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from bethb :
how's bmore?
from rosedavidson :
Hello My dear Pls read this message and get back to me urgent,pls am serious about this. May this mail will find you in Good condition. It Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into relationship with you. I have the believe you are a reputable and responsible and trustworthy person I can do relay with for a partner and by matter of trust I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere transaction. My name is Ms rose mary Davidson single , from Ivory coast , am a banker here in ABIDJAN COTE D�IVOIRE I need a very Good relationship with you and open minded so that we can work together as one family. Really ,we do not know each other before,It was also after I went through your profile this morning,I decide to contact you because of what i want to do with you. My plans was that as soon as this transaction get through I will resign from my work and come over to stay in your country. Your statue is good enough, due to the country you come from and I have the belive that if we can understand our self as we will achive something good from this projet. My communicateing with you this morning was very please to me and I don't want to wait due to the urgence this transaction needed . In my department i discovered an abandoned sum of $9.5m US dollars nine million, five hundred thousand U.S dollars) . In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer He died along with his entire family in a plane crash in the year 2000 in that almost took the whole life of the pasengeres on board Since we got this information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot applie for it as next of kin,assocaite or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines but unfortunately we learnt that all his supposed next of kin or relation died along side with him at the plane crash leaving nobody behind for the claim. It is therefore upon this discovery that I decided to make this transaction proposal to you ,so that the fund will be release to you as the next of kin. Since nobody is coming for the claiming of this fund and I don't want this money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund. Pls,this is an cfor you and me. The Banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such money remained unclamed after four years, the money will be transfere into the Bank treasury account as unclaimed fund. The request of foreigner as next of kin or assocaite in this transcation is needed occasioned by the fact that the customer is from your same Area and I am a citizen of this town I cannot stand as next of kin or assocaite . Please my dear,If you are capable to handle this project with me, contact me urgently as soon as you recieve this message so that I will go into details and tell you what you have to do. I Am waiting to hear from you. Remain the same to who cares with love. Miss ROSE MARY. contact me with this email [email protected]
from ursamajor :
hey there - you still alive? don't know what possessed me to stop by, but thought i'd give it a try.
from penelope423 :
fun stuff to read. come read me sometime soon :)
from citizenjane :
liar! :)
from bettysheels :
from the artist formerly known as tooskysky. how long so you realistically expect a gal to wait? xx
from honeybee16 :
you seem like a cool person and your funny as hell...
from ursamajor :
Now isn't this is a strange little twist of fate... my football team, for once, rocked last night! :) [Of course, that will all change next week.]
from ursamajor :
sometimes a pencil to the eye works almost as well as fork to the ear.
from bethb :
mike p! welcome back! xox beth b.
from athena98122 :
welcome back for real! :)
from tooskysky :
welcome back, charmer. good that you're fixed. besitos, ellie xx
from grlenamored :
too strange. i nearly quit today also. in fact, if i didn't have a car payment, i would have. let's just say it set the wheels in motion....hope tomorrow's a better day for you. *hugs*
from cinnamon22 :
I found the homily at a Catholic Church here quit interesting Sunday. The preist sad it as time for the war debate to end. I think his exact quote was *It doesn't matter which team God is on, it matters which team we're on.* Interesting twist. So, why listen to God at all, I wonder? Here, I always thought it was What Would Jesus Do? Apparently, I was wrong.
from katiedoyle :
re: your entry 3/19 - this is why I like you. even when you feel you are right, you know there's always a margin for error. hope you scored that chocolate syrup... kd
from freeblog :
can't say i agree with you on this war thing; i don't think it necessary at this time at all. but i appreciate how you voice your opinion.
from cinnamon22 :
Well, I wasn't going to leave a message, but the menacing way you called me *fool* convinced me otherwise. I like your diary, I'll be back.
from katiedoyle :
Your mom and my mom should get together for lunch so they can go over all the things they think are wrong with us and fix our career paths, which have clearly lurched wildly out of control. Theirs, anyway. Just got caught up on my reading, your entries for Feb. 21 - 28. Very funny. :) KD
from greengrl :
You're back! Glad to see you around.
