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from sunnflower :
I tried to leave you a guestbook note but I don't think it took so here it is again. I remember reading this entry about your father when you first wrote it because it was so moving and such a great testimony to the power of a dutiful soul making the best of their life. Through all of this pain he still was able to have a family, a career, and a life lived. An amazing story.
from marlen816 :
Yea for good news about surgery and prayers for recovery!
from inkdragon :
The guestbook would not accept my message, so I will happily leave it here! I wanted to stop by to say I was thinking of you and hoping you are feeling much better. Y.
from goodsandwich :
Thank you for the birthday wishes, dear one, and I'm sorry your health has been plaguing you lately. I've meant to say for some time that I'm SO glad you're able to have your surgery now rather than later; I know you'll be up and feeling like your own sweet self much sooner this way. If I were there I would "do" for you all day and night, and make that husband of yours hang around and help you too! My prayers, such as they are, are with you in all the coming days. Take a picture of the babies to the hospital with you!
from inkdragon :
Attempted to use the guestbook, but it down again. I used to love helping in my sons' classrooms. Now they are middle and high school and parents are not welcomed unless you are a PTO pushy broad or a politician. Oh well, at least I have the great memories. I hope you have a nice weekend and birthday dinner.
from arrora :
I tried to email you, but it came back to me. Well, email me.. SalsaLillie.. and I will gladly give you the info :o) Have a great night!
from samkitty8 :
Hello- Loved your 'space' on the net=) Enjoyed reading your profile- I love cats as well! I have 10. Take care and give those grandchildren a hug from me. Sam
from komachi :
Yes we do. ;)
from arrora :
Hey! I saw your gb entry on bookchicks gb. I am LDS too! My diary is locked. Here is the info username:arrora password:issleeping I am going to add you to my reads! xoxo
from inkdragon :
Just like Christmas? Wonderful. I hope things are going well with the new school year. How are the little squirrels? Ew. Just looked at the last message. Completely, completely is the word I meant to type! Sorry.
from inkdragon :
The comments/guestbook was not accepting entries, so I'll add mine here. Ah! Thank you for the recipe, it sounds delicious and I CAN eat all those things without worrying about my food allergies (and my lack of oven)! I am complete excited. Excellent. You have made my day, Y.
from minstrelite :
This one is a four week program, probably similar to the ones you had your kids in, and I'm gaining a lot from it. It's very gratifying when you feel as though, in some small way, you have made a positive difference in a kid's life. Thanks for your note.
from inkdragon :
I hope everything is alright. Ref: locked diary.
from heavenlyging :
Oh yay!!! Good luck and enjoy the day!!
from goodsandwich :
What a sweet reception it will be!
from minstrelite :
I know what you mean, and thank you for leaving me a note. One thing I didn't mention which gets me through the tedious times is that I have a natural love of children. It really helps, because even when I'm not particularly enthused about things, the energy I get from kids will pick me up a little bit, and bring out the best in me. At this time I consider myself fortunate, and very blessed. Thanks for stopping by.
from komachi :
Ack...typo... lol...*came*
from komachi :
Hi...I cmae here because I think the guestbook isn't working at the moment. Being a teacher is one of the hardest job. My sister is a teacher in Japan, and I have watched and heard what she goes through... You are educating people of our future. And I thank you for that:)))
from heavenlyging :
Hi again.. what I meant to add was that I hope the mom is as forgiving as you seem to be in this matter. The worst thing about teaching sometimes is the parental influence, and this occasion seems to be a horrid one. That child will grow up thinking they can get through things because of their mom. And their mom is a bully. Good luck and I hope it goes well!
from minstrelite :
I do have a guestbook. At least I did. I'll have to look into that. Anyway, I teach elementary school kids, K-5.
from minstrelite :
Thanks for your note and for adding me as a favorite. I never realized how many readers I had until I confessed to having deleted those entries. Anyway, I'm glad you got something out of them.
from lip :
awww, the new layout is so cute!.... ps, I tried using your note thing on your index, and it did not seem to work.
from flyinby :
hi. i just wanted to say that i stopped by. i like your 'last of the GREAT nephites' in your fave authors, that was funny. :) i will probably visit you often, as you are the first lds person i have found with a decent diary! :)
from castigada :
Hola, catsnapples! Thanks for adding me to your list of preferidas! To put the squiggle (also known as a tilda) over the n, depress the <alt> key while you type in 64 on the number pad. And let the fun begi´┐Ż!
from moon-song :
thankyou for the encouraging words!
from apexsensatin :
Thanks for joining the Utah diaryring. You rock.
from circlesleep :
Yes, yes you know me from before, though it wasn't that long ago. I just moved my journal, for a variety of reasons. ~Sadie
from polkadot7815 :
Hmm..your guestbook isn't quite working properly..maybe it's just my computer? Anywho. Ah, Brigadoon. Though we've had a catastrophe tonight, the music is lovely, and that makes all lovely. Boys in kilts are cute. (haha) I hope your toe feels better!
from moms :
There is a place to add member's surveys on the page. If you don't mind, I would like to add yours.
from dana-elayne :
I'm a third generation teacher. My grandmother taught 1st grade for 38 years. THIRTY EIGHT! My mother currently teaches 3rd grade. I teach JRs and SRs. I love reading about what life is like for you down with the little squirrels when they're only a little nuts *laugh* I adore reading your journal!
from a-s-h-l-e-e :
thanks so much for your advice. i really appreciate it!
from ladybugge :
Thanks for stopping by and doing my survey. And thanks for the kind words. You sound like a great lady. L.
from leopardray :
Thank you so much for your caring message in my guestbook. I agree with you, with all you said in your message. It's a strange type of grief that accompanies the loss of someone I hardly knew, yet with whom I had such tight connections, and wish I could have known better. And you have such a positive spirit, and I'm sorry to hear about all the difficulties your family has had with MS. My husband's uncle just passed away about a month ago due to complications from MS. I pray for better treatments! On a lighter note, teachers are the best, and I love cats, too - I've got three huge ones! I look forward to reading more of your journal. ~Sadie
from nicedream06 :
hey-thanks for joining the fatherless diaryring! (and thanks for adding me as a favorite!) if you want to, write an entry about being fatherless, how it makes you feel--whatever you want--and i'll link to it from my fatherless page in my diary. (please let me know if you do this) it's up to you, but thanks for joinin!
from libbyo :
oooh, pretty new layout!
from mommy2corrin :
Thanks for taking my survey:)
from moms :
If you want to become a member, you are more than welcome:)
from libbyo :
I just want to thank you for taking my survey! I enjoyed reading your answers!
from catsnapples :
Hi, it,s me!

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