for the compliment and the note of support. i hope so too, for both of us. =)
from intofantasy :
i know. things have just been really hard lately. youll find out in my next entry why. i'm just trying to hang in there.
from pantypulldwn :
sounds like you had a great time!
from enchancea :
Thank You
from pantypulldwn :
things will get better. i have wings now, i can fly......thanks for the support.
from rrrroooobbbb :
haha, most would be jealous of that. i went to one of their instore performances the week of the release and that's where i got it signed and met them.
from intofantasy :
your just too lovely. <3
from twelveinch :
Thanks for the gb message, your diary title comes from a brilliant book. Interesting reading so far, will be back for more.
from bare-my-soul :
i know all about getting into messes! DON'T DO IT! that's advice both of us. you deserve more and better. love rose
from viperj :
hey thanks for messaging me. Yeah, you too have an awsome selection of music preferences. Yeah, brand new rocks, i wish i could see them...and errr....i wish i could see TSL again...meh oh well, no worries. Cya!
from intofantasy :
dear. i couldn't live without your words. love you. <3
from dustcloud :
Thanks! I got it from Roxxy designs. Her layouts are positively gorgeous...
from neangel :
but it would be good trouble cross my widdle heart [ny] & hope to drown in a snow storm! ;)
from ldybug1113 :
OOOO! that makes MUCH more sense then...carry on...with your zeros...or something like that- don't mind me. headache. i have my excuses. ;) hehe.
from ldybug1113 :
thanks, dolly. :) the spectacular lealoo made it for me. she's wonderful. i told her what i wanted and she provided. such a lovely lady. did you find me, by the by? just wonderin ;) toodles! kAtIe
from spanklin :
Hola neighbor. Welcome back to the diary madness.
from huocer :
(psst... what was your old address?.... i'm a bit out of the loop recently. Thankee!)
from punchdrunken :
i thought it was you, darling. but i didn't want to sound like a moron leaving a note for someone that may not have been you. glad youre back! <333
from neangel :
Thanks for the compliment & I missed you while you were gone. ;-) welcome back from me too! I've always wanted to see ny in the winter. If I could find a decent job I would move in a heart beat!!
from billbones :
Hey, welcometh back.
from ldybug1113 :
i hate it when one's diary readers start criticizing there work. despise people who forget what diaries are for. it's not like it's a column in a paper or anything, it's a friggn' diary. A FRIGGN' Diary. (I'd say the real word, but I don't know you that well...and well, there goes the fucking censoring again...*whoops*) ;) have a good one. kAtIe
from emofrizzball :
YAY, YAY, YAY! Welcome back! *Hug*
from adulterous-k :
Welcome back!

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