from mosescone :
this is a great, great diary.
from gallinula :
"This may sound harsh, but I could care less if anyone reads me. I used to care, I don't anymore." -- Not harsh at all. I barely found your place here. I just wanted to second that feeling; this is no way to go about looking to make friends, ugh. I tend to feel bad for those that do; even guiltier that I was once like so. Also: I'm sorry about Jo.
from ursamajor :
Can Mike come out and play?
from gabriela83 :
Hey, cool diary!. Love, Gaby
from katiedoyle :
re: jerry garcia - My friend, you make me laugh. I thank you for that, big time. I hope you're doing okay. I think of you and send you the vibes now and again.
from athena98122 :
there are no words. you're in my thoughts.
from katiedoyle : musta gotten a LOT of email. I'm sorry if real life is not going well. that sucks. for the record, i just like readin' ya, coz you seem a smart, interesting guy. i don't NEED to, I just like it. do what you gotta do, man. be well. katie
from bethb :
dear mike p. that "artiste" is SO not a friend. he's one of the freaks that seem to seek me out. xoxo beth b.
from athena98122 :
word, yet again, on bobby. took him off of my favorites a few months ago - no regrets.
from katiedoyle :
I think most of the people didn't actually vote, thinking they had no voice or that it didn't matter whether or not they voted, their candidate would not win. I myself lean more left than right, but you are correct in saying all x's do not believe y. What I REALLY wish is that people would vote their friggin' conscience, not the fucking party. Stay hip, man. Nice to know you're out there thinking.
from biensoul :
I want to hug you. A lot. Right now. Thank you for saying a bunch of stuff that I've been trying to say for a while.
from pseudoma :
I'm with you! The republicans (note lower case) have now taken over Minnesota too. UGH! Green party, Socialist, independant, damn already! Pick some who gives a crap America. K, vent over. Thankyou for your time!
from vyv-xx :
Fuck DC. I lived there for five fucking years while I went to dumbass art school. What a fucking waste. The only good memory I have of that place is watching the bats fly around the Washington Monument at night. Bye-bye now.
from aroha :
i was reading on today a story about how the democrats are looking at this from a different angle now and that is one of "good, let the republicans run everything because when it all goes to shit, they can't blame the dems." i guess you have to find a sunny side of the street somewhere, even if it is a stretch. course now they're counting on everything going to shit.
from refluence :
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who held something against Keifer. But personally, I think the fact that he turned out to be a vampire bothered me more... though, he was a big dick in Stand By Me... I'm rambling.
from gardenqueen :
Prefer electric blankets myself. They get warm *before* you get into bed.
from victoriaplum :
I hate seeing dead animals on the road, always have to go around them (I know they're already dead - it makes no sense). Nice diary, I don't often bother leaving notes!
from collegeboy :
Best. Entry. Ever.
from mocksie :
Hahahahaha!! You drunk fuck, I love ya!
from paper-rose :
Definite agreement on the Bobby front from me. Maybe I just never caught his diary at that "good" point but I never liked it. ~RaeAnne
from tooskysky :
Top 5's - i love 'em: Top 5 things to do with yer fingers when yer 5 things you can do with a felt tipped pen, top
from solipsistic :
you are my fucking hero. i feel like boycotting bobby.
from kate-san :
I agree with you about Bobby. I wish I had something of more weight to say besides "way to go." I found you via mocksie as well, though I don't appreciate her cold attitude towards people. But I digress! You're awesome for standing apart from the rest and saying something about an event that has hurt and frightened so many. w00t!
from angelgirl95 :
I totally agree with you on the journal, Perceptions, and his view of things. BTW, found you via should hire that girl as your publicist as much as she raves for you. :)
from collegeboy :
Tell it like it is! Reimer's one of those many guilt ridden suburbanites who vote straight ticket democrat for no other reason except for the fact that they feel some strange compulsion to. Screw being knowledgeable!
