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from sole-review :
Hello, I'm the owner of Sole Review. I am trying to create a review site with the possibility of anybody getting a good grade if they pick the right reviewer. Therefore, I'm trying to get as many reviewers as possible with all different ages, backgrounds, insights, and grading styles. I'm writing you about this to see if you'd be interested. I don't expect this to take up too much of your time, for the reason that if there are lots of reviewers, then each reviewer should only have to do a review once every two weeks or less. If you're interested, read the rules and scoring of the site and get back to me, Pink. Thanks for your time.
from sweet-malice :
I like the bag! :D
from lost-chicken :
Whoa, Greek 2 Honors?! I couldn't even make it past Greek 1 unhonors! Haha. Well, gambatte with that and God bless!
from mnvnjnsn :
You win the award for best final word. I nearly spit out my diet coke. Hee. Thanks for filling out my Geek survey. Cheers!
from that-bags :
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Chris Carraba is now Dashboard Confessional...surely you've heard them...If not........I don't know what to say!!
from that-bags :
I least you KNOW who TBS is!!! But you're not the only one that's never listened to them... I know lots of people that don't even know who they are. So I give you 2 e props!! haha.
from that-bags :
Thanks for the book suggestions :)
from mnvnjnsn :
Thanks for making the appointment. And calling me "weird" is the most I could ask for. Keep on rockin' in the free world... mnvnjnsn
from nextstop :
from movealong :
yeah, no really, the cardboard back of your notebook thing can be fixed by taping the cardboard to the last 5 or so pages in the book! With packing tape! Nancy
from starlet101 :
i agree with you on the bss issue.
from ifiwasarobot :
You are right. Pears and Pineapples are kings among fruit.
from nextstop :
from exoth :
I have decided that you have become a circus clown.
from elateddream :
You have an interesting layout :)
from pumpkinsgirl :
Just took your 'dreams' survey... and was just curious about exactly how the cheetah claws you mentioned felt cos I had the wildest dream about getting mauled by a lion... I felt it for the first few seconds and then this tingling totally came over me and I blacked out... meh, I'm a geek. Mere curiosity.
from linguafranca :
Maybe the reason signs originating as fingerspellings haven't changed much is because enough time hasn't passed...change is gradual. You know, a couple of generations. Plus, maybe all the non-native signers using actual fingerspellings exerts a preservative effect on such signs, making tham more conservative than pure ASL....just speculating, I don't know jack about ASL. Just a fellow linguist dropping in to say hello.
from nextstop :
oooh. Did you know that if cartilage gets infected, it MELTS? Actually, it dissolves, and it doesn't grow back so your ear will get floppy like a puppy or a bunny. Cool, huh?
from exoth :
hey hey hey. uh, yeah. hey, cool, rissa noted you, that's rad... so did erin (bravesaint)... uhh... *cough* i still think the bright yellow you did your hair last Oct would go good with my bridesmaid dresses... whenever I pick 'em out... uhhhh... *tosses something shiny to distract the masses whilst making an ungraceful exit*
from freduardo :
How have I missed meeting you for so long? Someone who likes El Mariachi, e.e. cummings, and Lost and Found. Oh yeah, it's probably because I don't know anyone at your school. Nice site though.
from kev-dawg :
man, you're popular, or I'm just not as adament as reading the notes as I am your diary. well, I was slacking for awhile-just kinda forgot, but I am all updated now, even after the long ok. entry (haha). I hope you have a good time up in South Dakota, and get alot done for God. I would aim you but well, you're in South Dakota, so this won't be a, "Ah he's praying for me" as much as a, "Ah he prayed for me." bye.
from diaryreviews :
You've been reviewed at diaryreviews and have scored 92/100! We hereby invite you to the over-90s ring ( To see your review, go to Well done!
from anysen :
Hey, I'm learning Hebrew too. (Although I can't say much beyond "hello" and "please take me to Tel Aviv" and "I'm a stupid tourist", so far. And my writing probably looks like a five-year-old's. Don't think I'd do too well with translating psalms. ;) Um, yes, well, just thought I'd let you know that I enjoy reading your journal, and I love your design. I wish I had pink hair. Or blacklight responsive hair.
from cindylou03 :
Hey..I liked you diary.:)
from amongstars :
Sorry about your backpack, I'm sure things will work out. Life's been crappy for me lately too.
from randomeis :
nice diary i realy like the layout, found ya thru the bs2 refrence in the profile, i'll try to visit back again ^_^
from amongstars :
Audio A rocks my world, and so do you!
from lost-chicken :
hmmm, so i've thought of majoring in all the areas listed on your profile. i've studied/am studying japanese and spanish. i want to study latin and hebrew. my major for now is japanese language and journalism, but then, i change my major almost weekly. i've considered linguistics and biblical studies. haha. sorry, i don't really know why i'm rambling nothingness to you. excuse me...
from thisisjohn :
a sharp
from amongstars :
ahhh I love your diary! Just a quick spasm of warm-heartedness!
from nextstop :
First weekend in March Mountain Doom strikes again with a BISCUIT CASTLE
from nextstop :
Who's no caps girl?
from nextstop :
Why don't you try designing bags for me to make? Or maybe you can make me a logo.
from jadedeyes02 :
Heh heh, sorry about the mix up on my favorites list. I think there's some editing in store for the future LOL BTW, massive entries!
from nextstop :
You speak in riddles
from dead-heart :
i just wanted to say that i totally agree with you about the body art/ bod mod thing. i do what i do cos i like it and i don't care what anybody else thinks. hell, most people probably don't even know that i'm tattooed because they're covered by clothes all the time!
from amongstars :
Ska Rules! Five Iron Frenzy Rules! You Rule! I have Pink hair...
from jonasty :
hey! just wanted to say what's up...i was just kinda sitting around not tired yet, so i thought i'd cruise some diaries and be a dork like that! keep smilin, keep writin! :)
from bravesaint :
i found your diary when looking up those who list brave saint saturn as one of their favorite bands. i just wanted to inform you about my bs2 website and also wanted to ask if you might want to write a review of their album, or if you have a site about them yourself. lemme know. - sorry to hear about all the fighting going down on the boards, i gave up going there, people always gotta fight :-(
from nextstop :
You will triumph. I have confidence.
from klosetkase :
I feel so much better now! :o) I'm now glad to know it's not just some weirdo. ;o)
from pleasureable :
I think this layout is gorgeous. =o) Keep it up.
from larrielou :
Wow....what an experience. I wish I could have stuff like that to write about in my diary!
from nextstop :
Dude, I know what i want to put at the top of my page! im so happy i have a cool idea.... (even if I did steal it from you)
from night206 :
hiya. i got to your page from the fiveiron message board. i like your page, from what i've seen of it. anyhow, i only registered for diaryland to sign your messagie boardie thingie. my online journal is at - - if you're interested in checking it out. anyway. -night206
from nextstop :
No, but I like to take credit for cool things like that that happen
from nextstop :
*Whistles and looks away*
from nextstop :
You are the QUEEN of procrastinantion
from johnpowers :
Isn't it fun to just get lost and not really care?
from nextstop :
*note* I still wanna know why you're an irony magnet.
from biteme2110 :
hi, this is i made about fifteen paper stars today. i was reading to figure out why you droped off the end of the world and i saw the peice on your brother, why was michael in a towel and a visor. im scared. well... ok bye

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