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from minstrelite :
Oh wow - my notes are on now, but I must have had them turned off then. I didn't know. Lucky I came back and saw this, and on Christmas Day too. I have been thinking about you a lot, and will definitely email you. Take care hon.
from cerulean030 :
To Andy: I can't leave you a note, so I hope you read this. I do believe you. I hope you are doing well, and feel free to email me.
from minstrelite :
That is totally way too weird. I actually went to your diary earlier this morning for the first time in ages just to see what you might be up to, and it turned out to be the same entry I saw about a year ago. Then you updated. Well, you probably don't believe me, but that's what happened. Good luck to you both on quitting smoking.
from selfbiased :
we've always wanted to write a diary for a fictitious person. could you have tapped into our desire? either way, this may deserve its own theater.
from bulgingbenzo :
Your writing is wonderful even if you don't feel you have your stuff together. You either have a lot more power than you think you do, or you want us to think you have less power than you know you do. I wish we could be friends.
from selfbiased :
i find myself apprehensive of the new tone of your writing.
from selfbiased :
i'm getting to it, but you won't find it here.
from selfbiased :
i've had a similar experience as well. it's liberating, isn't it?
from selfbiased :
awesome entry today (3.13ish). concise and to the point, but friendly enough to show some emotion. good writing overall.
from selfbiased :
we've found that honesty, especially when dealing with a spouse, is the best policy. get his undivided attention, even if it means blowing him while he's on the computer and talk about things in a matter-of-fact, non-whining, non-accusatory way.
from abhorgod :
holy shit, does every chick on diaryland have an unhappy (emotionally AND physically) relationship, cheat ont heir man, want to kill themself, etc etc. jesus christ woman, end your shit with him and move on, or work it out and cheer the fuck up. the world doesnt owe you happiness, you go out and get it. nothings going to come your way, and i doubt Tom loves you at all. just sayin.
from trophy-scar :
I always wonder if some one's out there reading my journals and wishing they could help me... make me feel better. Well, I wish I could make you feel better. I just wanted you to know that some one does care...
from monistme :
Random find, but a great read. So far I have only read your 2008 entries, but I intend to delve into your archives when I have time. I wish we were neighbours!
from cdghost :
came across your words and enjoyed reading them

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