from skippsta :
well done for not taking anything. in this caravan park by me, mainly of old people, when they die, they all rip apart their caravans like vultures and its sick, why gain out of other peoples misery. it seems that no one gives a shit any more at all, every one tries to block out all the bad shit that happens to people when they do that. i hope the ones who took the stuff feel guilty
from anonymous007 :
You are the end all be all of human existence
from stonebridge :
i was gonna leave a note, since you asked so nicely, but then I wondered, does doing this make me a fool? After that, I realized I was probably already a fool, and that it couldn't hurt. So there's your note, fool.
from glitterscars :
ooh, i like you. yes it was the banner brought me here, so what? least i'm here xx
from chedderfish :
banner slave that I am - but hey - I am from b-more too! haha well not exactly but I go to school there and live about 40 min away. I love the pic at the top!
from mightybruja :
Your banner brought me to your diary :) Bruja
from distrctdgirl :
I'll have you know that I HAVE fallen on the floor with laughter at work... and I still don't type "ROFL". Except that one time...
from ally3326 :
i have a cold too, i know what you're going through. nice ass......
from youdontknome :
dropped in thanks to your lovely banner and thought i'd let you know who's reading your diary.
from motherofian :
You make me laugh. :) And that is a very good thing. Thanks.
from facepunch :
nice ass shot, my friend.
from ms-m :
I dig the new banner! I've been fighting the exact same head cold/sinus/chest congestion/ flu thing since Sunday! I wish you luck, man. It's a really bloody annoying!
from ursamajor :
Please, please, please tell me you're on the "Kickin' Chickens"
from epiphany :
Fellow Baltimorean here... I'll be reading. Nice pics of Federal hill.
from lambizkit :
My husband's drinking buddies gave us CASH and we enjoyed it as much as any gifts we got. A nice card and cash is a wonderful gift for the new couple, they can buy what the didn't get and forgot to register for, or they can use it on their honeymoon for souvineers, etc. Hope this helps!!
from ursamajor :
okay, okay. don't drink the coffee and i won't take up smoking today after not having smoked for almost a year even though i DESPERATELY want to because i am surrounded by FUCKERS! :)
from mp95 :
What out for those soda's. My bf drinks diet soda's but so many that he began to have chest pain from all of the caffeine.
from adeleke :
to get a more indepth analysis on who you are (Taurus wise!) you need to check out never put much stock into astrology either but lordy! it gets really indepth b/c it's based on your birth time and everyone is a little different. the one you got from that other one is pretty generic...
from mp95 :
I'm enjoying your writings. I'll add you to my favorite as soon as my diary decides to work.
from sjofn :
I can't think of a single who person who I'd rather get such a loving shout out from than you! *HUG*
from greengrl :
Find a local or regional zine that features local writers... Usually you can find them around college towns. Just start networking, find out if they take submissions, and bug them. You could also start looking up online zines, or start your own.
from intheory27 :
Rock on (re: your church/state entry). My thoughts exactly.
from bethb :
did you hear don and mike read the xmission guys stuff on the air? funny. xoxo
from gardenqueen :
Really liked the pictures of your walk. And the thoughts that went with them.
from aroha :
who you callin' a foo, beeeeyatch!! i had a *fabulous* weekend thankyouvermuch! i worked! so HA! you know what you can do with your hoooooorseshit racing!
from blue-candy-b :
I like your diary. It's very down to earth. I'll have to go read some more soon. Have a good one.
from jackthefish :
You are so not a bitch. Do you think *I* would talk to you if you were a bitch? I know I shouldn't read this since these are your private thoughts, but I did, and you are so not a bitch.
from mischler :
o/~ The cool fairy, never came for me o/~ Deirdre Flint?
from firecrotch :
Happy Birthday Mike! You are absolutely right about the church. i'm not catholic myself, but I feel all the media slandering it right now is completely overdone, and definatly not appropriate. just because a small percentage of priests have molested little boys does not mean ALL priests molest boys. Hello? where is the logic in that? *shakes head* I'll never understand that type of thinking...
from sjofn :
Mike, I hope that you're birthday is as fabulous as you are!
from ursamajor :
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birrrrrrrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay deeeeeeeer mustaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrd hattttttttttttttttterrrrrrrrrrrrr, happy birthday to you.
from biensoul :
You and I have a lot of things in common, and that's interesting. Hi. I'm Jessi. I like your diary. Read mine too, okay? :) *biensoul
from bethb :
aww, mikey p, i *heart* you too. and i feel you on the nice girl V. the pipe sitch. i can't seem to find a guy as of late who doesn't want to shove powder up his nose.
from shuddup :
I'll miss you.
from num-num :
I think that the sign about the Arabs and Jews means that they would rather see 1000 Arab terrorists dead than 1 Jew, since it's in the window of a funeral home... "doing business" for them would be dealing with dead people, after all.
from ursamajor :
Did you see the previews for next week's The Osbornes last night? Hee hee! "Bubbles? Bubbles, Sharon? I'm supposed to be the Prince of Darkness for Christ's sake. Bubbles?"
from sjofn :
I would give you a hug, you know if I lived near year. Just let me know if you need some one to come out and be super mean right back to those girls.
from mandacampo :
Well at first I was a tad reluctant to leave you a note... Sooo many you have here. But hey, why not? I'm from Oklahoma.. You know "where the wind comes racing down the plain" and our raging wheat smells good and all that junk. :O) Not really sure how I got to your diary... But I'm here. Well I guess that's all for now... g'bye.
from picchick23 :
I just want to tell you that I know what you're going through and I wish I could help you feel better in some way. I know you don't know me, but I've recently started reading your page, and I feel like I already know you, as cheesy as that may seem. But just know that no matter what, there are people out there who are willing to help you through anything.
from carohopp :
I must say that it was the moped gang that did it for me...I do so love discovering cool people that I don''t know me hope for the future. note dropped. ciao
from sjofn :
One can only listen to mocksie rant about how terrific you are for so long without coming to check you out themselves. Glad I did.
from mindspin :
hello from the real charm city. i read a bunch of entries. i'm afraid of my dentist, i want to live in canada, and i like baltimore. though, not as much as D.C. (where i am):b
from bethb :
hey- have you had those green-tea with raspberry and ginseing 'adult' slurpees at the 7-11. i swear thems my crack, and if they don't have them this summer mikey-boy, you and i are driving around this god forsaken area and shaking our fists angrily at the 7-11 monster! xoxo
from collegeboy :
Big Up from Canada! The newspapers up here are going absolutely nuts, people are mad like fire. It's been nice to see all the American support, though! Even on NBC, no less!
from ursamajor :
go on with your bad moving to charm city self... go mikey, it's your birthday! woo-hoo!
from hypercute :
i've read you for a while off/on. i like the way you write and your life seems interesting. scanning entry from 2-6 ... made me think. so thank you. sarah (i have nothing in common with you but to be fair:
from bethb :
*what* is up with that guy? tell him i'm rolling up my sleeves to take him on! or just tell him to get his own friend.... have a good weekend mike p. xox beth b.
from vasessakins :
I'm really sorry that you are feeling blue. I first read your page a couple minutes ago, and I am so BLOWN AWAY by what you have to say that you are now soon to be the first page I check on when I sign online to update. I can't even begin to fathom how some childish girl could make such a great, god-like creature sad. I'm totally serious! So keep updating and I'll keep reading.
from shuddup :
Baja Fresh is beautiful. You have good taste in things to fall in love with. -Emma
from bethb :
*yum* cheesesteaks. jims rule it. also, mikiep, whatever happened to miss cute girl?
from asteroidbelt :
whenever i see yer diary i get that song "fist city" stuck in my head. and that's my story.
from ursamajor :
hee hee... forallweknow girls-suck... warning xhardcorex... it's totally unintentional! alphabetical order, if you will. but i'm glad you think too much and pointed it out. ::giggling::
from lunchmunny :
If you're wondering who put "pain" in the lead today, it was I. I'm eating Laffy Taffys without even reading the jokes. This is today. Mind you, I didn't put pain so far ahead that "joy" can't overtake it once again. We'll see.
from mocksie :
Aww :) thank you, I'm flattered. I look forward to perusing you diary as well when I've got more time and I'm not stuck here at work! ~mocksie~

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